Ensuring a Safer Work Environment With SurfaceTrends™

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SurfaceTrends™ has recently been approved by Salesforce and is now featured on Work.com’s website and AppExchange. We are excited to be a trusted partner of Salesforce’s Work.com platform and look forward to helping companies get back to work safely. SurfaceTrends™ brings to life the value of 3M™ Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) testing and empowers you with real-time analytical data to drill down into the bacterial health of the surfaces around your facility. Click here to watch a 1-minute demo of SurfaceTrends™.

SurfaceTrends™ provides your company with:

    • Data into how clean and unclean areas around your facility are from ATP testing
    • Test trends overtime to pinpoint what location is failing or succeeding in the past week, 30 days, 60 days, etc.
    • Percentages highlighting the scores of the areas/surfaces that passed/failed
    • Failure notifications sent out automatically based on failing test results


Visit our website to learn more about SurfaceTrends™.

Our Favorite Salesforce Spring ’21 Releases

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We hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season. As we step into 2021, Salesforce has started to release its Spring ‘21 Release. We’ve highlighted the most popular features circulating around the Salesforce community with a short description of each new release. It’s important to note that most of these newly released features are only available in Salesforce Lightning and not Classic.


Salesforce Meetings

    • Help your sales reps prepare for meetings and engage attendees like never before with tools to enhance their interactions. The Meeting Digest feature collects information about who’s in a meeting, their relevant recent online activities, and ensures sales reps have seen the info before their meeting. Leave a memorable impression with a well-organized meeting.

High-Velocity Sales for Opportunities

    • Users can now use sales cadences on any top sales object, at any phase of the sales deal. Using best practices from Sales Cadences, users can now track and engage directly and automatically on the Account, Contact, Lead, or Opportunity. Click here to learn more about High-Velocity Sales.

Einstein Conversation Insights

    • Sales managers can now get valuable insights into their teams’ sales calls. Managers may play conversation recordings to gain insight into competitor mentions, products, keywords, pricing conversations, next steps, and more. Click here to view a short video about Sales Cloud Einstein.

Forecasting Adjustments on the Salesforce Mobile App

    • Salesforce users now can view and make adjustments to forecasting using the Salesforce Mobile app from anywhere.



Einstein Recommendation Builder

    • Service users can now build customer recommendation models, combining any two service objectives that improve CSAT, revenue, and more. Einstein’s best next action/recommendations can be given to agents in the console or to customers using the self-service portal. Click here to learn more about Einstein Recommendation Builder.

Field Service: Appointment Assistant

    • Now let customers know when help is on the way by eliminating the 4-5 hour wait window and delivering real-time alerts on the channel of their choice. Click here to learn more about Field Service: Appointment Assistant.


Retiring Feature – User Authentication

    • Pardot is discontinuing User Authentication on February 15th, 2021. After this date, Pardot users must use Salesforce single sign-on (SSO). SSO makes it easier for users to transition between Sales Cloud and Pardot. Enable SSO for your users in just a few steps.

Cross Business Unit Leads and Contacts

    • According to Salesforce, “Additional platform flexibility allows customers to prevent sync conflicts on the Pardot proprietary fields (score, grade, etc), ultimately allowing a single lead or contact to sync to more than 1 business unit.”

Campaign Cloning

    • Pardot users can now reuse marketing assets with campaign cloning. Easily clone forms, form handlers, landing pages, and links related to a campaign to save time and boost efficiency. Click here to learn more about Pardot Campaign Cloning.

Salesforce Anywhere Advanced (Previously Quip)

    • Use Document Creation within Salesforce Lightning to quickly create a document and link it in the record you are viewing for others to see right away.
    • Quip Slides are being retired on January 31st, 2021.

Tableau CRM

    • Einstein Analytics has now been renamed to Tableau CRM. Everything about Einstein Analytics still works the same, it just has a new fancy name.

The Salesforce Spring ’21 Release Notes brings exciting new features for Salesforce employees and customers. If you have any questions about the spring release notes, please visit our website. If you missed out on our Salesforce Winter ’20 release blog, you can read it here.

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SurfaceTrends™ Integration For Salesforce Work.com

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Corrao Group, a consulting partner of Salesforce since 2008, has announced their latest solution to give companies instant visibility into the health of their facilities’ high-touch points via Salesforce’s Work.com solution. Corrao Group’s SurfaceTrends™ integrates within Work.com’s Command Center and provides real-time environmental surface results for companies getting back to work. Jack Corrao, the Managing Partner of Corrao Group, said, “Our SurfaceTrends™ solution unifies the power of Salesforce’s Work.com, 3M, and Coastal Health USA. Providing real-time analytic data validating janitorial cleaning protocol is becoming mandatory for businesses and integrating with Salesforce’s Work.com is critical for developing your back to work plan.”

Corrao Group’s SurfaceTrends™ leverages the data from Coastal Health USA to analyze and visualize how clean a surface is inside of Work.com. SurfaceTrends™ offers companies a proactive approach to managing your facilities’ low, moderate, and high touch points or surfaces. “Being able to visualize and see in real-time how clean your surfaces are via 3M’s ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) tester is opening a lot of people’s eyes to how dirty their surfaces are,” said Ashley Mullenaux, an Infectious Control Analyst at Coastal Health USA.

SurfaceTrends™ integrated with Work.com provides your company with:

    • Real-time analysis and visualization of the cleanliness of your high touch business surfaces
    • Automated alerts via Command Center and email for surfaces requiring immediate cleaning
    • Automated Slack notification based on nonconformant test results
    • Allows staff and visitors peace of mind with cleaning results

SurfaceTrends Test Results

If you would like to schedule a demo to learn more about SurfaceTrends™, please contact sales@corraogroup.com.

About Corrao Group

As everyday Salesforce power users, Corrao Group understands how flexible the Salesforce platform is to support every department of your business. Corrao Group has helped numerous healthcare companies since 2008. We’ve worked with nearly 1,000 customers, implementing, customizing, and optimizing over 2,100 Salesforce projects. Since 2002, Corrao Group has been helping B2B organizations of all sizes successfully optimize their business processes with Salesforce.

About 3M

3M is a national organization located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and is the leading provider in worker safety, US health care, and consumer goods. 3M touches virtually every part of your life. With medical dressings that help wounds heal faster, reflective materials that make our roadways safer, and even stethoscopes that listen to astronauts’ heartbeats in space, 3M and their technology make the impossible, possible. Their goal is to apply their science to make our lives better.

Our Favorite Salesforce Winter ’21 Releases

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We’ve gone through every note of the Salesforce Winter ’21 Release Notes and highlighted the most popular features circulating around the Salesforce community. It’s important to note that most of these newly released features are only available in Salesforce Lightning and not Classic. The features outlined in our blog are some of the best features available in the Lightning interface.


Broadcast Messaging -2020 has drastically impacted the way companies engage with their employees and customers. Broadcast Messaging empowers companies to proactively reach their clients faster and on their favorite channel, SMS. Broadcast messaging lets you easily select a recipient list, choose from prebuilt templates, and send it to mass quantities.

Work.com broadcast messaging

Queue Management – Today, businesses need a trusted platform that is versatile enough to support ongoing changes. Queue Management empowers safe and seamless in-person interactions as the world starts to return to work. Queue Management is a Salesforce-native tool that lets organizations scale on-site capacity to ensure that local regulations are complied with.

Sales Cloud

Opportunity Deal Change Highlights – Highlight what has changed in the pipeline to see which deals increased, decreased, were pushed out, or pulled in. Text colors and arrows highlight whether deal amounts or close dates have changed during the last seven days. Hover over an arrow to get extended details about the opportunity.

Salesforce Opportunity Deal Change Highlights

Multi-Cloud Support for Billing – “Now you can create invoices and bills from CPQ orders, B2B Commerce orders, Service Cloud work orders, Velocity quotes, or any other quoting/ordering system that customers have” (Salesforce).

High-Velocity Sales Enhancements – With High-Velocity Sales, you now have the capability to organize and share sales cadences in folders. Additionally, Salesforce now allows you to pause sales cadences and change step ownership. Users can also insert free time into emails for scheduling directly from Lightning.

Service Cloud

Field Service: Time Sheets – Service executives can now create, edit, and take action on employees’ timesheets and expenses. Timesheets now become connected to your field service’s operation, allowing you insight into how your mobile staff is working. You can now view timesheets, record working hours, and send on-the-go approval timesheets. View Salesforce’s YouTube Time Sheets video to learn more.

Service Cloud Field Service Time Sheets

Service Setup Assistant – Achieve quicker time to value for customer service delivery with Service Cloud. “The Service Setup Assistant provides a two-step guided setup, out-of-the-box configuration, and built-in agent productivity best practices” (Salesforce).

Omni Supervisor Enhancements – Omni Supervisor Enhancements now allow supervisors to view voice transcripts in real-time as the phone call progresses, allowing them to jump in when agents need help.


Customer 360 Audiences – With Salesforce’s enterprise-wide customer data platform, marketers can now collect, unify, segment, and enable all their client data. Customer 360 audiences now becomes your single source of truth to enable personalized experiences for every customer across every touchpoint.

Interaction Studio Enhancements – Business users can configure, evaluate, and incorporate machine-learning algorithms with Einstein Personalization Recipes that consider the characteristics, behaviors, affinities, and purpose of an individual to assess and deliver individualized recommendations. Einstein Personalization Decisions assesses both the probability of someone engaging with a specific offer or action and the business value of that offer or action to the company.

Journey Builder: Path Optimizer – By allowing you to test journey routes, not just message material, Path Optimizer unlocks marketing experimentation in new ways. In a journey, run one or several tests and choose the winning paths by engagement or on-demand. Only the winning route is received by new contacts. To gain insights and improve the experience of your customers, you can continue to run tests.

Marketing Journey Builder Path Optimizer

The Salesforce Winter ’21 Release Notes brings exciting new features for Salesforce employees and customers. If you have any questions about the winter release notes, please visit our website. If you missed out on our Salesforce Summer ’20 release blog, you can read it here.





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Same Day Construction Estimates With Salesforce

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Putting together a construction estimate can take days, sometimes weeks, depending on the project’s size. With a great deal of information to collect, the industry needs a solution that could quickly generate accurate estimates and immediately send them out with tracking included. Utilizing the power of Salesforce, we built an automated Estimator to generate, send, and track same-day estimates for WarrenCo Construction and Paving. Our latest case study involves:

      • The ability to create and send out same-day construction estimates
      • How we digitally enabled the construction industry with Salesforce
      • How we accelerated pipeline progression with an automated estimator
      • Our continued business process optimization with Salesforce

Early responsiveness plays an essential role in the construction industry, so being first and accurate can make or break the deal. Fill out the form below to see how we were able to digitally enable the construction industry with Salesforce.

Vendor Management With Manufacturing Cloud

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We discussed the advantage of moving some parts of your assembly back to North America in our previous blog, Thinking of Moving Production Onshores? Adding Salesforce’s Manufacturing Cloud to your Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) gives your company a central location for all your shared data with partners, customers, vendors and more having full access.

This blog will focus on the importance of vendor and performance management and how vendor management is critical for any companies profitability, deliverability, and overall quality of your parts or tools.

Vendor Qualification and Management

Manufacturing companies go through a whole vetting process to validate their primary and secondary vendors. Some companies could have multiple vendors delivering the same parts, where some vendors might only have one unique part with only one vendor. The process of qualifying vendors becomes critical for manufacturers so that they know their first versus secondary vendor to have a consistent supply chain process. Once you start moving your schedule around, you may be in a situation where maybe a vendor can’t react as quickly as another. You need to be able to quickly look in your system and go, “Maybe vendor B can accommodate more than vendor A.”

On the other side, it’s critical to keep your vendor accountable. The vendor’s responsibility should include deliveries, part quality, and inspection.

Manufacturers shouldn’t be waiting for a truck to pull up, only to realize there’s a quality problem while unloading. Quality checks and inspections should always be done at the vendor’s location. It’s important to take into account some critical questions about your vendor like:

    • Are their quality checks good?
    • Have they implemented correct action for defective protects?
    • What is their on-time delivery?
    • What is their competitive pricing?

Manufacturing Cloud and Vendor Management

Having a system like Salesforce that supports vendor management and performance is critical.

Manufacturing Cloud gives you the ability to have a centralized location that allows you to collect and see all your data at a 360-degree view. Everyone in your company and partner ecosystem can all be on the same page regarding sales agreements, vendor management, analytical data, tracking, and more.

Manufacturing Cloud allows you to understand the quality of all your crucial metrics regarding vendor management and performance. With real-time reports, you’ll be able to have the data proving which vendor is standing out among the others.

Tracking in Salesforce helps manufacturers stay up to date in real-time. For example, if a defect occurs on the floor or in the field, you can instantly track the return material. When tracking is managed via Salesforce, the trickle-down effect gives you the ability to make sure your vendors communicate and react with your changes.

ERP’s aren’t designed to do this, but you have the flexibility inside Salesforce to keep everyone on the same page in real-time.

Corrao Group’s Manufacturing and Salesforce experience

Since 2008, Corrao Group has helped manufacturers utilize Salesforce to create an automated closed-loop system for channel-centric manufacturing. We’ve worked with nearly 1,000 customers, implementing, customizing, and optimizing over 2,100 Salesforce projects. Implementing Salesforce without a detailed and customized plan can lead to wasted time and money spent on small fixes along its lifecycle. With a trusted Salesforce partner like us, we can help you maximize your investment. For more information, please visit our website.

Our Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud Blogs:



5,000 Cancer Rides Donated + Harvest of Hope

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Since 2006, we have been working with the Emilio Nares Foundation (ENF) to help support their flagship foundation, Ride with Emilio. Ride with Emilio provides free transportation for low-income children with cancer to make sure they attend their life-saving treatment appointments, on time, every time. Ride with Emilio has traveled over 1 million miles and safely transported over 4,000 children in Southern California.

At Corrao Group, we are excited to announce that we have passed over 5,000 CANCER RIDES DONATED! We are beyond proud to help ENF and will continue every day to help impact their organization and their kids in any way we can. We are incredibly privileged to work with founders Richard and Diane Nares and the entire ENF staff. From everyone at Corrao Group, thank you for all your hard work, dedication, and love. Thank you to our customers, as we would not be able to continue to donate to ENF without your partnership.

In light of the ongoing pandemic, the Emilio Nares Foundation had to cancel their annual physical event, Harvest for Hope. HOWEVER, the children still need all of us more than ever. Together we can offer them a chance to continue to get their treatment throughout 2020 and 2021. We ask that you register for their virtual auction, Harvest for Hope on Oct. 2nd-10th 2020, by clicking here: HarvestforHope2020.org. You can also text H4H2020 to 76278 and register on your phone!

Salesforce Summer ’20 Release Updates

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Going through every note of the Salesforce Summer ’20 Release Notes can be tedious. We’ve highlighted the most popular features circulating around the Salesforce community with a description of each new release. It’s important to note that most of these newly released features are only available in Salesforce Lightning and not Classic.

Sales Cloud

    • Kanban View Enhancements:
      • Enable sales reps to update key opportunity fields from the kanban view quickly. Add a little fun to your sales journey by celebrating closed-won deals with new celebration moments in the kanban. Click the link below to watch to see the Kanban View enhancements in action!
    • High-Velocity Sales: Einstein Call Coaching
      • Sales teams can now optimize interactions with customers with conversational intelligence. Post-call insights give managers intelligent trend analysis ensuring teams can build and refine sales strategies based on conversation trends.
    • High-Velocity Sales: My Feed Alerts
      • Sales reps can respond to their prospects’ engagement in real-time to maximize outreach while the lead is hot. For example, sales reps can tailor email arrival times to increase the likelihood that recipients read them. If a sales rep knows that their contact always reads their email when they come back from lunch, you can schedule the email to arrive at 1:00 pm. The new Scheduled Emails component lets reps update the content of a scheduled email and change its scheduled date and time.

Service Cloud

    • Service Cloud Voice
      • “Natively integrate the telephony channel within Service Cloud. Voice calls can now be part of the dynamic workspace, alongside digital channels. Agents use an omnichannel module to accept an interaction. With real-time call transcripts, connect workflows and next best actions to voice conversations. Deeper integration drives agent efficiency, customer satisfaction, and supervisor insights” (Salesforce).
    • Einstein Reply Recommendations
      • Give your agents the power of AI that automatically suggests recommendations to customer requests. Einstein is continually learning about your customers, giving you suggested replies based on a list of approved responses.
    • Field Service Lightning: Deep Link Actions
      • Mobile workers can now use the Field Service Mobile app through deep linking. “With deep linking, you can specify URL schemes for other apps and send users to external content inside the Mobile Publisher app” (Trailblazer Community). Deliver better experiences for your mobile team by adding deep links to specific actions and flows to reduce the number of taps it takes to trigger an action or flow.


    • Content Builder – Interactive Email
      • Marketers can now evolve the inbox experience for customers with Email Form Block. Using five different templates, marketers can now create in-mail forms to have subscribers complete forms without leaving their inbox.
    • Datorama: Data Lake
      • “Data Lake is a new, comprehensive solution for processing granular, raw, and non-aggregated marketing data for use within Datorama” (Salesforce). Marketers can extract and store raw data at scale, and load it easily into Datorama for analysis, visualization, insights, reporting, and activations.
    • Einstein Copy Insights
      • In an intuitive dashboard, marketers can gather language-related feedback regarding subject lines to find out what drives engagement and enhances campaign performance.
    • Einstein Messaging Insights
      • Einstein Messaging Insights quickly and efficiently analyzes your email and customer journey activity providing automatic key insights into what factors impact your email sends.
    • Pardot: Einstein Attribution
      • Einstein Attribution is a new AI-powered multi-touch allocation model that tracks all of your campaigns’ conversion trends and highlights which channels and campaigns are most successful.
    • Pardot: B2B Marketing Analytics Plus
      • Discover a connected, smart, and enterprise-ready experience that links data across all of your marketing applications and business units with further enhanced predictive insights and intelligence. Comprehend what happened with your campaign, why it happened, and what could happen in the future.

Manufacturing Cloud

    • Account Manager Targets
      • You can now create, assign, or edit targets for your organization to achieve performance goals based on product volume, revenue, or custom metrics.
    • Key Account and Product Management
      • Manage large data sets, boost efficiency, and improve forecast accuracy by defining key accounts and product parameters representing tiering structures within your organization.
    • Account-Based Forecasting Enhancements
      • New and enhanced Account-Based Forecast reporting gives you more versatility in assessing business results. Create comprehensive comparative reports that allow you to analyze account-based forecasts by product and time period more efficiently.
    • Sales Agreement Enhancements
      • New and enhanced sales agreement reporting allows you more flexibility in assessing business results. Develop comprehensive composite reports that show products and product schedules for sales agreements.
    • Einstein Analytics for Manufacturing Enhancements
      • Track and analyze changes in forecasts at the account and product level. With the new multi-currency support, users can use pre-built templates to analyze data in any of the supported currencies within their organization.


    • Workplace Command Center
      • Access return-to-work readiness from a single hub to safely reopen workplaces. Manage and monitor your staff’s health, completion of training, shift scheduling, and the preparedness of your facilities.
    • Shift Management
      • Streamline employee and workplace readiness by allowing employees to specify their availability, manage shifts, and comply with the social distancing rules upon their arrival window.
    • Emergency Program Management
      • Help organizations support residents, neighborhoods, and agencies in crisis times by providing access to emergency information and replacing manual processes with streamlined application processes.

The Salesforce Summer ’20 Release Notes does bring exciting new features for Salesforce employees and customers. However, customers still using classic will not be able to use these features. If you would like to learn more about migrating to lightning from classic or have any questions about the summer release notes, please visit our website.






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Manufacturing Cloud: Thinking of Moving Production Onshore?

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Manufacturers face a combination of robust decision making components that are factors for any business globally. With the ongoing unknown of 2020, and incoming massive new tariffs (trade deal phase 1), moving some parts of your production back to North America could become the new norm as early as 2021. The component price will always be lower overseas, but what if you could control your entire manufacturing process? Gaining flexibility is now available with the use of Salesforce’s Manufacturing Cloud. Before discussing the motives of moving production back onshores, it’s important to understand how manufacturing evolved.

Early Manufacturing

In the early 1970-1980s, manufacturing within the United States was booming. Local manufacturing jobs were thriving, and all production was done here on shores through quick runs. The era of quick runs soon became an era of the past. Having to go back and forth on prototypes became expensive, and with rising new technology came a vision of manufacturing processes (Structural Design) done quicker and cheaper. China began creating large factories with low-cost labor and tolling resulting in a more affordable and faster way of manufacturing. With labor costs so cheap, China would go on to become the world leader in manufacturing.

Starting to Move Production Back

As 2020 moves forward and companies start to prepare for 2021, moving some operations to North America is becoming the priority with most manufacturers. When you factor in the new tariffs from the trade deal and managing the supply chain from afar, it becomes a lot to maintain. Final assembly, software packaging, trail producing, and testing are aspects of production that can be moved back to the United States or Mexico. Moving production back onshore is an opportunity to take some of the raw components and assemble them in the US. For example, final assembly in Mexico could become extremely cost-effective with easy access of driving materials across the border. Having one-week shipments being readily available vs. six-week shipments allows you to be less dependent on your supply chain. Integrating your Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) with Manufacturing Cloud will give you control over your entire business processes.

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud

The advantage of adding Manufacturing Cloud to your S&OP is that it can drive demand, and tell your factory what to build in real-time based upon your specific schedule. Adding modules in your system through real-time reporting in manufacturing will provide you visibility into what your factories are currently building, what product is coming in, and more. With a central location of all your data and correct scheduling, your sales team will be updated and on the same page. Data spread out across multiple spreadsheets or silos will cause various problems for your company in tracking, updating, and sharing deals. Overall, integrating your manufacturing processes into manufacturing cloud gives you the flexibility of not being so dependent on products coming from offshore.


Our Manufacturing Experience

Corrao Group’s experience and discipline with manufacturing pain points date back to 1982 with our Managing Partner. Jack Corrao has developed numerous operational infrastructures to support hardware and software companies to deliver the best in breed solutions. Since 2008, Corrao Group has been helping manufacturers utilize Salesforce to create an automated closed-loop system for channel-centric manufacturing. We’ve worked with nearly 1,000 customers, implementing, customizing, and optimizing Salesforce and have been everyday power users ourselves since 2008. Corrao Group can help you maximize your investments in Salesforce and Manufacturing Cloud. For more information, please visit our Salesforce page. To learn more information about us, please visit our website.

Salesforce - the ultimate work from home platform

Thank You, Class of 2020

Estimated 2 min. read

To our St. Augustine High School Class of 2020 interns:

Nobody could have predicted how this year would go. In January, we were discussing the future and teaching work ethics and helping you all gain a little knowledge of the workplace. You all accepted the challenges we gave you and tackled them head-on. Not once did any of you turn down a job assignment, even though you didn’t have the experience.

You asked questions, gained your knowledge, and proceeded to succeed in your tasks. Now, you face different challenges going forward. Corrao Group has the utmost faith that you will all take these challenges presented to you, examine them, and come to a determination on how best to succeed given those obstacles.

We congratulate Griffin Miller, TJ Roeder, Jonathan Bonanno, and Noah Shroeder as you enter the next phase in your lives. Remember good work ethics are important in school as well. Congratulations to the Class of 2020! We expect to see great things from you Saintsmen!

Griffin Miller – Texas Christian University (TCU)









Jonathan Bonanno – Point Loma Nazarene University







TJ Roeder – Emory University







Noah Schroeder – University of Dallas