Salesforce Winter ’24 Release Notes: Einstein Generative AI

Experience the future of Generative AI-powered interactions with the arrival of the Salesforce Winter ’24 Release Notes. From enriching product fields in commerce stores to providing AI-generated briefs for mobile workers, Einstein Generative AI ushers in a range of enhancements designed to revolutionize the way you do business. Learn more as we explore the transformative release of Einstein Generative AI.

Enhance Product Fields in Commerce Stores with Einstein Generative AI

Generate product text fields for multiple products in one step with Einstein Generative AI. Einstein uses your instructions and any linked reference fields to generate revised product text for the selected products. Product fields generated by Einstein support instructions in English only. You can generate product fields in languages in your B2B or B2C store Then, review the generated text and accept or discard the changes. You need the Einstein Generative AI license to use Einstein Generative AI. Contact your account executive for more information.

Show Frequently Bought Items to Customers

Increase average order value by recommending frequently bought items to customers. Add the Einstein Frequently Bought component to the product detail page to market similar items. Recommendations are generated based on shopper interactions with the storefront.

Get Your Mobile Workers Up to Speed with Mobile Work Briefing

Show mobile workers an AI-generated brief that tells them everything they need to know about their upcoming work orders. Previously, workers had to switch between the work order’s tabs to find the relevant information.

Create Call Summaries Powered by Einstein GPT

Want to harness the power of generative AI to create a snapshot of everything your teams need to know about a customer call? Einstein Conversation Insights users can create generative call summaries on voice and video calls. Powered by Einstein GPT, the new Summary tab on call records allows users to create editable summaries that include next steps and customer feedback, and share summaries for easier team collaborations in the flow of work.

Personalize Sales Emails with Einstein GPT for Sales

Sales Emails empowers busy sales reps to move quickly and expand deals through personalized and informed email content that buyers love. Einstein GPT uses your sales data to generate personalized emails for contacts and leads, a method known as grounding. Sales reps can draft common emails, like a follow-up or a meeting invite, by choosing from the preset email prompt types.

Optimize Agent Productivity and Response Quality with Einstein Service Replies (Generally Available)

Get real-time response recommendations for your agents. Now generally available, Einstein Generative AI follows a chat conversation as it unfolds, then drafts and recommends fluent, courteous, and relevant, replies for your agents to review, edit and post.

Close Cases Faster with Einstein Generative AI Work Summaries (Generally Available)

Save agents time with AI-generated case summaries, now generally available. Based on a Chat conversation between an agent and customer, Einstein predicts and fills a summary, issue, and resolution. Agents can then review, edit, and save these summaries.

Get Service Insights and Build Bot Intents with Einstein Conversation Mining (Generally Available)

Use Einstein Conversation Mining, now generally available, to transform conversation data into service insights and build bot intents. Einstein Conversation Mining replaces time-consuming transcript analysis that otherwise takes weeks.

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Salesforce Winter ’24 Release Notes Einstein Generative AI