Salesforce Winter ’24 Release Notes: Sales Cloud

The Salesforce Winter ’24 Release Notes for Sales Cloud gives sales teams a wave of innovation and improvements. From visualizing customers and prospects on a map for more efficient planning to harnessing AI-powered call summaries for enhanced customer interactions, the Sales Cloud release is full of features designed to empower your sales team. Learn the exciting new features below that can unlock Sales productivity and efficiency.

Visualize Customers and Prospects on a Map

Keep reps focused on meeting and exceeding sales targets as they plan for in-person and virtual visits with accounts, contacts, and leads in key geographic areas with Salesforce Maps Lite. Identifying customers and prospects on a map helps your reps better plan their routes with fewer miles and set up appointments with fewer gaps in their schedules.

Create Call Summaries Powered by Einstein GPT

Want to harness the power of generative AI to create a snapshot of everything your teams need to know about a customer call? Einstein Conversation Insights users can create generative call summaries on voice and video calls. Powered by Einstein GPT, the new Summary tab on call records allows users to create editable summaries that include next steps and customer feedback, and share summaries for easier team collaborations in the flow of work.

Review Calls with Ease

Sales managers and other Einstein Conversation Insights (ECI) users can quickly scan through a call list, viewing call details without needing to switch back-and-forth between a list view and a record detail view.

Monitor the Health of your Sales Engine

Track changes in your sales forecast in the Forecast Insights dashboard. Monitor velocity, pipe coverage, and other KPIs with period-over-period analysis.

Explore Sales Scenarios with the Commit Calculator

Use the Commit Calculator to test different scenarios and understand how changes to your pipeline can affect your bottom line.

Understand How your Products Sell in Different Segments

Optimize your sales strategy using the Product Insights dashboard. Track customer purchases, opportunities to position products in new segments, and market trends. Quickly see how well your sales teams deliver new offerings to the market.

Keep Deals Moving by Involving the Right People

Sales managers and their sales reps want to understand deal health and risk, so they can increase their confidence that deals close on time and sales forecasts are accurate. Now you can tell at a glance who’s part of a deal. Learn whether the right stakeholders are involved for deals in your pipeline and how engaged they are.

Speed Through Your Opportunities with a Revamped Pipeline Inspection Page

Get an improved experience with a refreshed Pipeline Inspection UI. A modern look makes Pipeline Inspection more intuitive and easier to navigate. Pipeline Inspection is automatically updated to the new version.

Improve Sales Forecast Accuracy with Manager Judgments

As part of forecast reviews and assessments, forecast managers can now apply their judgment to the opportunities in their forecasts to help them make more accurate and informed forecast adjustments. By applying judgment at the opportunity level, managers increase their visibility into which deals they have the highest confidence of closing. Previously, managers could adjust the committed forecast number only, and could see how their judgment influenced the adjusted forecast.

Get More Insight About Opportunities in Sales Forecasts

Gain a deeper understanding about the opportunities that make up your sales forecasts with enhanced details available when reviewing forecast rollup values. When viewing the grid view in the forecasts page, the opportunity list now includes the same information and the same edit capabilities that are available in Pipeline Inspection, without having to switch to the Pipeline Inspection page. Previously, forecast owners and sales managers opened Pipeline Inspection to dive deep into details about opportunities, such as activity updates and deal insights.

See Your Data Your Way in Workspace

Users can create and manage up to 10 personal workspace tabs to see data in a grid-like layout. In the list, users can sort, filter, and query the data, as well as update it. They have a choice of what type of data to show and how to show it in their workspace. After creating a tab, they can modify the workspace to show related data.

Salesforce for Outlook Is Retiring in June 2024

Full product retirement for Salesforce for Outlook is scheduled for June 2024. For the latest integration with Microsoft Outlook, we recommend moving to our next-generation products, the Outlook integration and Einstein Activity Capture. These products replace Salesforce for Outlook features and give users new capabilities. We continue to introduce enhancements for these products every release.

Meeting Studio Is Being Retired

Meeting Studio is being retired with Spring ’24.

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Salesforce Winter ’24 Release Notes Sales Cloud

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