Start using Salesforce TPM within 3 Months

Companies spend 20% of their annual revenue on trade spend (neal) and 72% of those companies located in the US end up losing money (mckinsey). Why? Products are going out of stock, poor setups of promotional materials, or inaccurate price labeling are just a few of the contributing reasons for these lackluster performances. There has been a drastic change in consumer behavior over the past few years and tools such as Microsoft Excel and homegrown ERPs aren’t able to help companies keep up anymore (23% of companies today manage trade promotions on Excel). Newer technology has made it easier to avoid these common issues, and the industry has been turning towards a massive digital transformation as the resolution. Software such as Salesforce Trade Promotion Management (TPM) helps companies optimize trade spending, invest in the right activations, and spend more time selling. The industry is turning towards a tool such as Salesforce TPM to ultimately maximize the ROI of their promotions.

Our Salesforce TPM Starter Package is a cost-effective package that helps companies get up and running within 3-4 months. Key Account Managers will be able to utilize the trade calendar, customer & product hierarchies, promotion & tactics templates, promotion and account P&L, and reports & dashboards. Please download our Salesforce TPM Starter Package data sheet to see all of the details and pricing.

Learn more about our Salesforce TPM for Consumer Goods Cloud services on our website.

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