Salesforce Winter ’24 Release Notes: Service Cloud

The Salesforce Winter ’24 Release Notes for Service Cloud is here! From harnessing AI to answer FAQs using Article Answers, to optimizing agent responses with Einstein Service Replies, the Service Cloud enhancements are poised to reshape how your organization delivers customer support. Learn the latest features that will allow your company to drive customer loyalty, empower agents, and elevate your customer experience.

Answer FAQs with Article Answers AI (Generally Available)

Article Answers is now generally available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Article Answers combines machine learning and traditional search to process your customers’ free text inputs and serve up relevant fields from your knowledge articles directly in the bot conversation. Set up Article Answers to quickly build an FAQ bot, or connect a bot to your knowledge base with one bot dialog. Tailor your bot’s responses to your customer segments with knowledge data categories. Easily view customer feedback on Article Answers responses with included feedback collection dialogs, event logging, and standard reports.

Optimize Agent Productivity and Response Quality with Einstein Service Replies (Generally Available)

Get real-time response recommendations for your agents. Now generally available, Einstein Generative AI follows a chat conversation as it unfolds, then drafts and recommends fluent, courteous, and relevant, replies for your agents to review, edit and post.

Monitor Your Service Operations with Case Dashboards

Get a comprehensive view of your service team’s caseload. Spot high-level stats, such as total escalated cases, average time to close, percentage of first contact resolution, customer satisfaction scores (CSAT) by channel, and more.

Improve Agent Performance with Omni-Channel Dashboards

Quickly identify the routing efficiency and agent performance across Omni-Channel routing and queues. Check on work volumes, accepted or declined work, average handle times, average speed to answer, percentage of service levels met, and more.

See Top Customer Requests with Einstein Conversation Mining Dashboards

Review key reasons why your customers reach out for help with Einstein AI. See top topics or contact reasons by volume, duration of conversations, times conversations pass from a bot to an agent, average cost per interaction, and more.

Capture Feedback as Records with Survey Invitation Field Data

Create or update records with survey invitation field values by using data maps. Define the target object field values by passing the survey invitation field values on submission of a response.

Stay on Top of Survey Responses by Receiving Custom Notifications

Get custom notifications based on invitation and merge field data for timely actions. Specify notification recipients using invitation data, participant data, or other data in a data map.

View and Manage Your Catalog Easily in a Central Hub

Use the Service Management Setup page to view and manage all your catalog items and categories in one place. This page makes your catalog management easy because you can assign items as featured or assign them to a category. You can also view the indexing of all your catalog items, categories, and their hierarchies as they appear to customers. Previously, Service Catalog was managed through the catalog item builder.

Open Your Service Catalog to Partners and Customers

Create a Service Catalog site using the Lightning Web Runtime (LWR) framework from Experience Cloud. With the Service Catalog site, you provide an intuitive self-service experience for your customers to browse and request catalog items in your Service Catalog. Build, style, and launch your site effortlessly with point-and-click LWR components built for Service Catalog. Previously, Service Catalog supported only Aura.

Share Incident Updates Based on a Product

Send targeted broadcast emails for product incidents to impacted customers. Incident teams can send proactive emails to customers, even before they experience an issue, to deflect new cases and increase customer trust. Previously, broadcast emails were available only for predefined contact lists and case-related contacts.

Send Automated Notifications with the Send Conversation Messages Action

Send important updates to customers with messaging components and a new invocable action. This feature is now available in enhanced WhatsApp channels and Messaging for In-App and Web. Previously, you could send automated notifications only in standard Messaging channels.

Improve Customer Service and Agent Training with Conversation Sentiment Analysis

To evaluate agent performance and identify coaching opportunities, supervisors can view the sentiments of a phone conversation between an agent and a customer inside the recording player. The supervisor can easily spot moments when the customer or agent isn’t happy, listen to the corresponding recorded call segments, and then provide training. In addition to Sentiment Journey, we added Agent Sentiment Score and Supervisor Sentiment Score fields to the VoiceCall entity for easy reporting. Post-call Sentiment Journey is available for contact centers in North America only.

Listen In to an Amazon Connect Voice Call through Salesforce

To support an agent, supervisors can listen in to a call directly from Salesforce through Omni Supervisor. Previously, supervisors had to listen in from Amazon Connect.

Check Voice Channel Performance with More Metrics (Generally Available)

To help you identify anomalies in your contact center, and fix them on your own with documentation, Voice performance metrics is generally available. Add two new Voice objects to your custom report types to spot trends on disconnected calls, missed calls by agents, call error rates, and other call actions. This feature includes a sample package with prebuilt reports and dashboards so you can see trends easily. Some metrics are only available for Service Cloud Voice with Amazon Connect. All data for the new Voice objects is deleted after 30 days.

Send Calls to the Most Qualified Agents with Skills-Routing (Pilot)

To route a call to an agent with the right skill set, use Omni-Channel skills-based routing. This feature is available if your telephony provider supports skills-based routing.

Speed Through Work with the Omni-Channel Enhanced Agent Experience

Omni-Channel boasts a newly designed UI for agents that shows information in a more useful way and easily integrates various work modes. Instead of the old console tabs, Omni-Channel features an inbox-style view for work. In the widget, see which work items are open, which are paused, which were updated, and so on. Click an item in the Omni-Channel widget to work on it.

Structure Your Help Site with Data Categories (Beta)

Help your customers discover self-serve solutions with Data Categories in LWR sites. Structure your internal knowledge and catalog items, which help you efficiently classify, discover, and show the most relevant article, question, or idea to your users. Previously, internal knowledge articles were mapped to topics instead of data categories, and catalog items couldn’t be linked to LWR sites.

If you would like to learn more about the Salesforce Winter ’24 Release Notes for Service Cloud, please contact us.

About Corrao Group

For two decades, Corrao Group has stood as a pillar of expertise, assisting B2B organizations across various industries and sizes in implementing and optimizing their business processes through Salesforce and integrated third-party applications. With an unwavering dedication spanning 21 years, we have cultivated a deep knowledge and understanding of Salesforce as power users ourselves. This recognition of Salesforce’s flexibility empowers us to cater to various departments’ needs, ensuring seamless alignment. Our mission is to seamlessly translate your business processes into Salesforce, promoting not only successful integration but also widespread user adoption.


Salesforce Winter ’24 Release Notes Service Cloud

Salesforce Winter ’24 Release Notes: Einstein Generative AI

Experience the future of Generative AI-powered interactions with the arrival of the Salesforce Winter ’24 Release Notes. From enriching product fields in commerce stores to providing AI-generated briefs for mobile workers, Einstein Generative AI ushers in a range of enhancements designed to revolutionize the way you do business. Learn more as we explore the transformative release of Einstein Generative AI.

Enhance Product Fields in Commerce Stores with Einstein Generative AI

Generate product text fields for multiple products in one step with Einstein Generative AI. Einstein uses your instructions and any linked reference fields to generate revised product text for the selected products. Product fields generated by Einstein support instructions in English only. You can generate product fields in languages in your B2B or B2C store Then, review the generated text and accept or discard the changes. You need the Einstein Generative AI license to use Einstein Generative AI. Contact your account executive for more information.

Show Frequently Bought Items to Customers

Increase average order value by recommending frequently bought items to customers. Add the Einstein Frequently Bought component to the product detail page to market similar items. Recommendations are generated based on shopper interactions with the storefront.

Get Your Mobile Workers Up to Speed with Mobile Work Briefing

Show mobile workers an AI-generated brief that tells them everything they need to know about their upcoming work orders. Previously, workers had to switch between the work order’s tabs to find the relevant information.

Create Call Summaries Powered by Einstein GPT

Want to harness the power of generative AI to create a snapshot of everything your teams need to know about a customer call? Einstein Conversation Insights users can create generative call summaries on voice and video calls. Powered by Einstein GPT, the new Summary tab on call records allows users to create editable summaries that include next steps and customer feedback, and share summaries for easier team collaborations in the flow of work.

Personalize Sales Emails with Einstein GPT for Sales

Sales Emails empowers busy sales reps to move quickly and expand deals through personalized and informed email content that buyers love. Einstein GPT uses your sales data to generate personalized emails for contacts and leads, a method known as grounding. Sales reps can draft common emails, like a follow-up or a meeting invite, by choosing from the preset email prompt types.

Optimize Agent Productivity and Response Quality with Einstein Service Replies (Generally Available)

Get real-time response recommendations for your agents. Now generally available, Einstein Generative AI follows a chat conversation as it unfolds, then drafts and recommends fluent, courteous, and relevant, replies for your agents to review, edit and post.

Close Cases Faster with Einstein Generative AI Work Summaries (Generally Available)

Save agents time with AI-generated case summaries, now generally available. Based on a Chat conversation between an agent and customer, Einstein predicts and fills a summary, issue, and resolution. Agents can then review, edit, and save these summaries.

Get Service Insights and Build Bot Intents with Einstein Conversation Mining (Generally Available)

Use Einstein Conversation Mining, now generally available, to transform conversation data into service insights and build bot intents. Einstein Conversation Mining replaces time-consuming transcript analysis that otherwise takes weeks.

If you would like to learn more about the Salesforce Winter ’24 Release Notes for Einstein GPT, please contact us.

About Corrao Group

For two decades, Corrao Group has stood as a pillar of expertise, assisting B2B organizations across various industries and sizes in implementing and optimizing their business processes through Salesforce and integrated third-party applications. With an unwavering dedication spanning 21 years, we have cultivated a deep knowledge and understanding of Salesforce as power users ourselves. This recognition of Salesforce’s flexibility empowers us to cater to various departments’ needs, ensuring seamless alignment. Our mission is to seamlessly translate your business processes into Salesforce, promoting not only successful integration but also widespread user adoption.


Salesforce Winter ’24 Release Notes Einstein Generative AI

Boost Customer Satisfaction With Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud is a robust customer service platform that helps organizations improve customer satisfaction. Service Cloud provides businesses with a centralized platform to manage customer interactions, case management, support operations, and more. Key features like a knowledge base, case management, and omnichannel routing help your service agents provide quick and efficient personalized support for every customer. Additionally, Service Cloud allows organizations to gain valuable insights into customers’ problems, preferences, and support needs to deliver fast and personalized service.

Here’s how Salesforce Service Cloud can boost customer satisfaction to achieve long-lasting customer relationships:

    • Case Management: Service Cloud provides a single source of truth for managing customer support cases in a more organized fashion. This help ensures that all customer interactions are tracked and resolved efficiently, improving response times and overall customer satisfaction.
    • Advanced Case Management: Make your service agents more productive and increase first-visit resolution by automating processes that assign the right agent and resolve support cases faster.
    • Fleet Management Logistics: Improve onsite job management using Salesforce Maps to optimize your fleet management logistics. Deliver real-time collaboration with access to job schedules, van inventory, vehicle location, mileage driven, knowledge articles, and more.
    • Knowledge Base (Self-Service Portal): Save time by maximizing agent productivity and first-visit resolution by letting your customers help themselves, so your agents don’t have to answer frequently asked questions. The Service Cloud knowledge base helps reduce customers’ need to contact support teams, improving their overall experience and satisfaction with the company.
    • Telephony & AI Voice: Telephony is a cloud-based contact center that allows businesses to communicate with their customers over email, chat, the phone, and other important channels. AI Voice is a feature of Service Cloud Telephony that uses AI to enhance customer interactions over the phone. With AI Voice, businesses can automate routine tasks and responses, such as scheduling appointments and verifying customer information. It can also give agents real-time insights into the customer, allowing them to tailor their responses better and improve the overall customer experience.
    • Customer Service Analytics: Create smarter managers, more productive agents, and happier customers through predictive CSAT technology to stay ahead of business concerns and drive service success. Service Cloud provides organizations with valuable insights into customer behavior and support needs. This helps businesses make informed decisions about improving customer satisfaction and support operations.
    • Customization and Integration: Service Cloud can be customized or integrated to meet the specific needs of each business. Integration of a company’s business processes and additional customization help ensure that operations are tailored to the unique process of each organization.
    • Mobile Access: Respond to customer inquiries and resolve issues quickly from anywhere. With mobile access, your service agents can always be available.
    • Collaboration Tools: Resolve customer issues more efficiently by working together and using Salesforce’s collaboration tools like Slack, Chatter, or Quip.
    • Web2Case & Email2Case: Respond to customers faster and improve your support team’s productivity by gathering support cases directly from your company’s website and customer emails.
    • Multi-channel support: Offer support through various channels, including email, chat, phone, and social media. Offering a range of varieties enables customers to choose the channel that best fits their needs.
    • Personalization: Service Cloud offers a variety of personalization features that allow businesses to deliver customized, relevant experiences to their customers. Utilize tools like segmentation lists or customer profiles to help understand your customer’s needs and preferences, enabling you to deliver personalized help and recommendations.

Overall, Salesforce Service Cloud is a powerful platform that helps businesses deliver personalized, seamless customer service experiences, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Investing in Salesforce Service Cloud can also help companies stay ahead of the competition by leveraging 3 Salesforce releases per year to drive growth and achieve new goals. Contact us today to learn more about the difference a robust service platform like Salesforce can make for your business.

Investment Protection With Salesforce Service Cloud

Right now is the perfect time to make a digital transformation from homegrown systems or spreadsheets to Salesforce Service Cloud. Investing in the right technology can save your company time and money in the short and long term. According to MuleSoft, the average enterprise company uses 976 applications. Consolidating numerous systems into one single source of truth will help simplify, streamline, and automate complex processes to become more efficient.

About Corrao Group

As everyday Salesforce power users, Corrao Group understands how flexible the Salesforce platform is to support every business department. Since 2002, we have been helping B2B organizations of all sizes optimize their business processes with Salesforce and their third-party applications. We’ve worked with nearly 1,100+ customers, implementing, customizing, and optimizing over 2,150+ Salesforce projects. We are proud to be on the Consumer Goods Cloud Partner Advisory Board and Salesforce Managed Service Board, in addition to being the exclusive US launch partner of the Salesforce Trade Promotion Management (TPM) Pilot. If you want to learn more about how Corrao Group can help your company, read our reviews on G2!

WFH? Invest in Salesforce

Successfully running a company from home requires the right culture, employees, procedures, and maybe most importantly, technology. Some businesses who haven’t invested in a cloud-computing software such as Salesforce have been having a hard time adjusting to working from home. Salesforce is a cloud-based software that provides customer relationship management (CRM) and a suite of apps that go along with sales, service, marketing automation, and more. Salesforce becomes your central location to store all your important data, accounts, and deals. With a newly designed mobile app, take work on the go and be just as productive as you were on your computer. This allows businesses to run their entire company within Salesforce, supporting all departments with real-time data.

Managing Your Sales Pipeline with Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is a customer relationship platform (CRM) designed to support sales and marketing by bringing all your customer data into one central location. Leverage Sales Cloud to manage and automate day-to-day sales activities including lead assignments, quote generation, forecasting, Einstein Analytics, and more. Additionally, your sales staff will have full visibility into every deal, account, opportunity, customer, and lost deals. Sales Cloud workflows and task automation help you create tasks and a process to help speed up your sales cycle. When implemented correctly, Sales Cloud helps save you time and builds long-lasting customers.

Servicing Your Customers with Service Cloud

Service Cloud is a customer relationship service platform designed to help you manage customer support issues quicker and increase first-visit resolution. With historical data on every customer interaction, your team can personalize your service based on their problems and history. Additionally, Service Cloud offers a multitude of tools to help you meet the needs of your customers. Some extensions for Service Cloud include: Field Service Lightning (FSL), Knowledge Base, Web2Case, Email2Case, and Customer Analytics. When implemented correctly, Service Cloud can improve customer communication, enable team collaboration, and give you full visibility into the health of your customer base.

Automated Lead Nurturing with Pardot

Pardot is a marketing automation platform designed to help companies engage leads and customers, support sales with qualified leads, and grow relationships. According to Salesforce, “Customers have seen sales revenue increase by 34% and marketing effectiveness increase by 37%” with Pardot ( Pardot gives you the ability to personalize your customer’s journey wit automated campaigns, targeted messaging, and predictive intelligence. Additionally, design and create email templates, content, landing pages, and more inside of Pardot. If you would like to learn more about Pardot, please visit our blog.

A Complete 360-View for Manufacturers with Manufacturing Cloud

Manufacturing Cloud gives manufacturers full visibility into their entire business operations. Manufacturing Cloud extends benefits to all your partners to collaborate across the same forecast order and demand data in one single source of truth. New features such as sales agreements gives manufacturers insights into committed and actual order volumes, performance against the forecast, and other time-phased metrics. Forecasting gives manufactures the ability to take control of their business with smarter business decisions based on analytics. If you would like to learn more about Manufacturing Cloud, please read the blogs below:

Virtual Collaboration with Quip

Quip provides your team with a messaging collaboration platform that helps transform productivity and resolves issues faster. Provide your team with the ability to create, discuss, and work faster with real-time documents, spreadsheets, and data that connects inside of Salesforce. With full integration, your employees will no longer have to work together in multiple systems. Quip becomes your central location to collaborate with other employees on deals, documents, and more. Furthermore, Quip has a mobile app to view, update, and work on the road.

Maximize your Salesforce Investment

Since 2002, our Salesforce experience has benefited thousands of clients and projects. We understand how flexible the Salesforce platform is and how it supports every department in your business. The key to maximizing your Salesforce investment is to implementing the platform company-wide. If your business is struggling to work from home without a cloud-based technology, it’s time to invest in a technology like Salesforce.

Dreamforce 2019: Top 5 Announcements

Dreamforce, the world’s largest software conference, had another fantastic event filled with incredible speakers, new features, and lots of customer success stories. The four-day event held the attention of the business world as Salesforce hosted more than 170,000 attendees and over 13 million online viewers. Dreamforce 2019 brought together thought leaders, industry pioneers, and Trailblazers from all over the world. With over 2,700 sessions, the Corrao Group team was active to ensure we captured the important announcements and partnerships. Here are our top 5 takeaways from Dreamforce 2019.

1. Apple Partnership

Continuing their ongoing partnership with Apple has given Salesforce an all-new mobile app that is both conversational and smart. In addition, Apple has helped Salesforce with the ability to build mobile apps tailored to address unique user needs, and the ability to learn on the go with the new app Trailhead GO. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, joined Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, for a fireside chat where they both expressed the future of productivity is mobile. Benioff told Cook during the conversation that he runs his $143 billion company from an iPhone, “I don’t even own a computer anymore. The phone has become an extension of my office. Where ever I am, if I have a phone, I can work.”

The fireside chat involved some exciting dialogue between the two business leaders as they discussed the future of productivity on a mobile device, artificial intelligence, Steve Jobs, values, and more. Benioff asked Cook the most important value in his life, in which Cook answered, “In my upper thirties, it became clear to me that we’re almost searching your whole lifetime for your purpose. I’m sure some people in the audience have done this too… and, you are almost convinced early in life about your purpose in life is this and that… but it keeps changing as you move ahead in life. Soon you realize that the purpose of life is to help somebody else. That is the sole reason that we’re here. Life gets so much simpler once you get that in your head…That’s my North Star.”

We are excited to see the partnership that will unfold over the next couple of years between Apple and Salesforce. Cook believes there is a tremendous growth trajectory for enterprise apps specifically built for the Apple and Salesforce partnership to help users improve productivity. We will have to wait and see what Salesforce and Apple do next; for now, we have a new Salesforce Mobile App that can host your entire business on a mobile device that is conversational, and smart.

dreamforce 2019 fireside chat
Tim Cook with Marc Benioff at Dreamforce 2019

2. AWS Partnership

Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), an company, announced an expansion of their global strategic partnership with Salesforce, the global leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Salesforce introduced their new Einstein Voice, which seamlessly integrates with Amazon Connect to provide service agents with a complete set of tools to deliver the best quality service to their customers. Salesforce is offering AWS content available on Trailhead to train anyone who wants to become proficient in the cloud.

The biggest headline from all of Dreamforce 2019 was Salesforce releasing its new  Einstein Voice. Delivering excellent customer service over the phone is still a challenge for many companies, and that is where the new Service Cloud Voice can help out. Einstein Voice offers AI-driven insights on a call with a customer, integrates calls easily, and can boost productivity by closing cases faster with insights from Einstein. If your company is off business hours, let Einstein answer the phone for you to help quickly solve customer issues. Service Cloud Voice-enabled State Farm to provide a faster resolution for customers – 31% times faster.

The release of Einstein Voice will help service workers improve customer relationships. Having the ability to see real-time insights into what could potentially help solve customer issues faster is effective and exciting. Corrao Group is interested in how Einstein Voice will affect the field service workers. Could Einstein Voice help service technicians who are not hands-free report issues faster with the ability to speak directly to Einstein? We will have to wait and see for that answer. For now, the ability to have Einstein Voice will be beneficial to all service teams.

Einstein voice talking at Dreamforce
A Preview Shown of Einstein Voice at Dreamforce

3. Einstein Call Coaching

Einstein’s Call Coaching uses AI technology to analyze audio clips and present insights for your sales reps. It can help your sales manager understand what’s going on in the customer calls. Einstein Call Coaching empowers insides sales teams with management-level visibility into critical moments during a call, conversation trends, and a conversation library, which highlights the team’s best examples of successful calls. Einstein uses this information and gives insights to help your sales rep performance.

Sales Managers can utilize Einstein Call Coaching to give sales reps the information they need to become top performers, or informed decision-makers at the company. Sales managers have analysis and visibility into every single call with insights from Einstein. Insights for sales managers and reps can range from trends such as which competitors are being mentioned in conversation, how are we positioning different products, and how are we handling objections. We are interested to learn more information about Einstein Call Coaching as it is only still being piloted with a rollout plan to be made available to users in June 2020.

Call Coaching at Dreamforce 2019
Einstein Call Coaching Dashboard

4. Salesforce 360 Truth

Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, announced Customer 360 Truth, “a new set of data and identity services that enable companies to build a single source of truth across all of their customer relationships” (Salesforce). “Now, this is a computer science holy grail that we’ve been trying to put together for a long time,” added Benioff, the founder of Salesforce. Salesforce 360 Truth aims to let Salesforce users and clients achieve a clear understanding of their customers by managing data and prior interactions all in one single source of truth. In addition, Einstein can be paired with 360 truth, and can help “guide you and help you run your business and connect with your customers in a whole new way,” Benioff said.

Single source of truth at Dreamforce 2019

We’ve always believed that having a single source of truth is crucial to have an optimized Salesforce instance. Corrao Group lives by the motto, “If it’s not in Salesforce, it doesn’t exist.” Housing all your data in one system will improve your ability to have a clearer picture of customer data, reports, and more. Salesforce 360 Truth will help businesses provide better customer service, predict sales opportunities, and create a personalized marketing journey, all with the help of Einstein insights and recommendations.

5. Salesforce Mobile and Trailhead GO

A fully redesigned CRM app, Salesforce will add Einstein AI, analytics, and integration with iOS features such as Siri and Face ID to their new mobile app. In the mobile app, Siri and Einstein’s voice assistant can add tasks, update CRM records, and take notes. The new designed CRM app is all apart of Salesforce’s plan of moving the Customer 360 Platform onto the mobile device. In addition to the new CRM app, Salesforce is also launching a learning app called Trailhead GO with exclusive features and more than 700 training models available to Apple’s iOS and iPadOS. The release of the new mobile app and Trailhead GO signals a new era for productivity as Benioff believes the future of productivity involves a mobile device rather than a desktop or laptop.

Salesforce creating the new Salesforce app to boost productivity will undoubtedly help your mobile workforce. Your marketing, sales, and service teams can work on the go and use the CRM app as if they are on a desktop or laptop device. Einstein being integrated with the Salesforce app will have a profound impact. Bret Taylor, Chief Product Officer of Salesforce, explained, “With Salesforce Mobile, Salesforce and Apple are empowering sales, service and marketing professionals on the go to deliver game-changing customer experiences, powered by AI.” Salesforce creating Trailhead GO is also a significant accomplishment as users will be able to learn on the go anytime and anywhere. Marc Benioff and Tim Cook both believe that the future of productivity is using mobile devices, and Salesforce has created two powerful apps for trailblazers to work and learn wherever they are.

Salesforce and Apple Partnership at Dreamforce 2019
Announcing a New Global Partnership

Dreamforce 2019 Conclusion

Mark it down as another successful Dreamforce event by Salesforce. We want to give a big shout and thank you to Salesforce as they put on an extraordinary event that featured some incredible guest speakers like Barack Obama, Emilia Clarke, Tim Cook, and Stephen Curry. The energy around the city of San Francisco was electric, as more than 170,000 attendees gathered to witness and learn what new features Salesforce will release next. We are already getting excited for Dreamforce 2020!

If you would like to learn more about any of the new features from Dreamforce 2019 and how it can relate to your business, please contact us.

Salesforce Releases Manufacturing Cloud

Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, recently announced a specialized solution for the manufacturing industry: Manufacturing Cloud. Manufacturers will now have the ability to streamline their entire business in one single platform.

Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, recently announced a specialized solution for the manufacturing industry: Manufacturing Cloud. Manufacturers will now have the ability to streamline their entire business in one single platform.

As a long-time manufacturing-focused partner, Corrao Group attended a Salesforce partner webinar: Manufacturing Cloud: Business / Go-to-Market on October 18th. We were blown away by the presentation and believe it will provide extreme value for our customers.

Manufacturers often have complex physical processes that are hard to modify quickly and efficiently to meet the customers changing demands. In order to know the customer’s feedback in real-time, your operation teams have to be aligned with Sales representatives to have one single source of truth. Manufacturing Cloud will, “Deliver a new level of business visibility and collaboration between the sales and operations organizations of a manufacturing company to give a more predictive and transparent business” (Salesforce).

New manufacturing specific tools and enhancements released by Salesforce includes:

  • Einstein Analytics for Manufacturing
  • Sales Agreements
  • Account-Based Forecasting
  • Mulesoft Anypoint Platform
  • Connected Sales and Distributions
  • Intelligent Service and Field Service
  • Personalized B2B and B2C Marketing
  • Real-time Business Insights
  • Channel Partner Management
  • Real-time Collaboration

Corrao Group’s experience and discipline with manufacturing dates back to 1982 with our Managing Partner. Jack Corrao has developed numerous operational infrastructures to support hardware and software companies to deliver the best in breed solutions. Since 2008, Corrao Group has been helping manufacturers utilize Salesforce to create an automated closed-loop system for channel-centric manufacturing.

As Dreamforce 2019 approaches, Corrao Group is excited to learn even more about the capabilities of Salesforce’s Manufacturing Cloud. We will be in attendance to meet with our customers and prospects in regards to the new releases.

To learn more information about Dreamforce 2019, please visit

Exciting times are coming for the Manufacturing industry!


The Effects of Bad Data

Did you know poor data costs businesses on average around $700 billion annually, equivalent to 30% of the company’s revenue (Salesforce)? Having a powerful CRM platform like Salesforce doesn’t automatically ensure business success. Keeping data inside Salesforce healthy takes a lot of time and effort for your employees. Clean and quality data ensures that all high-level data related to marketing campaigns, sales forecasts, project management, pipeline reports, and dashboards are accurate.

But what happens when the data in the system is unreliable?

What is Bad Data Quality?

Unhealthy data is information in the system that can disrupt a company’s business process through missing, inaccurate, or duplicate data. A recent Salesforce study found, “The average contact database is composed of 90% incomplete contacts, with 20% of records being useless due to several factors, 74% of the records needing updates, and more than 25% of those being unintentional duplicates.” In essence, poor data includes:

    • Missing Data: Empty fields that data is required to be in.
      • Example: Missing phone/email, title.
    • Inaccurate Data: Wrong information put in the fields.
      • Example: Wrong address, phone numbers, emails, titles.
    • Duplicate Data: Contacts, accounts, or leads that show up more than once.
      • Example: Two leads with the same number or email.

IPad showcasing bad data

How Poor Data Effects You

According to RingLead, the 2nd largest issue among Salesforce customers is bad data. Companies start making poor business decisions because of inaccurate data producing misleading results. Here are just three ways that bad data can hurt a company:

    • Inaccurate Reports and Dashboards: Inaccurate data negatively impacts the sales or marketing teams to stay on top of qualified leads or opportunities. Employees could be wasting time on the wrong opportunities. False reports can lead to the company’s top decision-makers making choices based on inaccurate data.
    • Wasted Time and Money: Spending money on campaigns will be inefficient if the ROI reporting is incorrect. Bad data can report that your advertisement campaign only sourced $6k worth of deals when it could have actually been $80k. Not seeing that proper ROI could lead to missing out on the chance to rerun successful campaigns and efforts.
    • Decline in User Adoption: Users might use another system to keep track of their data if they have little to no confidence in the quality of data. Employees tracking data in another system is another example of time and money wasted on a powerful CRM system.

How to Improve Your Data Quality

According to Salesforce, “Because the quality of the data affects the entire organization, data quality metrics should be a company-wide responsibility.” Improving your data quality starts with training employees on the importance of data. The Corrao Group can help you standardize your Salesforce process and implement data requirements throughout your Salesforce sales process. Healthy data brings better results for the company in terms of customer experience, reports and dashboards, shorter sales cycles, and more. Your company can expect great results when employees start inserting data of high quality into your CRM system.

Bad Data across the world in different countries

Corrao Group x RingLead Data Solution

RingLead is the #1 data quality platform for sales and marketing, and has a suite of products dedicated to removing and preventing duplicates, improving data quality, and performing system-wide data scans. Partnering with RingLead has given Corrao Group an easy to use platform to consistently improve lead quality by providing tools to help prospect new leads, standardize records, and clean unhealthy data. Corrao Group ensures your sales and marketing efforts are reaching the right people with accurate information.

Corrao Group Health Check

One of the ways Corrao Group can help your company improve bad data is through a Health Check. A Health Check is a reverse Salesforce system demo to ensure you’re getting the most out of your current investment. Health Checks help ensure your system is up to date on the latest Salesforce release and enable you to learn best practices from a certified Salesforce implementation expert. Corrao Group can help standardize your Salesforce process and implement data requirements throughout your Salesforce Sales process.

Please contact us to take your first step towards optimizing your data and maximizing your Salesforce investment!