Salesforce Trade Promotion Management Implementation

Drive promotional revenue growth and collaborate across teams on one connected platform.

Boost Success of Promotions with Salesforce TPM
of total revenue spent on trade promotions annually.
of promotions without a TPM fail to break even.
Lost Annually From Poor In-Store Execution.
of companies can't measure ROI from promotions.

How Salesforce Trade Promotion Management Works

Our Salesforce TPM Implementation Services

Optimize Trade Planning

Ensure account teams have the information they need to maximize the ROI of their promotions and minimize time spent planning. Collaborative forecasting and a centrally steered trade calendar also ensure teams are operating from one single source of truth.

Track Promotional Success

Using real-time reports, Key Account Managers and Finance teams can intelligently inform promotion planning with visibility to post-event ROI summaries. Analytics tools also allow teams to unlock post-promotion root cause analysis of under or over-performance and get insights on how to optimize and reallocate trade investments.

Manage Funds and Budgets

No longer will teams have to guess how much funding they have available or spend time reaching out to their finance teams. Dynamic funding provides clear visibility to deposit, transfer, or adjust funds and monitor budgets to evade overspend.

Streamline Claims Management

Once promotions are complete, lower the days outstanding by streamlining the settlement process with visibility to accrued liabilities and the ability to quickly match claims to related promotions.

Scenario Planning

Analyze Year-to-Date results with projected promotions to strengthen your business cases for trade promotions.

Our Two Salesforce TPM Service Types :

Build, Deploy, and Handoff

Based upon your business requirements, we scope, deploy, train, and hand off a Salesforce Trade Promotion Management (TPM) implementation and any other integrated products to your company. Since 2008, our team has optimized failing Salesforce systems to improve business performance and get companies on the right track with Salesforce. As one of the top consulting partners, we are certified experts in Salesforce customization. Once your requirements are delivered, we provide a thorough walkthrough for your approval and handoff to your team.

Ongoing TPM Support

Instead of a one-and-done project, our managed services are consistently requested by clients to stay connected and provide ongoing guidance or support. As new requirements come up, our seasoned team of Salesforce experts is with you every step of the way to optimize your system. Engagements can range from business process optimizations to additional custom implementations, and ongoing training and support requests. We work with you to ensure your employees are comfortable using Salesforce TPM to its maximum potential.

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