Consumer Goods Cloud Implementation

Build smarter, personalized B2B engagements at scale with AI-powered insights.

Digitize Your Retail & Consumer Goods Processes
Satisfied Selling SKUs in Retail.
Retailers Are Looking Into AI.
Companies Are Investing in Digital.
Lost Annually From Poor In-Store Execution.

Proud Partner for Salesforce 360 for Consumer Goods:

Corrao Group was one of seven global consulting partners exclusively chosen to participate in Salesforce’s Trade Promotion Management Pilot program this year. Salesforce TPM provides customers with a platform to optimize trade activity, maximize promotion ROI, and keep teams in sync. We partnered with a leading sports drink to set up, run, and manage their promotions. More info here.

Consumer Goods Cloud Implementation Services:

Trade Promotion Management

Use Salesforce TPM to efficiently plan, manage, and execute promotional activities within Salesforce.

Deliver Intelligent Growth

Utilize Tableau CRM for Consumer Goods to improve field sales performance, and use Einstein Visit Recommendations to prioritize visits based on smart recommendations.

Optimize Field Execution

Optimize your field sales team’s routes with Salesforce maps to drive efficiency, minimize downtime, and empower your reps to sell more.

Accelerate Time to Value

With industry apps, data models, and integrations, you can scale your digital transformation across your entire organization.

Connect the Consumer Experience

Build personalized and smarter engagements with AI-powered insights. Offer relevant messages, seamless experiences, and integrated customer support to win customer loyalty.

Streamline and automate your processes by removing the time lag needed for people to review information and decide if action is needed.
Speed up your sales process by having Salesforce automatically create the tasks required for the next stage in your sales cycle.
Collaborate real-time, all the time. Know the status of a project, customer interactions, and next steps all from one page.
Eliminate manual input and expensive errors to accelerate deal velocity, speed payment collection, and improve cash flow.
Ensure sales are reaching their goals via a real-time analytics dashboard of pipeline reports per team, service, and other segmentation criteria.

Maximize your Consumer Goods Cloud investment with Corrao Group:

Build Your Consumer Goods Cloud

Based upon your business requirements, we scope, deploy, train, and hand off a Consumer Goods Cloud implementation and any other integrated products to your company. Since 2008, our team has optimized failing Salesforce systems to improve business performance and get companies on the right track with Salesforce. As one of the top consulting partners, we are certified experts for Salesforce customization. Once your requirements are delivered, we provide a thorough walkthrough for your approval and handoff to your team.

Ongoing Consumer Goods Cloud Support

Our ongoing service agreements are consistently requested by clients to stay connected and provide guidance or support. Our seasoned team of Salesforce experts are with you every step of the way through any challenges your company may be facing. Engagements can range from business process optimizations to additional custom implementations, and ongoing training and support requests. We work with you to ensure your employees are comfortable using Consumer Goods Cloud.

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The pandemic has changed the way consumers make purchases. A new, optimized digital strategy is required to solve issues with supply chain management, shelf inventory, and more. Download our guide to see how Consumer Goods Cloud can help accomplish this.

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