Salesforce Winter ’24 Release Notes: Trade Promotion Management

It’s that exciting time again as we reveal the much-anticipated Salesforce Winter ’24 Release Notes, bringing a ripple of innovation and improvements. Amidst all of the features and cloud enhancements, there’s one area that’s catching our attention: Trade Promotion Management. The spotlight is on Trade Promotion Optimization (TPO), a game-changing feature that can help consumer goods companies improve the effectiveness of their trade promotion strategies. Let’s dive into the latest enhancements and features for Salesforce Trade Promotion Management.

Improve Performance of Promotions By Predicting the Sales Uplift Volume

Improve the effectiveness of trade promotion strategies by predicting the sales uplift volume for each promotion. Use these predictions to understand the impact of a particular combination of promotional tactics and attributes, improve the uplift volume by changing the promotional tactics for products, and maximize your investments in trade promotions.

Easily Identify Custom Periods by Using Custom Labels

Enable custom labels in your Sales org to use a custom period’s short description as a label. See the custom labels in various views in Trade Promotion Management, including Trade Calendar, promotion P&L views, volume planning cards, spend planning cards, account plans, customer business plans, and real-time reports.

Choose the Best Scenario for Your Customer Business Plan

Create scenarios in your customer business plan (CBP) while planning for current and future financial years. Easily exclude promotions from a scenario and manually adjust key performance indicators (KPIs) to simulate different strategies. Compare KPIs from different scenarios and activate a suitable scenario to maximize your revenue and sales.

Understand the Calculations Behind Your Promotion’s Profit and Loss

Use APIs to analyze information related to your promotion’s Profit and Loss calculations, including both raw data and calculated key performance indicators (KPIs). Review the source KPIs, calculation variables, and formulas used in the calculated KPIs. See how weekly values are distributed into daily values.

Export Key Performance Indicator Grids Using APIs

Use APIs to export Key Performance Indicator (KPI) grids in Trade Promotion Management. The APIs can trigger calculation events and retrieve KPI information based on product levels, subsets, periods, and period types. Retrieve data for a specific period in JSON, serialized JSON, or CSV format.

Gain Valuable Insights with Better Visibility into Bill of Material Products and Components

Export component level key performance indicators (KPIs) with their associated components in a CSV file. The exported CSV file contains information about promotions and their associated bill of material components, along with a field that indicates whether a product is a bill of material or not.

Add Product Attributes in Real-Time Reports

Define the product attributes that are available in a real-time report based on your specific requirements. Show additional product attributes, such as Product ID, Product Code, or global trade item number (GTIN), in a real-time report. Previously, real-time reports used only the product dimension, and you couldn’t define multiple product levels in the product hierarchy.

Use Real-Time Reports More Intuitively

Real-time reports in Trade Promotion Management now show totals at the top of the details section of a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) report, instead of at the bottom. If a promotion or tactic falls within the selected report time frame by at least one day, it’s included in the KPI report.

Get Intelligent Document Reader with Trade Promotion Management

Automatically extract information from uploaded documents by using Amazon Textract through your AWS account. Use the extracted information to create or update record fields, or to verify data that’s already in Salesforce.

Updates for Permission Sets

Improvements have been made to the permissions that are assigned to CGCloud Finance Admin, CGCloud Business Admin, CGCloud Finance User, and CGCloud Finance Manager permission sets to provide better access control. The CGCloud Refresh Update Activation Service permission set is no longer available in Trade Promotion Management.

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Salesforce Winter ’24 Release Notes Trade Promotion Management

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