Sell Smarter and Faster with Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is the world’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform, designed to help companies sell smarter and faster by optimizing their business and sales process. When implemented correctly, Sales Cloud can put you in control of your sales process to boost productivity, increase efficiency, speed up timelines, and streamline your entire business. Additionally, Sales Cloud provides a centralized database for sales information, allowing sales teams to collaborate and engage with their customers. With Salesforce’s cloud-based technology, your team can access key data and information to be productive and effective in the field.

Here’s how Salesforce Sales Cloud can help your business today:

    • Lead & Opportunity Management: Sales Cloud helps businesses manage and track their leads and opportunities, enabling them to prioritize and follow up on the most promising opportunities. With features like lead routing, lead scoring, and forecasting, Sales Cloud helps sales teams stay organized and focused on the right deals.
    • Task Automation: Speed up your sales process by having Salesforce automatically create tasks required for the next stage in your business process/sales cycle.
    • Workflow Development: Simplify and speed up your business processes through automation technology. Set up repeat task reminders or alerts when certain thresholds are reached and when deals progress down the pipeline.
    • Project Tracking: Collaborate in real-time, all the time. Immediately check into the live status of a project, email interactions, customers’ company info, and next steps from one single source of truth.
    • Advanced Quote Generation: Eliminate manual input and expensive errors to accelerate deal velocity, speed up payment collection, and improve cash flow with Salesforce CPQ.
    • Sales Pipeline Analytics: Ensure sales reach their goals via a real-time analytics dashboard of pipeline reports per team, service, conversion rate, average sales cycle, and more. These tools include performance metrics, pipeline analysis, and forecasting, enabling sales teams to make data-driven decisions and optimize their selling strategies.
    • Collaboration & Communication: Sales Cloud offers a range of tools for improving collaboration and communication within sales teams, including chat, email, and document sharing. These tools help teams work together more efficiently and effectively, enabling them to close deals faster.
    • Customization and Integration: Sales Cloud offers a range of customization and integration options, enabling businesses to tailor the platform to their specific needs and goals. With integrations to other Salesforce products, such as MCAE (Pardot) and Service Cloud, businesses can get a complete view of the customer journey and deliver personalized, seamless experiences.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Experience by Corrao Group

Whether you’re looking to understand your customers better or automate manual tasks, Sales Cloud has everything you need to boost productivity and increase efficiency. Investing in Salesforce Sales Cloud can also help companies stay ahead of the competition by leveraging 3 Salesforce releases per year to drive growth and achieve their goals. Make the switch today and see the difference that a powerful sales platform like Salesforce can make for your business. Learn more about Salesforce’s Sales Cloud.

Investment Protection With Salesforce Sales Cloud

Right now is the perfect time to make a digital transformation from homegrown systems or spreadsheets to Salesforce Sales Cloud. Investing in the right technology can save your company time and money in the short and long term. According to MuleSoft, the average enterprise company uses 976 applications. Consolidating numerous systems into one single source of truth will help simplify, streamline, and automate complex processes to become more efficient.

About Corrao Group

Since 2002, we have been helping B2B organizations of all sizes optimize their business processes with Salesforce and their third-party applications. As everyday Salesforce power users, Corrao Group understands how flexible the Salesforce platform is to support every business department. We’ve worked with nearly 1,100+ customers, implementing, customizing, and optimizing over 2,150+ Salesforce projects. We are proud to be on the Consumer Goods Cloud Partner Advisory Board and Salesforce Managed Service Board, in addition to being the exclusive US launch partner of the Salesforce Trade Promotion Management (TPM) Pilot. If you are interested in learning more about how Corrao Group can help your company, read our reviews on G2!

Top 15 Features of the Salesforce Spring ’23 Release Notes

The Salesforce Spring ’23 Release Notes are here! We’ve gone through every page (570 pages!) and highlighted our top 15 new features.

Top 15 Salesforce Spring ’23 Release Notes Features

Track Performance Using Analytics for Consumer Goods – Advanced Data Model App

Gain greater visibility into your business efficiency by analyzing the performance of your products, product categories, brands, and assortments. Using the new Analytics for Consumer Goods – Advanced Data Model app, identify the high-performers in each segment, compare the performance to the previous year, and track the performance of newly launched products. Evaluate the effectiveness of a specific promotion in improving the performance of a product, category, brand, and assortment.

Specific Cloud: Consumer Goods Cloud

Record Customer Tasks Accurately with the New Mobile App Domain

With the new mobile app domain, your sales reps can now capture customer-reported issues accurately and improve customer satisfaction. You can show the correct classification options for a customer task on the Task UI of the Consumer Goods Offline Mobile app.

Specific Cloud: Consumer Goods Cloud

Experience a Modern Forecasts Page

Design updates make forecast data easier to read, features on the page simpler to navigate, and data more readily available.

Specific Cloud: Sales Cloud

Let Customers Pick Their Own Meeting Times in Lightning Experience

When emailing customers, reps can now avoid the back-and-forth and include a link to their Outlook or Gmail calendar so that the customer can choose their own meeting time.

Specific Cloud: High-Velocity Sales, Sales Cloud Einstein, or Inbox License

Enhanced Case and Lead Record Pages with Dynamic Forms

Make your case and lead record pages more robust by configuring them with Dynamic Forms. Previously, this capability was available only for account, person account, contact, and opportunity record pages.

Specific Cloud: Lightning Experience

Create Personalized Report Filters

Set up a single dynamic report filter that displays personalized results for each user. For example, create an opportunity report for your sales team with a single Opportunity Owner filter that personalizes the results for each member of the team.

Specific Cloud: Lightning Experience


Improve Efficiency in Your Business Unit with Account Engagement Optimizer (Beta)

Get actionable recommendations to help you maximize efficiency and get ahead of issues in your business unit. The recommendations Optimizer gives can help you improve email send times, keep visitor tracking running smoothly, and more. You also get an overall status for your business unit so you know if something critical needs your attention. Plus, use Optimizer’s table action manager to pause and prioritize actions.

Specific Cloud: Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Style Your Markers for Greater Visibility

Design marker layers that align with Salesforce accessibility standards to help your team meet their sales goals. When you build marker layers in Salesforce Maps, choose from standard, accessibility-compliant colors and shapes or from the classic ones that you’re familiar with. When you select a standard marker shape, its border, center, and shadow adjust for accessibility no matter what color you choose. When you select a standard marker color, markers have better visibility no matter what shape you choose.

Specific Cloud: Lightning Experience

Get to Know Einstein Conversation Mining (Beta)

Use your Service Cloud conversation data and the power of Einstein to discover your customers’ most common requests. With Einstein Conversation Mining, you can build reports based on specific audience details, using any field on your record. Einstein groups and ranks the requests, identifying the contact reasons that are most frequent and easiest to automate. Then, send the chat data from the contact reason over to Einstein Bots or into an intent set.

Specific Cloud: Lightning Experience

Customize the Field Service Mobile App with Offline Mobile UI Extensibility (Generally Available)

Build offline-capable experiences for your mobile app users with Lightning web components (LWCs). Use standard components to craft an interface suited to your company’s needs, and bring your brightest ideas to life by creating custom components to help your workers be more productive. This feature, now generally available, includes some changes since the last release.

Specific Cloud: Field Service Mobile App

Upload and Annotate Images in the Field Service Mobile App

Configure the Upload and Annotate Images Lightning web component (LWC) to let your mobile workers add images to their work orders or service appointments. Mobile workers can then crop or draw on the image to emphasize certain areas. For example, the mobile worker can add an image of a part that must be fixed and draw an arrow to emphasize the broken area. You can set the size of the images in your configuration.

Specific Cloud: Field Service Mobile App

Guide Your Mobile Workers at the Right Place and the Right Time (Pilot)

Give your mobile workers the best next step when they’re arriving or leaving the appointment site. For example, when the mobile worker arrives at the appointment, suggest that they fill out the site arrival checklist. That way they have all the information they need to get started.

Specific Cloud: Field Service Mobile App

Take Action More Quickly in the Dynamic Activity Composer

The dynamic activity composer gives reps activities at the click of a button and offers more choices than the tabbed activity composer.

Let Email Templates Suggest a Cadence for a Recipient

When your reps select an email template while writing an email, we check to see if a cadence uses that email template for its first step as a manual email. Reps are then prompted to add the primary email recipient to the matching cadence or to choose among other matching cadences. Your company can reuse existing cadences designed to guide reps through the prospecting and opportunity nurturing processes.

Specific Cloud: Sales Cloud

Get Account Health Details with Account Discovery

Account Discovery provides dashboards and Einstein Discovery models to help you see which of your accounts has potential for upside growth and which need attention.

Specific Cloud: Pipeline Inspection/Revenue Intelligence

If you would like to learn more about the Salesforce Spring ’23 Release Notes, please contact us!

From everyone at Corrao Group, we wish you happy holidays and hope you have a great new year!

About Corrao Group

Since 2002, we have been helping B2B organizations of all sizes optimize their business processes with Salesforce and their third-party applications. As everyday Salesforce power users, Corrao Group understands how flexible the Salesforce platform is to support every business department. We’ve worked with nearly 1,100+ customers, implementing, customizing, and optimizing over 2,150+ Salesforce projects. If you are interested in learning more about how Corrao Group can help your company, read our reviews on G2!






Start using Salesforce TPM within 3 Months

Companies spend 20% of their annual revenue on trade spend (neal) and 72% of those companies located in the US end up losing money (mckinsey). Why? Products are going out of stock, poor setups of promotional materials, or inaccurate price labeling are just a few of the contributing reasons for these lackluster performances. There has been a drastic change in consumer behavior over the past few years and tools such as Microsoft Excel and homegrown ERPs aren’t able to help companies keep up anymore (23% of companies today manage trade promotions on Excel). Newer technology has made it easier to avoid these common issues, and the industry has been turning towards a massive digital transformation as the resolution. Software such as Salesforce Trade Promotion Management (TPM) helps companies optimize trade spending, invest in the right activations, and spend more time selling. The industry is turning towards a tool such as Salesforce TPM to ultimately maximize the ROI of their promotions.

Our Salesforce TPM Starter Package is a cost-effective package that helps companies get up and running within 3-4 months. Key Account Managers will be able to utilize the trade calendar, customer & product hierarchies, promotion & tactics templates, promotion and account P&L, and reports & dashboards. Please download our Salesforce TPM Starter Package data sheet to see all of the details and pricing.

Learn more about our Salesforce TPM for Consumer Goods Cloud services on our website.

Maximizing Your Salesforce Investment With Managed Services


Salesforce Managed Services are a set of services offered by a certified managed service provider (MSP) to manage and run your org. These services help with various tasks, such as setting up and configuring Salesforce, providing ongoing support and maintenance, and training users on how to use the platform. Companies must ensure that their investments are cost-effective and efficient in today’s economic uncertainty. Salesforce Managed Services provide an ideal way for companies to maximize their Salesforce investment. In terms of cost-savings, Salesforce managed services help businesses reduce the need for in-house expertise by providing access to a group of experienced professionals who can help manage and optimize their multi-cloud Salesforce org. By outsourcing key Salesforce tasks/issues to an experienced partner, companies can save on costs and instead focus their time and resources on other business areas to drive growth.

What’s included in Salesforce Managed Services?

Managing a Salesforce platform is a complex and time-consuming process, especially for companies that don’t have in-house expertise with years of experience. In the past, Salesforce has typically been managed by one or two administrators at an organization. However, the growing number of supporting Salesforce products and features has made it nearly impossible for one or two admins to manage the multi-cloud system. Trusted Salesforce MSPs have the knowledge, experience, and bandwidth to help you manage, optimize, and innovate Salesforce to power your business. The Salesforce platform is constantly evolving, and managed services assist organizations in staying up to date on releases to take advantage of the latest features and tools. Salesforce managed services offer a wide range of services to help companies get the most out of their Salesforce platform:

    • Setup and configuration: Set up and configure their Salesforce platform or additional clouds. Salesforce must be configured and customized to meet their specific business needs. Setup and configuration can also include automating your business processes with Salesforce.
    • User training and Adoption: Provide training sessions to ensure Salesforce users understand the system and get the most out of it. This can include training on how to use specific features and functions, best practices for using Salesforce to manage their business, customer relationships, How to’s, and more.
    • Ongoing support and maintenance: Continuous support and maintenance to help organizations ensure that their Salesforce system is running efficiently. This can include troubleshooting and problem-solving issues within Salesforce and regular updates and maintenance to keep the system up-to-date. Salesforce has three major releases per year, and it’s important to identify necessary updates to support each new release. Data management, optimization, and org reviews are also a focus through ongoing support and maintenance.
    • Integration with 3rd Party Systems (Continued Innovation): Integrate the Salesforce platform with other systems, such as accounting and marketing automation, to provide a seamless and efficient workflow. Over 2,500+ applications are available to build upon the existing functionality of your Salesforce org.

What are the Benefits of Managed Services?

There are several benefits to using Salesforce Managed Services, including:

    • Expert support and assistance: Experts with years of experience help organizations get the most out of their Salesforce investment. This can be particularly useful for organizations that do not have the in-house expertise or resources to manage their Salesforce system effectively.
    • Cost-effectiveness: A cost-effective solution for organizations looking to save time and resources on their Salesforce management tasks. By outsourcing major tasks to experienced professionals, organizations can save on the costs of hiring and training in-house staff.
    • Improved system performance: By providing ongoing support and maintenance, our managed services can help organizations ensure that their Salesforce system is running smoothly and efficiently. This can improve system performance and avoid downtime, allowing organizations to focus on their core business operations.
    • Increased productivity: By providing expert training, everyday users will be shown how to streamline their everyday tasks and avoid time-consuming mistakes within the system. This can help to increase productivity and improve overall business performance.

Salesforce Managed Services benefits include multi-cloud support, proactive approach, long-term success, increased productivity, and more.

Corrao Group’s Salesforce Managed Services

Corrao Group is proud to be a certified Salesforce Managed Service Provider, and be a part of the Salesforce Managed Service Advisory Board (PAB). Our team has managed Salesforce platforms for customers of all sizes, across all industries since 2008. Our Salesforce Managed Services have helped numerous companies save time and resources while ensuring their Salesforce org is successful and effective. By utilizing Corrao Group, companies can focus on their core business with the help of the Salesforce platform. Our services support most of the products offered by the Salesforce platform, including Sales, Service, Marketing & Consumer Goods Clouds, Tableau, Field Service Lightning, and more.

If you would like to learn more about Corrao Group’s Managed Services, please contact us.

How Salesforce Retail Execution Empowers Field Reps

Retail and consumer goods sales field reps often handle and monitor numerous stores across a city. Normally on the road, reps depend on their mobile phone or tablet to plan and lay out their day. Crippled by their company’s old-dated technology, field reps deal with disconnected labor-intensive processes with no visibility into key data. Consider the daily routine of field reps tasked with planning and executing store visits to multiple different retailers. They must not only plan how they will fit the visits into their day, but also manage in-store execution tasks like inventory checks, planogram compliance audits, selling new products, or delivering inventory.

Consumer Goods managers want field reps to spend less time on operational activities and more time building relationships with retailers to ensure customer satisfaction and sales. Brands spend millions of dollars branding and marketing their products to satisfy customers’ expectations. Fulfilling these customer expectations requires planning better visits and selling in retail stores. The ultimate goal is to put the right products with the right promotions on the right shelves at the right time. But the question remains: How do you connect your channels, departments, and data to produce the one-to-one journeys and experiences your customers expect? Today, consumer goods companies are turning to Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud Retail Execution to provide field reps with an effective planning mechanism to manage their stores, assortments, products, promotions, planograms, and more. According to Salesforce, companies using Salesforce’s Retail Execution saw:

    • 36% increase in field rep productivity.
    • 12% in saved time for sales reps.
    • 10% growth in perfect store performance.

How Salesforce Retail Execution Helps

Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud for Retail Execution provides brands with a single source of truth that empowers your field reps to manage and execute in-store tasks online or offline. Salesforce optimizes field execution by driving efficiency for your field reps and drivers with task management, mobile order capture capabilities, and optimized route plans. Here’s how Salesforce Retail Execution helps:

    • Access comprehensive data on key accounts with details on billing and shipping details, promotions, orders, and product assortments.
    • Use location details like Salesforce Maps to create an optimized route for field reps to prioritize their day and visits.
    • Lightning App Builder and Flows can extend the capabilities of triggering automated tasks, page customization, and more.
    • Optimize Sales agreements, order management, and action plans.
    • Gather data for specific store groups, in-store locations, and stores for product categories, products, and assortments to check for compliance and monitor the overall health of stores.
    • Monitor key processes such as promotion checks, planogram compliance, inventory audits, return order processing, and in-store surveys with predefined templates.
    • Einstein Object Detection helps audit shelves, manage stock, measure share and shelf, and optimize product mix and sales.
    • Advanced CRM Analytics dashboards provide insights.
    • Use various data types like decimal, boolean, number, perfect, text, date-time, and more to gather information on sales, effectiveness, and availability of products.

The Consumer Goods offline mobile app gives field reps an intuitive mobile solution that offers enhanced mobility with real-time visibility while offline. The offline mobile app can be used with Android and IOS tablets or phones. The Consumer Goods Cloud Mobile Offline App helps by:

    • Integrated route planning using map support and GPS.
    • Support for different service delivery models in different geographies.
    • Easy-to-use features including data entry and process-guided navigation.
    • Process-driven usability.
    • Laser-based barcode scanning.
    • Intelligent handling of high data volumes for offline devices.
    • Execution of complex business processes offline, supported by background sync and sophisticated trace and monitoring options.
    • Create custom themes that reflect your brand.
    • Cockpit-based UI: The Retail Store cockpit provides a 360° view of a store and visit-related information with live, in-store reporting.

Investment Protection With Salesforce

Right now is the perfect time to make a digital transformation from homegrown systems or spreadsheets to Salesforce. Investing in the right technology can save your company time and money in the short and long term. According to MuleSoft, the average enterprise company uses 976 applications. Consolidating numerous systems into one single source of truth will help simplify, streamline, and automate complex processes to become more efficient.

If you would like to learn more about Salesforce Retail Execution, please get in touch with us.

About Corrao Group

As everyday Salesforce power users, we understand how flexible the Salesforce platform is to support every business department. Since 2002, we have been helping B2B organizations of all sizes optimize their business processes with Salesforce and their third-party applications. We’ve worked with nearly 1,000 customers, implementing, customizing, and optimizing over 2,100 Salesforce projects. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help your company, read our reviews on G2 or contact us today!

Win at The Shelf With Salesforce Retail Execution

Salesforce Retail Execution Drives Profitable Growth

Digitization, rising consumer expectations, and disruptive business models have been challenges in the consumer goods market since COVID-19. Add on the economic rise of inflation, supply chain issues, buying behavior changes, and the great resignation; brands are using Salesforce Retail Execution to operate fast and intelligently across different teams. As the holiday season approaches, Salesforce Retail execution is helping brands drive profitable growth, win at the store, and improve insights across the organization in real time.

Consumer Goods Retail Execution Today

Brands invest millions of dollars into marketing and branding their products to meet client expectations. To see clearer ROI, this requires planning better visits and selling smarter in retail stores. Using offline disconnected systems like spreadsheets to share and engage in sales, promotions, and forecasts is time-consuming, error-prone, and labor-intensive.

Brands need managers and field reps to spend less time on operational tasks and more time creating connections with merchants to increase sales and consumer satisfaction.

Salesforce Retail Execution for Consumer Goods Cloud empowers managers and field reps with key data insights, automated action plans for customer growth, and intelligent scheduling to deliver store execution both online and offline.

How Salesforce Retail Execution Drives Growth

Salesforce Retail Execution allows brands to turn every store into the perfect store with retail planning and execution on a single platform. Online interests and behaviors offer a treasure trove of insights into your customers. Connect your channels, data, and departments to deliver a seamless experience for your consumers and to get the right products with the right promotions on the right shelves at the right time.

The Consumer Goods Cloud Offline Mobile App allows reps to record data in real time, whether online or offline. This gives users visibility into their tasks for the day and week, so they can execute them more effectively.

Here’s how Salesforce Retail Execution unlocks profitable growth:

    • Improve Efficiency in Every Visit
      • Design plans, optimize visits, and track teams to work safely and efficiently.
    • Power Productivity to Maximize Selling Time
      • Prioritize and schedule visits, streamline repetitive tasks, and provide a 360 view of the customer.
    • Deliver Perfect Retail Execution Regardless of Connectivity
      • Ensure the right product is on the right shelf, at the right price, with intelligent object detection for planogram and inventory audits.
    • Win at the Shelf with Direct Store Delivery
      • Prioritize deliveries, track and reroute your fleet based on business needs with full visibility into order and fulfillment information.
    • Turn Order Takers into Order Makers
      • Guide reps to the right store, with optimized tasks, utilizing Einstein AI including mobile order capture to maximize sales.
Salesforce Retail Execution Cockpit UI provides a 360 view of a store and visit-related information with live, in store reporting
Cockpit-based UI: The Retail Store cockpit provides a 360° view of a store and visit-related information with live, in-store reporting.

Consumer Goods Cloud Consultant Leader

Corrao Group has been using our experience to help digitally transform the consumer goods industry with Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud. As our main industry focus, we are proud to be on the Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud Board, in addition to being the exclusive US launch partner of the Salesforce TPM Pilot.

About Corrao Group

Since 2002, we have been helping B2B organizations of all sizes optimize their business processes with Salesforce and their third-party applications. As everyday Salesforce power users, Corrao Group understands how flexible the Salesforce platform is to support every business department. We’ve worked with nearly 1,050+ customers, implementing, customizing, and optimizing over 2,150+ Salesforce projects. If you are interest d in learning more about how Corrao Group can help your company, read our reviews on G2!


Salesforce Retail Execution 

How Salesforce Trade Promotion Management Solves These Top 3 TPM Challenges

Top 3 TPM Challenges

Defining Trade Promotion Management and its Immediate Necessity

Trade promotion is a marketing technique aimed at increasing sales of a product by making it more attractive to potential customers. A great example is the ‘Buy One Get One Free’ promotion that we see everywhere in stores. There are multiple departments involved, with many cumbersome processes involved. In today’s fast-paced world, companies are turning to new technology to support these processes. Trade Promotion Management (TPM) is the process of streamlining promotions planning, breaking down silos, and creating a single source of truth that helps maximize trade spend effectiveness. It provides in-depth insight into the volume and profitability of trade promotions to help manufacturers improve their business, and aids in gathering real-time data to produce actionable information.

Even before COVID-19, changes in consumer behavior were driving companies to shift to a digital strategy. The pandemic made it clear that cross-functional collaboration among supply chains, finance, and marketing needs to be more structured than ever before. With companies putting out 20% of annual revenue towards promotions on average (McKinsey), TPM software reduces the possibility of leaving money on the table or overspending. Without TPM software, companies in the US are losing 72% of revenue with promotions, and about 55% don’t even break even (Repsly). Most companies don’t realize these large losses due to not having analytics to easily show this data; one of the main challenges facing TPM. Other harmful challenges include having outdated & unscalable technology and time-consuming manual processes that have become archaic in today’s world.

Outdated and Unscalable Technology

Many companies use ERPs combined with Microsoft Excel to run most of their trade promotions. While effective to start, these systems quickly become outdated. They do not have the required intelligence and planning built within them to manage a company’s promotions. For example, the manually built experiences never capture the entire process and are difficult to scale along with the constantly-growing company. Homegrown technologies aren’t usually the most user-friendly either. With the primary focus on “just making it work”, UI always gets left behind. If users aren’t finding the technology effective to use, user adoption always suffers. Internally built systems also consistently “break” and are costly to fix, requiring constant updates that delay everyday users. If the main architect leaves the company, it’s extremely difficult to pick up where they left off. Hiring a new architect will be costly as they need to review the entire structure, and typically need to make their own updates in order to take control of it.

A TPM software, such as Salesforce TPM, provides world-class technology to help companies control every technological aspect of their trade promotion. Using industry best practices, Salesforce TPM takes the processes and technologies that have helped Retail and Consumer Goods companies plan, execute, and track promotions and provides them to all customers. The system is scalable, sound, and constantly updated with new features to help its customers. The extremely user-friendly TPM system also makes it easier than ever for anyone involved to use the system. Available training is also available for users to understand their system and even suggest new ideas to their Admins to further enhance the customizable solution.

Time-Consuming Archaic & Manual Processes

An Account Manager’s time is stretched thin between planning, developing, and implementing promotions. These labor-intensive tasks can be extremely time-consuming without TPM software. They also need to coordinate with field reps, drive store initiatives to ensure stock is fulfilled, and analyze if they drove positive ROI. Having to complete all these tasks manually results in high overhead and potential data entry errors, causing headaches, requiring steps to be redone, ultimately slowing processes down, and costing the company money. That’s only the Account Manager. Rinse and repeat for District/Territory Managers, Sales Reps, Merchandisers, and the rest of the team, and the entire process can be extremely costly. Manually copying and pasting promotions without adjustments no longer work in today’s world either. Managers need to make adjustments before and during promotions, and doing so manually is cumbersome.

TPM software completely streamlines the entire trade promotion process, while allowing real-time visibility into the entire process. No more waiting for specific excel sheets from one person. Managers can quickly drill down into the Account or Store level, see promotion performance, and make adjustments on the fly within minutes in order to boost sales. Email notifications are automatically sent out based on these updates, ensuring everyone is kept in the loop without any surprises. Promotions can easily be cloned via drag and drop, where Reps can make adjustments that take effect immediately. Trade budgets and accrued liabilities data are in real-time so Account Managers can verify available funding to support trade plans and match claims with payment once the promotion has finished. TPM software allows teams to spend more time selling, rather than getting stuck in the manual processes. These are just a few ways TPM software is accelerating the industry.

No Easy Access to Analytics

On average, 60% of promotions go unevaluated due to the lack of analytical tools and staffing (Pointstitue). Without TPM software, companies are left in the dark when it comes to easily reporting on the success of their promotions. It can take hours to pull together metrics across multiple systems, and there’s always the chance of incorrect numbers being shown. With 72% of US companies actually losing revenue on promotions, managers need to know which ones were unsuccessful so they don’t repeat them year after year (McKinsey). Success metrics including POS growth, primary vs secondary vs tertiary sales, consumer units, incremental and spend ratios, and ultimately ROI need to be readily available in today’s fast-paced world. Manually gathering these metrics across archaic systems is no longer an option. Managers need this information in real-time, with the ability for others to also have access to the data.

Companies can unlock larger ROI from their trade spend investment if they can spot and scale their most profitable programs immediately. TPM software provides easy-to-use analytics that displays all key promotional stats in real time. Salesforce TPM even allows for the ability to easily create custom reports and dashboards to track custom KPIs from company to company. Dashboards can zoom out to display all KPIs across all promotions run that year with the ability to drill down into states, regions, cities, and specific stores. Filters can display KPIs on how specific promotions performed nationwide as well. Analytics allows teams to replicate the highest-performing promotions, and eliminate promotions that fail to break even.

Trade Promotion Management Exceeds the Standard

Without TPM software to help plan, manage, and track promotions, each one is at risk of causing overspending, stock surplus, and negatively impacting the customer’s perception of your company. The RCG industry has undergone massive changes in the last few years, causing new technology to emerge that streamline processes across the company and boosts ROI. Software like Salesforce TPM for Consumer Goods Cloud provides the ability to maximize employee productivity and maximize ROI on trade promotions.

Dreamforce 2022: Top 5 Announcements

Dreamforce 2022 Takeaways: Innovation and Data

Dreamforce, the world’s largest software conference, had another fantastic event filled with incredible speakers, new features, and lots of customer success stories. The three-day event held the attention of the business world as Salesforce hosted more than 40,000 attendees and millions of online viewers. Dreamforce 2022 brought together thought leaders, industry pioneers, and Trailblazers from all over the world. With over 1,000 sessions, the Corrao Group team was active to ensure we captured the most important announcements and partnerships. Here are our top 5 takeaways from Dreamforce 2022.

1. Salesforce Genie

Salesforce has announced what they describe as its “biggest innovation” to its CRM platform in the last two decades. Salesforce Genie, a real-time hyper-scale data platform, unifies customer data across different applications and channels (mobile, web, APIs) into a single source of truth. With Genie, every company can turn data into customer magic, delivering seamless, highly personalized experiences across sales, service, marketing, and commerce that continuously adapts to changing customer information and needs in real time.

Brett Taylor, Co-CEO of Salesforce, stated in his main keynote, “With Genie, we’ve added a foundational new feature: a real-time hyper-scale data platform. It’s all about the data; you can inject real-time and historical data to create a single source of truth. This changes the game for CRMs. Salesforce Customer 360 is the world’s first real-time CRM.”

Learn how Salesforce Genie Works

How Does Salesforce Genie Work?

As the heart of real-time Customer 360, Salesforce Genie consumes and stores real-time data streams at a massive scale and connects it with Salesforce transactional data. Genie includes built-in connectors that bring in data from every channel, legacy data through MuleSoft, and historical data from proprietary data lakes. Genie transforms and harmonizes the data into a real-time customer graph – a unified customer profile record.

With Genie, Einstein AI and Flow automation services can harness the power of hyper-scale real-time data to enable more dynamic and responsive actions and engagement. Einstein, which generates over 175 billion predictions every day, can now deliver personalization and predictions based on real-time data. Flow automation, which saves customers over 100 billion hours every month, can now use real-time data to trigger actions automatically.

Salesforce Genie

2. Consumer Goods Cloud Innovation Continues

The Consumer Goods Cloud Keynote, Drive Profitable Growth, focused on industry challenges today and how Salesforce is being utilized by brands to operate faster across different teams with profitable growth. Industry and economic challenges mentioned included inflation, supply chain, changing consumer behaviors, the war for talent (Great Resignation), connected modern tools, disconnected systems, and lack of real-time data. During the keynote, Salesforce brought out Mondelēz Global LLC to demonstrate how they are using Consumer Goods Cloud to become more customer-centric and data-driven to drive more insights across the organization. Innovations in Retail Execution and Trade Promotion Management have allowed them to execute and grow, and deliver a consistent consumer experience on the shelf.

Retail Execution

One connected offline and online view has helped Mondelēz unlock productivity and empower their field teams. With one single source of truth, Salesforce Retail Execution is helping Mondelēz prioritize and schedule store visits with the key tasks needed to complete in the field to optimize every visit. KPIs in real-time provide insights into how to make their shelf performance better. Learn more about Salesforce Retail Execution.

Trade Promotion Management

Originally running their trade promotion management on spreadsheets, Mondelēz was able to utilize Salesforce TPM to optimize their trade activity. With one single view truth, Mondelēz was able to invest in the right activations at the right time to build more effective promotions. Salesforce TPM helped Mondelēz improve revenue growth, maximize trade spend effectiveness, deepen trade promotion analytics, manage funds and claims, and more. FYI, we were honored to be selected as the exclusive US-based launch partner for Salesforce TPM. Learn more about Salesforce TPM.

Trade Calendar in Salesforce TPM

3. New Slack Innovations

Salesforce and Slack announced some major product innovations that will make it even more productive for teams to work together in Slack, pull actionable data from Salesforce, and get more out of their Digital HQ. The major announcement was Slack Canvas, a surface in slack that transforms how teams can organize and share important resources in real-time. Ali Rayl, SVP of Product at Slack, said “The new Slack canvas will complement the real-time collaboration experience in Slack today by offering a persistent, customizable place for files, multimedia, powerful integrations, and more. It will better empower teams to say organized, aligned, and productive in their digital HQ.”

Here are the new product innovations from Dreamforce and Salesforce:

    • Slack canvas is a new surface in the digital HQ that will transform how teams can share, curate, and organize essential resources. Paired with the Slack platform, anyone can customize a canvas with time-saving automation, plus pull in data from systems of record, like Customer 360. Canvas will be available next year.
    • Slack huddles now builds on its audio-first experience by offering teams lightweight video, multi-person screen sharing, message threads, and more to power live coworking sessions in their digital HQ. These features will be generally available to all users in the coming weeks.
    • The new Slack platform is available to developers. With a new set of developer tools and modular, reusable building blocks, it’s now faster and easier for them to create, customize, and share workflows that automate work for their teams. Developers can get started today.
    • Slack Partner Industry Solutions helps customers across industries navigate this new era of digital transformation. Slack-certified consulting partners — including Accenture, Atrium, Capgemini, Deloitte, Globant, IBM, KPMG, NeuraFlash, PwC, Silverline and Slalom — are launching the first wave of solutions for industries such as financial services, manufacturing, communications, retail, media, and technology.

4. WhatsApp Partnership

According to Salesforce, messaging is the next customer frontier and preferred customer engagement channel as 90% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services, with 66% of online adults globally preferring messaging as a way of communicating with a business. WhatsApp’s first business messaging brings the company’s in-class capabilities to deliver a convenient, integrated, personalized, and modern experience between businesses and people worldwide. Salesforce says the integration will transform how businesses connect with consumers through conversational engagement, marketing, service, and commerce interactions.

5. Net Zero Marketplace

Salesforce announced Net Zero Marketplace, a trusted platform that makes carbon credit purchases simple and transparent, allowing organizations to accelerate climate impact at scale. “The uptick in extreme weather events shows that no one is spared from climate change — we need smart climate solutions now,” said Suzanne DiBianca, EVP and Chief Impact Officer, Salesforce. “Businesses aiming to achieve long-term emission reductions can complement their efforts with high-quality carbon credits. Net Zero Marketplace brings together Salesforce’s values, technology, and commitment to ecopreneurs to accelerate climate action.”

Net Zero Marketplace, built on Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud, connects buyers and ecopreneurs by offering a catalog of third-party-rated carbon credits and a seamless eCommerce experience for purchasing them. Net Zero Marketplace also features a climate action hub where anyone can learn about climate issues.

Dreamforce 2022 Conclusion

Mark it down as another successful Dreamforce event by Salesforce. We want to give a big shout and thank you to Salesforce as they put on an extraordinary event that featured some incredible guest speakers like Matthew McConaughey, Bono, Al Gore, and Jennifer Hudson. The energy around the city of San Francisco was electric, as more than 40,000 attendees gathered to witness and learn what new features Salesforce will release next. We are already getting excited for Dreamforce 2023!

If you would like to learn more about any of the new features from Dreamforce 2022 and how it can relate to your business, please contact us.

Dreamforce 2022 Ultimate Pump-Up Spotify Playlist

Music has always been one of the key parts of Dreamforce. In 2016, our marketing team teamed up with our music expert Tyler Keil (AKA Ty Tunes) to help come up with the Ultimate Playlist for Dreamforce blog. It was so successful that we’ve decided to bring back our pump-up playlist for Dreamforce 2022!

This playlist is designed for you to conquer and keep your energy levels up throughout Dreamforce. Whether you are walking to your next session, about to attend a networking event, going to give a presentation, or heading over to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers at Dreamfest, this playlist will give you the boost you need to enjoy the events to the fullest. Combine this playlist with your personal choice of caffeine for maximum potential!

We hope you enjoy this playlist and your time at Dreamforce 2022!

10 Dreamforce 2022 Sessions We Can’t Wait to Attend

Dreamforce 2022 is less than a week away! We are getting ready to attend as many sessions as we can and learn about the best upcoming features. We’ve gone through every session and found the 10 that we can’t wait to attend!

Consumer Goods Keynote: Drive Profitable Growth

    • Driving profitable growth is the number one priority in CPG. Hear how Trailblazers are navigating economic headwinds with Salesforce Customer 360.
      • When: Tuesday, September 20
      • Time: 4:00 PM – 4:40 PM PDT
      • Where: Moscone West. Keynote Room (Level 3)

Manufacturing & Auto Keynote: Connect the Value Chain

    • A digital-first future demands personalized and unified experiences. Learn how leaders are driving the future of work by transforming the way they connect with customers, partners, and one another.
      • When: Tuesday, September 20
      • Time: 2:00 PM – 2:40 PM PDT
      • Where: Moscone West. Keynote Room (Level 3)

IT Keynote: Deliver the Future of IT, Today

    • Save time, reduce cost, and do more with less. Join us to see how IT trailblazers are unlocking data across the Customer 360, automating with low code, and scaling securely.
      • When: Wednesday, September 21
      • Time: 9:00 AM – 9:40 AM PDT
      • Where: Moscone North. Keynote Room (Hall F)

Admin Preview: Winter ’23 Release Readiness Live

    • Release Readiness Live is here at Dreamforce. Learn the top features for admins from the Winter ’23 release. Watch live demos and ask your Flow, Permissions, and DevOps Center questions in a live Q&A.
      • When: Thursday, September 22
      • Time: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM PDT
      • Where: Moscone West. Keynote Room (Level 2)

Digital Transformation for an Evolving Future

    • Move fast, pivot accordingly, and leverage the right technology to develop new products to meet demands. Hear from CEOs who have figured out how to accelerate constant reinvention and drive success.
      • When: Tuesday, September 20
      • Time: 12:00 PM – 12:45 PM PDT
      • Where: Yerba Buena Theater & Center for the Arts

Circles of Success: Boost Productivity with Pardot

    • Join this small group discussion on enriching the customer experience with data-driven marketing and Account Engagement’s (Pardot) automation tools. Learn best practices on segmentation, automation, and personalization.
      • When: Tuesday, September 20
      • Time: 2:30 PM – 3:10 PM PDT
      • Where: Marriot Marquis, Yerba Buena Level, Customer Success Lodge. Salon 1

Circle of Success: Boost Service Cloud Agent Productivity

    • Join this small group discussion on how productivity tools allow users to work faster and more efficiently. Learn best practices on using tools like macros, shortcuts, and mass quick actions.
      • When: Tuesday, September 20
      • Time: 12:30 PM – 1:10 PM PDT
      • Where: Marriot Marquis, Yerba Buena Level, Customer Success Lodge. Salon 1

Get Hands-on with B2B and B2B2C Commerce

    • Run commerce with one team by unlocking shared data and opening new revenue streams. Get hands-on to see how frictionless Salesforce makes connecting pivotal commerce moments across B2B, D2C, and OMS.
      • When: Tuesday, September 20
      • Time: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM PDT
      • Where: Moscone West, Level 2. Room 2005

Retail Keynote: Thrive in an Inflationary World

    • Hear from leading industry Trailblazers and learn three strategies retailers can use to thrive in today’s economy using data, automation, and efficiency.
      • When: Thursday, September 22
      • Time: 11:30 AM – 12:10 PM PDT
      • Where: Moscone West. Keynote Room (Level 3)

MuleSoft Keynote: Connect and Automate Your Business

    • See how MuleSoft empowers you to connect and automate your business to drive efficiency and cost savings. Integrate all your apps and data, automate processes, and deliver better experiences, faster.
      • When: Wednesday, September 21
      • Time: 3:00 PM – 3:40 PM PDT
      • Where: Moscone West. Keynote Room (Level 2)

If you would like to learn more about the Dreamforce 2022 Sessions, please contact us.

Consumer Goods Cloud Consultant Leader

Over the years, we have been using our experience to help digitally transform the consumer goods industry. As our main industry focus, we are proud to be on the Consumer Goods Cloud Partner Advisory Board, in addition to being the exclusive US launch partner of the Salesforce Trade Promotion Management (TPM) Pilot.

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Since 2002, we have been helping B2B organizations of all sizes optimize their business processes with Salesforce and their third-party applications. As everyday Salesforce power users, Corrao Group understands how flexible the Salesforce platform is to support every business department. We’ve worked with nearly 1,050+ customers, implementing, customizing, and optimizing over 2,150+ Salesforce projects. If you are interest d in learning more about how Corrao Group can help your company, read our reviews on G2!