Salesforce Summer ’20 Release Updates

Going through every note of the Salesforce Summer ’20 Release Notes can be tedious. We’ve highlighted the most popular features circulating around the Salesforce community with a description of each new release. It’s important to note that most of these newly released features are only available in Salesforce Lightning and not Classic.

Sales Cloud

    • Kanban View Enhancements:
      • Enable sales reps to update key opportunity fields from the kanban view quickly. Add a little fun to your sales journey by celebrating closed-won deals with new celebration moments in the kanban. Click the link below to watch to see the Kanban View enhancements in action!
    • High-Velocity Sales: Einstein Call Coaching
      • Sales teams can now optimize interactions with customers with conversational intelligence. Post-call insights give managers intelligent trend analysis ensuring teams can build and refine sales strategies based on conversation trends.
    • High-Velocity Sales: My Feed Alerts
      • Sales reps can respond to their prospects’ engagement in real-time to maximize outreach while the lead is hot. For example, sales reps can tailor email arrival times to increase the likelihood that recipients read them. If a sales rep knows that their contact always reads their email when they come back from lunch, you can schedule the email to arrive at 1:00 pm. The new Scheduled Emails component lets reps update the content of a scheduled email and change its scheduled date and time.

Service Cloud

    • Service Cloud Voice
      • “Natively integrate the telephony channel within Service Cloud. Voice calls can now be part of the dynamic workspace, alongside digital channels. Agents use an omnichannel module to accept an interaction. With real-time call transcripts, connect workflows and next best actions to voice conversations. Deeper integration drives agent efficiency, customer satisfaction, and supervisor insights” (Salesforce).
    • Einstein Reply Recommendations
      • Give your agents the power of AI that automatically suggests recommendations to customer requests. Einstein is continually learning about your customers, giving you suggested replies based on a list of approved responses.
    • Field Service Lightning: Deep Link Actions
      • Mobile workers can now use the Field Service Mobile app through deep linking. “With deep linking, you can specify URL schemes for other apps and send users to external content inside the Mobile Publisher app” (Trailblazer Community). Deliver better experiences for your mobile team by adding deep links to specific actions and flows to reduce the number of taps it takes to trigger an action or flow.


    • Content Builder – Interactive Email
      • Marketers can now evolve the inbox experience for customers with Email Form Block. Using five different templates, marketers can now create in-mail forms to have subscribers complete forms without leaving their inbox.
    • Datorama: Data Lake
      • “Data Lake is a new, comprehensive solution for processing granular, raw, and non-aggregated marketing data for use within Datorama” (Salesforce). Marketers can extract and store raw data at scale, and load it easily into Datorama for analysis, visualization, insights, reporting, and activations.
    • Einstein Copy Insights
      • In an intuitive dashboard, marketers can gather language-related feedback regarding subject lines to find out what drives engagement and enhances campaign performance.
    • Einstein Messaging Insights
      • Einstein Messaging Insights quickly and efficiently analyzes your email and customer journey activity providing automatic key insights into what factors impact your email sends.
    • Pardot: Einstein Attribution
      • Einstein Attribution is a new AI-powered multi-touch allocation model that tracks all of your campaigns’ conversion trends and highlights which channels and campaigns are most successful.
    • Pardot: B2B Marketing Analytics Plus
      • Discover a connected, smart, and enterprise-ready experience that links data across all of your marketing applications and business units with further enhanced predictive insights and intelligence. Comprehend what happened with your campaign, why it happened, and what could happen in the future.

Manufacturing Cloud

    • Account Manager Targets
      • You can now create, assign, or edit targets for your organization to achieve performance goals based on product volume, revenue, or custom metrics.
    • Key Account and Product Management
      • Manage large data sets, boost efficiency, and improve forecast accuracy by defining key accounts and product parameters representing tiering structures within your organization.
    • Account-Based Forecasting Enhancements
      • New and enhanced Account-Based Forecast reporting gives you more versatility in assessing business results. Create comprehensive comparative reports that allow you to analyze account-based forecasts by product and time period more efficiently.
    • Sales Agreement Enhancements
      • New and enhanced sales agreement reporting allows you more flexibility in assessing business results. Develop comprehensive composite reports that show products and product schedules for sales agreements.
    • Einstein Analytics for Manufacturing Enhancements
      • Track and analyze changes in forecasts at the account and product level. With the new multi-currency support, users can use pre-built templates to analyze data in any of the supported currencies within their organization.

    • Workplace Command Center
      • Access return-to-work readiness from a single hub to safely reopen workplaces. Manage and monitor your staff’s health, completion of training, shift scheduling, and the preparedness of your facilities.
    • Shift Management
      • Streamline employee and workplace readiness by allowing employees to specify their availability, manage shifts, and comply with the social distancing rules upon their arrival window.
    • Emergency Program Management
      • Help organizations support residents, neighborhoods, and agencies in crisis times by providing access to emergency information and replacing manual processes with streamlined application processes.

The Salesforce Summer ’20 Release Notes does bring exciting new features for Salesforce employees and customers. However, customers still using classic will not be able to use these features. If you would like to learn more about migrating to lightning from classic or have any questions about the summer release notes, please visit our website.


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Manufacturing Cloud: Thinking of Moving Production Onshore?

Manufacturers face a combination of robust decision making components that are factors for any business globally. With the ongoing unknown of 2020, and incoming massive new tariffs (trade deal phase 1), moving some parts of your production back to North America could become the new norm as early as 2021. The component price will always be lower overseas, but what if you could control your entire manufacturing process? Gaining flexibility is now available with the use of Salesforce’s Manufacturing Cloud. Before discussing the motives of moving production back onshores, it’s important to understand how manufacturing evolved.

Early Manufacturing

In the early 1970-1980s, manufacturing within the United States was booming. Local manufacturing jobs were thriving, and all production was done here on shores through quick runs. The era of quick runs soon became an era of the past. Having to go back and forth on prototypes became expensive, and with rising new technology came a vision of manufacturing processes (Structural Design) done quicker and cheaper. China began creating large factories with low-cost labor and tolling resulting in a more affordable and faster way of manufacturing. With labor costs so cheap, China would go on to become the world leader in manufacturing.

Starting to Move Production Back

As 2020 moves forward and companies start to prepare for 2021, moving some operations to North America is becoming the priority with most manufacturers. When you factor in the new tariffs from the trade deal and managing the supply chain from afar, it becomes a lot to maintain. Final assembly, software packaging, trail producing, and testing are aspects of production that can be moved back to the United States or Mexico. Moving production back onshore is an opportunity to take some of the raw components and assemble them in the US. For example, final assembly in Mexico could become extremely cost-effective with easy access of driving materials across the border. Having one-week shipments being readily available vs. six-week shipments allows you to be less dependent on your supply chain. Integrating your Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) with Manufacturing Cloud will give you control over your entire business processes.

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud

The advantage of adding Manufacturing Cloud to your S&OP is that it can drive demand, and tell your factory what to build in real-time based upon your specific schedule. Adding modules in your system through real-time reporting in manufacturing will provide you visibility into what your factories are currently building, what product is coming in, and more. With a central location of all your data and correct scheduling, your sales team will be updated and on the same page. Data spread out across multiple spreadsheets or silos will cause various problems for your company in tracking, updating, and sharing deals. Overall, integrating your manufacturing processes into manufacturing cloud gives you the flexibility of not being so dependent on products coming from offshore.


Our Manufacturing Experience

Corrao Group’s experience and discipline with manufacturing pain points date back to 1982 with our Managing Partner. Jack Corrao has developed numerous operational infrastructures to support hardware and software companies to deliver the best in breed solutions. Since 2008, Corrao Group has been helping manufacturers utilize Salesforce to create an automated closed-loop system for channel-centric manufacturing. We’ve worked with nearly 1,000 customers, implementing, customizing, and optimizing Salesforce and have been everyday power users ourselves since 2008. Corrao Group can help you maximize your investments in Salesforce and Manufacturing Cloud. For more information, please visit our Salesforce page. To learn more information about us, please visit our website.

Salesforce - the ultimate work from home platform

Manufacturing Cloud: Struggling with Dated Collections?

The invoicing process of today is primarily based around manual work that requires chasing down payments. Companies start to live in the vicious cycle of Accounts Receivable (AR), continually having to follow up with the majority of their outstanding invoices.

We created EZ-AR™ to help companies utilize automated and tracked emails within custom-flexible journeys that react to the recipient’s behavior. It automatically follows up with your customers until payment is received and allows for a real-time view into the customer’s digital interactions.

It’s essential to dive into the pain points that are slowing your AR agents down.

Pain Points

It’s a familiar story for AR agents. They manually scanning paper, type in the information, and then print and sign paper checks. The invoice gets sent to the black hole of customer communication and results in the customer taking days, sometimes weeks, to pay the invoice. AR agents spend most of their time chasing down their clients for payments via emails and phone calls.

Now repeat that process for 10, 100, or 1,000 invoices. It’s no wonder why the industry average Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) is 42 days. Traditional AR methods are no longer efficient, and the archaic manual processes of AR are slowing down your team with the labor-intense and time-consuming process of collection. We created EZ-AR™; to digitize and automate the archaic business process of AR methods while allowing the required staff 100% visibility via the Salesforce platform.

EZ-AR™ Solution

Corrao Group developed EZ-AR™, the first AR solution built on the Salesforce platform that automates the soul-draining process of collecting invoices. Break beyond the traditional AR processes and quickly generate and send invoices while utilizing the tracking capabilities in Salesforce and Pardot. With your AR automated, you can reduce up to 12 hours per agent per month and reduce your average DSO up to 50%. Reports and dashboards in Salesforce track your invoices by status, expected pay date, and more to keep you updated.

Collection help with EZ-AR

The NEW AR Process

EZ-AR™ is a simple automated process for AR agents. Quickly generate the invoice within Salesforce, along with the necessary data being pulled from the quote or bill associated with the account. The time of completion for producing an invoice with EZ-AR should be no longer than 2 minutes.

Once the invoice is generated, the AR agent can select an automated journey that tracks invoicing activity from the client’s account. If they don’t take any action, you can manually, or automatically, elevate this invoice or choose another automated journey to intervene.

Throughout the journey, the EZ-AR™ users will be able to view all of the invoicing activity, which includes: if they opened the email or not, if they have paid, if they entered an expected payment date, and if they have downloaded the invoice. AR agents are no longer at the mercy of the client’s reporting. Instead, they now have all the control over the client because they have high-level visibility into the clients’ activities taken on the invoice. The process of EZ-AR™ allows the agents to eliminate the traditional guessing methods of Accounts Receivable transactions.

Quicker payment terms help the company retain a low DSO, and the consistency of EZ-AR™ alleviates cash flow related issues.

Manufacturing Cloud

EZ-AR™ is only available for purchase with Salesforce’s new Manufacturing Cloud. Manufacturing Cloud takes the current pain points of the manufacturing industry and turns it into an experience that is flexible in reacting to the customer’s ever-changing demands. Read more about how manufacturing cloud could help your company here:

Please visit our website if you want to learn more about how EZ-AR™ can change your AR processes positively.

WFH? Invest in Salesforce

Successfully running a company from home requires the right culture, employees, procedures, and maybe most importantly, technology. Some businesses who haven’t invested in a cloud-computing software such as Salesforce have been having a hard time adjusting to working from home. Salesforce is a cloud-based software that provides customer relationship management (CRM) and a suite of apps that go along with sales, service, marketing automation, and more. Salesforce becomes your central location to store all your important data, accounts, and deals. With a newly designed mobile app, take work on the go and be just as productive as you were on your computer. This allows businesses to run their entire company within Salesforce, supporting all departments with real-time data.

Managing Your Sales Pipeline with Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is a customer relationship platform (CRM) designed to support sales and marketing by bringing all your customer data into one central location. Leverage Sales Cloud to manage and automate day-to-day sales activities including lead assignments, quote generation, forecasting, Einstein Analytics, and more. Additionally, your sales staff will have full visibility into every deal, account, opportunity, customer, and lost deals. Sales Cloud workflows and task automation help you create tasks and a process to help speed up your sales cycle. When implemented correctly, Sales Cloud helps save you time and builds long-lasting customers.

Servicing Your Customers with Service Cloud

Service Cloud is a customer relationship service platform designed to help you manage customer support issues quicker and increase first-visit resolution. With historical data on every customer interaction, your team can personalize your service based on their problems and history. Additionally, Service Cloud offers a multitude of tools to help you meet the needs of your customers. Some extensions for Service Cloud include: Field Service Lightning (FSL), Knowledge Base, Web2Case, Email2Case, and Customer Analytics. When implemented correctly, Service Cloud can improve customer communication, enable team collaboration, and give you full visibility into the health of your customer base.

Automated Lead Nurturing with Pardot

Pardot is a marketing automation platform designed to help companies engage leads and customers, support sales with qualified leads, and grow relationships. According to Salesforce, “Customers have seen sales revenue increase by 34% and marketing effectiveness increase by 37%” with Pardot ( Pardot gives you the ability to personalize your customer’s journey wit automated campaigns, targeted messaging, and predictive intelligence. Additionally, design and create email templates, content, landing pages, and more inside of Pardot. If you would like to learn more about Pardot, please visit our blog.

A Complete 360-View for Manufacturers with Manufacturing Cloud

Manufacturing Cloud gives manufacturers full visibility into their entire business operations. Manufacturing Cloud extends benefits to all your partners to collaborate across the same forecast order and demand data in one single source of truth. New features such as sales agreements gives manufacturers insights into committed and actual order volumes, performance against the forecast, and other time-phased metrics. Forecasting gives manufactures the ability to take control of their business with smarter business decisions based on analytics. If you would like to learn more about Manufacturing Cloud, please read the blogs below:

Virtual Collaboration with Quip

Quip provides your team with a messaging collaboration platform that helps transform productivity and resolves issues faster. Provide your team with the ability to create, discuss, and work faster with real-time documents, spreadsheets, and data that connects inside of Salesforce. With full integration, your employees will no longer have to work together in multiple systems. Quip becomes your central location to collaborate with other employees on deals, documents, and more. Furthermore, Quip has a mobile app to view, update, and work on the road.

Maximize your Salesforce Investment

Since 2002, our Salesforce experience has benefited thousands of clients and projects. We understand how flexible the Salesforce platform is and how it supports every department in your business. The key to maximizing your Salesforce investment is to implementing the platform company-wide. If your business is struggling to work from home without a cloud-based technology, it’s time to invest in a technology like Salesforce.

Tips for Running Your Small Business From Home

The COVID 19 Pandemic has left a number of small business owners braving uncharted waters in regard to their business operations. Every small business owner is dealing with challenges surrounding reports, budgeting, employee satisfaction, and engagement, as well as customer communication.

Larger business owners have been generally able to continue forward without any major organizational shifts due to established infrastructure, discipline, scale of operations, and experience.

Since 2010, small business owners have had the opportunity to develop their operations in a bullish economy. The previous decade was a time for entrepreneurs to chase unprecedented growth.

With this upturn came more opportunists looking to develop their brand. Fast forward to today, it’s easy to become overwhelmed as difficult questions and decisions are being presented.

As a small business owner since 2002, I believe there are some practices that can be implemented to solidify your business operations and brace yourselves to continue moving forward in these uncertain times.

Direct Reports and Budgeting

If you haven’t already done so, bring all your direct reports together. Ask your finance team to provide you detailed cash-flow analysis and the budgets for the current fiscal year as well as any long term initiatives (This pandemic will pass, and the opportunity for organizational growth will present itself again).

The trick here is to look in descending order from your most expensive to the least expensive expense. Don’t chase your staff down and waste valuable time for something you are spending $20-50 on. You want to focus on the thousand-dollar expenses, i.e. 80/20 rule of business.

Lastly, look at your monthly assessment and towards the future. In these times, you might have to go to your vendors or partners to ask if you can pause a contract.

If you’re making a large payment, go back and ask for smaller lump sums. You want to get the lowest cost burn and stretch it out to flexible terms that you are comfortable with.

During these times, humanity’s inherently good characteristics will shine through, and there will be opportunities to further develop existing business relationships.

Communication is Key

It’s essential to get your staff together and let them know that you will be making intelligent decisions with both their interests and the interests of the business at heart. Communicate and meet with your employees weekly to assess their situations in a professional sense, but also in a personal sense.

Engage in discussions about family life, work from home setups, any challenges that have presented themselves to your employees. Remind them that you are available as a resource to them just as much now (if not even more so), as you were before.

Check to see if there is anything that can be provided to them equipment-wise, to allow them to get as close to they were before concerning efficiency and comfort. Maybe they will need an ergonomic desk for a physical condition or equipment to enhance their current work from home environment.

Being transparent and present to employees can provide a sense of comfort and continuity that is invaluable in the current cultural climate.

In-House Projects

While consumer business is slowing down, you need to start analyzing what your staff is doing. Let them know what is expected of them daily and what they need to do to be effectively contributing employees.

A sense of knowledge as to the responsibilities that are to be performed will ensure that there are fewer cases of employees trying to either overextend themselves or avoid work.

What are the other essential in-house tasks you could be doing? One task could be having your employees document and design customer success stories. How about having your marketing team update old content on your website?

Another task that could provide value to your business is cleaning your customer database. A deep clean of your system data will improve your employees production.

One task that is critical is staying connected to our customers. Remind your consumers that you are present and available to them and will continue to operate as was before.

Don’t Panic

The biggest thing you need to try to avoid is panicking. You have to plan properly, leverage your staff, and make smart decisions.

Don’t try to do it all yourself. You have smart people around you.

Delegate work to qualified employees as a means of taking more time to focus on operations if that is an option.

Segment your workforce into smaller teams or groups that can work well together to not only make sure that work is done, but to also provide a system of checks and balances to ensure that client-facing work and products are meeting company standards.

At Corrao Group, we make sure to celebrate our new business wins as a way to bring our company together during these tough times.

We have instituted weekly games and happy hours to spend more time with our staff while we are all working from home.

It’s still essential to build a family-like organization through the utilization of the technologies available (for example: Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, etc..).

Be Positive

You have a responsibility to lead and be positive.

Remember, people are looking to you and drawing energy from the example that you are setting. Be a positive force to drive your company in the direction in which you wanted it to go and foresaw it going before the turn of the century.

Your employees will notice your body language and the actions you take.

This is not the time to be reactionary. Be proactive, and if you need help, ask!

Jack Corrao

Struggling with your business?

If you are struggling with managing your business in these times, please email us at You can speak with our Managing Partner, Jack Corrao on any questions you may have about running your business from home. If you’d like to receive our weekly blog on our WFH series, please fill out the form below.

Frustrated With Your Manufacturing Sampling Program?

Is your company struggling to find the benefits of a good manufacturing sampling or seeding program? Sampling programs allow your company to catch any discrepancies or feedback before your production is in full swing. Without a closed-loop strategy, your company might not be seeing the results you want or expected. Our sampling program helped Kensington™, a leader of desktop and mobile accessories, see a 7,000% increase in ROI.

Program Pain Points

Sampling programs can make or break your product’s success. Companies tend to write off sampling programs without realizing the benefits a good program can bring in terms of end-user sales and customer feedback. Here are some pain points Corrao Group has found for manufacturing companies managing their sampling programs:

    • Trouble communicating the value of the samples
    • Missed feedback opportunities from potential customers about your product
    • No ability to track distributed samples
    • Samples are not personalized to the end-user
    • Difficulty collecting customer feedback during their unboxing to usage phases
    • Lack of auto-escalation to resolution as issues arise

Corrao Group’s Solution

Kensington™ partnered with the Corrao Group to develop an automated way of managing sample units. After optimizing their Salesforce instance, Corrao Group helped develop and implement a closed-loop strategy that involved sampling out new products to new or existing customers. The sampling program would require a streamlined distribution strategy, tracking capabilities, hands-off reporting, and clear ROI. The white-glove experience would become known as “ProConcierge” and would involve Corrao Group creating and assisting in:

    • Creating buyer personas to identify and prioritize qualified candidates
    • Building a content map for supporting marketing collateral
    • Creating weekly survey emails for the sampling program
    • Packages carrying docking stations were tracked through Salesforce, and Pardot was connected to ensure that the appropriate feedback requests were automatically delivered weekly
    • Customizing Salesforce reports to provide visibility into the leads generated weekly
    • Standardizing Kensington™’s Salesforce process and implementing data requirements throughout their sales process

Salesforce Products Used

    • Sales Cloud
    • Pardot
    • Einstein Analytics

Other Products Used

    • Form Assembly

The hand-off process included the creation of step-by-step demonstration videos by the team at Corrao Group to assist with training as new users joined the ProConceirge team at Kensington™. In total, Kensington™ saw a 7,000% increase in ROI, $3M in influenced sales, and over 1,000 units shipped. To learn more about our assistance in ProConceirge, download our white paper.

Salesforce’s Manufacturing Cloud

Our Sampling/Seeding program is exclusively built, configured, and optimized for Salesforce’s Manufacturing Cloud Platform. Manufacturing Cloud extends benefits to all your partners to collaborate across the same forecast order and demand data in one single source of truth. A new era is emerging for manufacturing, and it allows manufacturers to have complete control over the ability to operate their business in a much more profitable point of view.

Salesforce’s new Manufacturing Cloud will allow customers and their partners to have company-wide visibility into all their business processes. We understand that optimizing your Salesforce starts with optimizing your business processes. We’ve worked with nearly 1,000 customers; implementing, customizing, and optimizing Salesforce and have been everyday power users ourselves since 2008. Corrao Group can help you maximize your investments in Salesforce and Manufacturing Cloud. For more information, please visit our Salesforce page.

Working From Home: 5 Tips to Improve Productivity

Working from home can bring many benefits for employees; however, workers who are used to going into an office could be struggling with adapting to their new environment. Getting thrown off your daily routine brings many different challenges in terms of productivity, adjusting, and distractions. Being able to work remotely for the past 18 years, our company put together five tips to help you improve your productivity from home.

1. Have a Morning Routine

Do not wake up and jump right into work. It is essential to set up a morning routine to prepare your mind for the day of work ahead. Here is what we recommend for a morning routine:

    • Morning Walk
    • Yoga
    • Read a book, magazine, or the news
    • Make some breakfast and coffee
    • Listen to your favorite podcast or music
    • Set up your goals and review your calendar for the day

2. Have a Dedicated Workspace

Setting up a workspace in your home will help you stay focused and concentrate on high priority tasks. It’s important to avoid places in your home that could distract you like the kitchen, TV, or couch. Additionally, ask your company for a second monitor or chair to help you improve your productivity. If your company can’t complete your requests, we recommend visiting Kensington’s website. Kensington, a leader in desktop and mobile accessories, helps workers boost efficiency. With the help of Kensington’s products, you’ll be able to work from home like a pro! Below is a list of products that could help you maximize your new dedicated workspace to be more productive and comfortable.

    • Mobile Docks for Home & On the Go
    • Desktop Dock for Ultimate Connectivity & 4k Support
    • Trackballs
    • Mice
    • Keyboards
    • Laptop Risers
    • Footrests
    • Backrests
    • Monitor Stands and Arms
    • Wrist Rests

Working from home like a pro with Kensington's accessories

3. Schedule Time for Productive Work

Once you have found a dedicated workspace that allows you to focus and is comfortable, it’s time to plan and prioritize your calendar. You know yourself the best, schedule a 2-hour block on your calendar to get your most important tasks done for the day. For example, if you are most productive and less distracted in the morning, make sure you get those challenging projects or tasks done in the morning. Turning off notifications from your cell phone or social media will also help you focus on the task at hand rather than the incoming notifications. If you don’t have a workspace with a door, it is worth investing in some noise-canceling headphones to block out any distractions or noise in the background. Finishing your most significant challenge for the day will give you the feeling of accomplishment, and will help you be more productive throughout the rest of the day.

4. Be Communicative

Working from home doesn’t give you everyday visibility to all your coworkers like in an office. It’s vital to update your calendar in real-time to provide coworkers visibility into your scheduled day. Additionally, communicate and update your coworkers on any deals, documents, or accounts so that everyone is updated and on the same page. Daily meetings are encouraged to go over what tasks need to be done and track current progress. Finally, we suggest adopting a unified messaging system like Microsoft Teams for workplace chat, video meetings, file storage (including collaboration on files), and application integration.

5. Take Breaks and Walk

According to Psychology Today, “Working for long stretches without breaks leads to stress and exhaustion.” We recommend going on a walk to help you relax, get active, and reduce stress. A walk away from work will let your mind recharge and refocus. Sometimes, a walk inside or outside of your house could be enough to get you past the problem or task you might be stuck on. Make sure to stay hydrated throughout the whole day as water will help boost energy levels and brain functions.

Working From Home quote about breaks

Working From Home Brain Study after walking

Working From Home

Adapting to working from home is all about finding a routine that helps you boost productivity. Implementing these five tips into your routine will give you a significant boost in efficiency. In your free time, catch up with family or friends, find a new hobby, or clean a part of the house that’s always needed to be cleaned. We have been able to work remotely since 2008, and if you or your company is struggling to adjust, please feel free to reach out to us at

Our Top 3 Manufacturing Pain Points Solved

Are you receiving any positive feedback or results from your sampling program(s)?

Have you lost complete visibility into rebates across your entire ecosystem?

Does it take forever for your account receivable team to collect payments?

Corrao Group understands the frustration of manufacturers who experience these pain points on a daily basis.

For the past two months, we’ve been explaining the invaluable benefits and exciting features of Salesforce’s Manufacturing Cloud. New features include: Sales Agreements, Account-Based Forecasting, Performance Reporting, and more.

Over the next two months, Corrao Group will be releasing three individual blogs to identify, explain, and offer solutions for three critical manufacturing pain points: Product Sampling, Rebates, and Collections. As a long time manufacturing-focused partner, we have been able to work with 100+ manufacturing companies to find the best-in-breed solutions for their wants and needs. Our solutions for product sampling, rebates, and collections are tailored, optimized, and exclusively built for the Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud Platform.

Manufacturing Cloud was designed for manufacturers to have greater transparency and collaboration across their entire business ecosystem. According to Cindy Bolt, “This unified view provides a clear picture of manufacturing customers through new sales agreements and account-based forecasting solutions that enable them to accurately forecast, plan, and drive predictable (and better) business outcomes.” Old and traditional manufacturing methods or systems can’t compare to the faster, transformative, and newer technology of Salesforce. To learn more about Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud, please visit their blog.

Corrao Group’s experience and discipline with manufacturing pain points dates back to 1982 with our Managing Partner. Jack Corrao has developed numerous operational infrastructures to support hardware and software companies to deliver the best in breed solutions. Since 2008, Corrao Group has been helping manufacturers utilize Salesforce to create an automated closed-loop system for channel-centric manufacturing. To learn more information about us, please visit our website. If you would like to learn more about Manufacturing Cloud, please check out our blog posts linked below:

Salesforce Releases Manufacturing Cloud

The Importance of Manufacturing Cloud

Our Favorite Manufacturing Cloud Features

Manufacturing Cloud: No Longer Negotiating Blind

Manufacturing Cloud: No Timely Visibility Solved

Manufacturing Cloud: Reporting on Performance

Manufacturing Cloud: Reporting on Performance

Tracking the overall performance of your company is an essential component for a successful business. Full visibility into your reports can become arduous if your data is siloed across multiple spreadsheets or systems. Manufacturers should move to Salesforce’s Manufacturing Cloud for a “More predictive and transparent business” (Salesforce). Manufacturing Cloud becomes your central location to house all your data, KPIs, metrics, reports, and more.

Reports are Difficult to Create

It’s important to have a dashboard of reports that identify the business’s health, performance, and areas for improvement. Reports such as KPIs, run-rate, financial reports, forecasting, and sales pipeline are all critical to track in real-time. Reporting may seem impossible if you don’t have full visibility into your business’s data or metrics. Additionally, it can be frustrating for manufacturers if creating reports is difficult or demanding. Both pain points can lead to performance reports being indistinguishable from each other. For example, your run-rate reports may be mixed with your new logo reports, which results in you not being able to understand your actual business performance or sales costs. Manufacturing Cloud gives all your users a reporting vehicle that captures your entire business ecosystem.

A Solution Built for Manufacturers

Manufacturers now have the ability to operate in a much more profitable point of view as Manufacturing Cloud delivers efficiency, speed, accuracy, and consistency. Additionally, it integrates with your Salesforce and other users to have everyone on the same page. Manufacturing Cloud combined with Einstein Analytics gives your users a complete 360 view of your customers, data, and reports. Utilize Einstein Analytics to gain crucial insights into your account health, demand planning, product penetration, sales agreements, and your KPIs. Salesforce’s Manufacturing Cloud provides your company with the predictability and consistency that is needed in the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing Cloud Reporting made easier with Einstein Analytics

Working With Manufacturers Since 2002

Working with Salesforce since 2002, we’ve seen the invaluable benefits that a CRM can have for companies, especially those in the manufacturing industry. Salesforce’s new Manufacturing Cloud will allow customers and their partners to have company-wide visibility into all their business processes. With tools such as sales agreements and forecasting, data can be analyzed faster and effortlessly. Reporting on performance becomes easier with Salesforce’s Manufacturing Cloud. Salesforce consulting services have been just as important to us as business process optimization, and we strive to help businesses maximize their investments into their CRM and Manufacturing Cloud.

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Salesforce (Einstein Image and Logo)


Manufacturing Cloud: No Timely Visibility Solved

Salesforce solved a significant pain point for the manufacturing industry as manufacturers no longer have to negotiate blind. Salesforce figured out another challenge for the manufacturing industry: No Timely Visibility into Sales Agreements. Sales Agreements in spreadsheets can become very confusing and frustrating to track. Manufacturers must veer away from spreadsheets to a single source of truth.

Losing Track of Sales Agreements

Manufacturers are often so busy that losing track of sales agreements becomes a regular occurrence because most agreements are managed or hosted outside of the ERP. Manufacturers can’t make the necessary changes to help their company if a sales agreement is lost and underperforming. Data spread out across multiple spreadsheets or silos will cause multiple problems for your company in terms of tracking, updating, and sharing deals. Without full visibility into every deal, you’ll lose an opportunity or two without making any adjustments to the agreements or releases.

Salesforce’s Solution

Manufacturing Cloud gives you a flexible central location to house all your customer data, sales agreements, and forecasts. Sales agreements give your sales users the ability to put actual orders beside planned and forecast amounts in real-time. Additionally, manufacturers can receive automated platform alerts on missed targets to make quick adjustments to underperforming agreements. Real-time visibility allows manufacturers a way to manage complex deals and release schedules.

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud

Salesforce Power Users

Salesforce solving the pain point of no timely visibility into sales agreements is another victory for the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing Cloud becomes your single source of truth that trickles data to your vendors, partners, and the factory. Everyone in your company has real-time visibility into all the important metrics with Manufacturing Cloud to work more efficiently and productively.

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