Salesforce Customer Planning & Forecasting Implementation

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Don't trust their forecast
Don't believe they have the right details
Believe their data is too siloed
Lack analytics to identify issues and trends

Benefits of Salesforce CPF

Our Salesforce CPF Implementation Services

Customer Hierarchy

Set up the customer hierarchy to track accounts and store relationships within Salesforce. Configure retailers and stores with account managers and location information.

Product Hierarchy

Configure product hierarchy categories, brands, packages, and individual products.

Real-time Business Reporting

Leveraging Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud’s reporting engine supports the analysis of KPIs in real-time vs. historical.

KPI Tracking

Customizable KPI configuration allows you to enter projections and compare them against actual performance.

Customer Planning Time Frames

Timeframes are customizable to customers’ planning cycle (weekly, monthly, quarterly).

Our Two Salesforce CPF Service Types:

Build, Deploy, and Handoff

Based upon your business requirements, we scope, deploy, train, and hand off a Salesforce CPF implementation and any other integrated products to your company. Since 2008, our team has optimized failing Salesforce systems to improve business performance and get companies on the right track with Salesforce. As one of the top consulting partners, we are certified experts in Salesforce customization. Once your requirements are delivered, we provide a thorough walkthrough for your approval and handoff to your team.

Ongoing CPF Support

Instead of a one-and-done project, our managed services are consistently requested by clients to stay connected and provide ongoing guidance or support. As new requirements come up, our seasoned team of Salesforce experts is with you every step of the way to optimize your system. Engagements can range from business process optimizations to additional custom implementations, and ongoing training and support requests. We work with you to ensure your employees are comfortable using Salesforce CPF to its maximum potential.

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