Salesforce Helps The Consumer Goods Industry Drive Digital Transformation

The Consumer Goods industry is undergoing a massive digital transformation right now. The lack of digital presence and disconnected supply chains have caused stores to close at a rapid rate these past 2 years. A recent Salesforce report found that 54% of end consumers surveyed prefer to buy online. Add on the effects of COVID-19, and now 87% of shoppers begin their hunt in digital channels – up 71% from last year! The Consumer Goods industry requires a digital and accessible solution from anywhere, allowing you to build smarter and personalized B2B engagements at scale with AI-powered insights. Salesforce’s Consumer Goods Cloud helps improve field execution, account planning, promotions, channel partner relationships, and more.

Exposed Archaic Business Processes

The COVID-19 Pandemic has exposed the archaic “old-fashioned‘ ways of the Consumer Goods Industry. Lack of visibility into supply chains was already an issue before COVID-19, but with the pandemic outbreak, 56% of global retailers reported moderate disruption in their supply chains as a result of COVID-19 whereas 12% reported heavy disruption. Additionally, CG companies face visibility issues into shelf management with the increasingly tough job to keep inventory levels adequate as sales plunge and rise. Using spreadsheets to track key information and data is no longer sustainable. Unreliable and outdated data is when companies start to make bad business decisions, leading to wasted money and time on poor in-store execution. Consumer Goods companies need to understand in real-time how well their products are selling, what’s needed in the physical stores, and which locations need attention from field representatives. Innovative technology along with Artificial Intelligence is helping companies gain a competitive edge to become more data-driven. Salesforce’s Consumer Goods Cloud is helping companies accelerate account and retail growth.

Become Data-Driven With Consumer Goods Cloud

Salesforce’s Consumer Goods Cloud is an intelligent and seamless B2B CRM solution that can fuel alignment and growth from anywhere. With a 360-degree view of your customer, Consumer Goods Cloud allows you to streamline your account relationships and sales activities to optimize every selling opportunity. For field members, Salesforce Maps integrated with Consumer Goods Clouds maximizes your field reps entire day, sending them to locations that need attention first. Salesforce Maps along with Salesforce’s Mobile app optimizes your team to drive performance, reduce downtime with route plans, and enables your reps to sell more with key insights and analytics (Inventory Audits/Promotion Checks) at each store location. In today’s market, a move to Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud will help your company accelerate growth intelligently, accurately, and effectively. Transform your business with Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud today!

Stats provided from Salesforce.

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