Maximizing Your Salesforce Investment With Managed Services


Salesforce Managed Services are a set of services offered by a certified managed service provider (MSP) to manage and run your org. These services help with various tasks, such as setting up and configuring Salesforce, providing ongoing support and maintenance, and training users on how to use the platform. Companies must ensure that their investments are cost-effective and efficient in today’s economic uncertainty. Salesforce Managed Services provide an ideal way for companies to maximize their Salesforce investment. In terms of cost-savings, Salesforce managed services help businesses reduce the need for in-house expertise by providing access to a group of experienced professionals who can help manage and optimize their multi-cloud Salesforce org. By outsourcing key Salesforce tasks/issues to an experienced partner, companies can save on costs and instead focus their time and resources on other business areas to drive growth.

What’s included in Salesforce Managed Services?

Managing a Salesforce platform is a complex and time-consuming process, especially for companies that don’t have in-house expertise with years of experience. In the past, Salesforce has typically been managed by one or two administrators at an organization. However, the growing number of supporting Salesforce products and features has made it nearly impossible for one or two admins to manage the multi-cloud system. Trusted Salesforce MSPs have the knowledge, experience, and bandwidth to help you manage, optimize, and innovate Salesforce to power your business. The Salesforce platform is constantly evolving, and managed services assist organizations in staying up to date on releases to take advantage of the latest features and tools. Salesforce managed services offer a wide range of services to help companies get the most out of their Salesforce platform:

    • Setup and configuration: Set up and configure their Salesforce platform or additional clouds. Salesforce must be configured and customized to meet their specific business needs. Setup and configuration can also include automating your business processes with Salesforce.
    • User training and Adoption: Provide training sessions to ensure Salesforce users understand the system and get the most out of it. This can include training on how to use specific features and functions, best practices for using Salesforce to manage their business, customer relationships, How to’s, and more.
    • Ongoing support and maintenance: Continuous support and maintenance to help organizations ensure that their Salesforce system is running efficiently. This can include troubleshooting and problem-solving issues within Salesforce and regular updates and maintenance to keep the system up-to-date. Salesforce has three major releases per year, and it’s important to identify necessary updates to support each new release. Data management, optimization, and org reviews are also a focus through ongoing support and maintenance.
    • Integration with 3rd Party Systems (Continued Innovation): Integrate the Salesforce platform with other systems, such as accounting and marketing automation, to provide a seamless and efficient workflow. Over 2,500+ applications are available to build upon the existing functionality of your Salesforce org.

What are the Benefits of Managed Services?

There are several benefits to using Salesforce Managed Services, including:

    • Expert support and assistance: Experts with years of experience help organizations get the most out of their Salesforce investment. This can be particularly useful for organizations that do not have the in-house expertise or resources to manage their Salesforce system effectively.
    • Cost-effectiveness: A cost-effective solution for organizations looking to save time and resources on their Salesforce management tasks. By outsourcing major tasks to experienced professionals, organizations can save on the costs of hiring and training in-house staff.
    • Improved system performance: By providing ongoing support and maintenance, our managed services can help organizations ensure that their Salesforce system is running smoothly and efficiently. This can improve system performance and avoid downtime, allowing organizations to focus on their core business operations.
    • Increased productivity: By providing expert training, everyday users will be shown how to streamline their everyday tasks and avoid time-consuming mistakes within the system. This can help to increase productivity and improve overall business performance.

Salesforce Managed Services benefits include multi-cloud support, proactive approach, long-term success, increased productivity, and more.

Corrao Group’s Salesforce Managed Services

Corrao Group is proud to be a certified Salesforce Managed Service Provider, and be a part of the Salesforce Managed Service Advisory Board (PAB). Our team has managed Salesforce platforms for customers of all sizes, across all industries since 2008. Our Salesforce Managed Services have helped numerous companies save time and resources while ensuring their Salesforce org is successful and effective. By utilizing Corrao Group, companies can focus on their core business with the help of the Salesforce platform. Our services support most of the products offered by the Salesforce platform, including Sales, Service, Marketing & Consumer Goods Clouds, Tableau, Field Service Lightning, and more.

If you would like to learn more about Corrao Group’s Managed Services, please contact us.