Salesforce Winter ’24 Release Notes: Retail Execution

The Salesforce Winter ’24 Release Notes are here, as they bring a host of innovations and enhancements! Among these updates, Consumer Goods Cloud Retail Execution introduces many transformative features set to streamline your retail operations. Explore the exciting possibilities the Retail Execution release notes hold for optimizing your retail and consumer goods processes.

Place Orders Efficiently

Use a prepopulated product list to select products easily from the Order Items window while placing a New Advanced Order. Products are prepopulated based on the authorization list of the relevant trade org nodes in the account hierarchy. Enter the quantities for the listed products directly without manual search and add products from the product master.

Use the new filters and customer attributes in customer lookup to perform an advanced search for customers and to select the right customer on the New Order window. Narrow down the search for products on the Add Items window by using the Description, Product Code, GTIN, Category, Brand, Promoted, and Listed filters. You can further search for products on the Order Items window by using Category, Brand, and Order Template.

Add Custom Attributes in Penny Perfect Pricing Calculation

Use the new object, Pricing Context Definition, to add custom attributes to the pricing context. Use the custom attributes to search for pricing conditions and in user exits.

Enhance Promotion Planning and Execution

Leverage advanced analytics to implement a promotional dashboard by using the additional metadata in the Job Definition Template object. Use the updated picklist values in the Primary Survey Policy field to analyze store participation, placement, and quality of the display of assets. Also, use the new Competitor Relevant field to analyze competitor situations (promotions, price, or placement of assets).

Easily Share Attachments in Consumer Goods Cloud Offline Mobile App

Use the app’s sharing feature to share attached files (with file types such as PDF, XLS and DOCX) from various tiles such as Customer, Sales Folder, Promotion, and Products.

Analyze the Trend and Effectiveness of Promotions

Customize the Related list to view the approval history of a promotion. You can effectively streamline, track, and manage the approval process for standard promotions.

Preview Signatures in the Print Layout

Use signature templates to configure the signature flow for an object and to include the signatures of multiple roles in the Print Layout. As an out-of-the-box solution, Order Confirmation PDF now includes the Store Manager’s signatures confirming the order. You can even create custom print layouts for other processes such as customer contracts and daily reports. We delivered this feature thanks to your ideas on IdeaExchange.

Additional Permissions for Sales Org

Using the additional metadata, get create and edit permissions on the Sales Org object. Starting with Winter ‘24, you’re no longer required to add these permissions manually.

Optimize the Settings of Your Mobile Synchronization

Experience the speed and reliability of the synchronization processes for large datasets between Salesforce and the Consumer Goods Cloud offline mobile app. Admins can set the increased default response time limit for the execution of batch SOQL and named fetch trees (NFT).

Allow Bluetooth Permissions for Consumer Goods Cloud Offline Mobile App in Android Devices

Make sure that you allow bluetooth permission after you upgrade to the Winter ’24 version of the Consumer Goods Cloud offline mobile app on your Android devices.

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Salesforce Winter ’24 Release Notes Retail Execution

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