Salesforce Spring ’22 Release Notes Highlights

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The Salesforce Spring ’22 release notes are here! As we do every release, we have read through the release notes and highlighted our favorite new updates and enhancements. Depending on your instance, the Spring ’22 Release Notes are scheduled to go live on January 14/15, February 4th/5th, and February 11th/12th. In this blog, we highlight new features for Consumer Goods Cloud, Sales Cloud, Pardot, and Service Cloud. It’s important to note that most of these newly released features are only available in Salesforce Lightning and not Classic. If you haven’t already, check out our blog on the Salesforce Winter ’22 Release Notes.

Consumer Goods Cloud 

Scheduled Visits to the Right Stores at the Right Time

    • With Einstein Visit Recommendation, you can keep your products front and center to keep your store managers satisfied. Sales Managers can select a group of stores and receive recommendations on which ones to visit and when. Based on the recommendations, they can ensure their most valuable stores receive immediate attention.

Optimize Visit Frequency to Improve Store Sales

    • Help your sales managers determine how often to visit stores. Improve your strategy for store visits with optimal visit frequency recommendations to help generate more revenue for your company. You can create your smart visit story to optimize store visits by field reps with insights that identify the right selling tasks for them.

Ensure Timely Deliveries to Stores with Delivery Tasks

    • When sales managers see all of their region’s orders, they can prioritize orders so that the highest selling stores are restocked and supplied first. Sales managers can create and assign delivery tasks to drivers, who can view the tasks on their mobile devices.

Visit Execution: Enhanced Flexibility and Improved Productivity

    • Sales managers can now create custom tasks with the standard Consumer Goods objects. Field reps can become more productive to take charge of their day and capture more during store visits.

Build Stronger Relationships with Partners Through Communities

    • Consumer Goods objects are now available in Salesforce Communities. You can utilize these objects to create a portal for your store contacts, consumers, and partners.

Enjoy More Accessibility on the Go

    • Sales Managers can now edit store details, create promotions and visits, and perform other actives from their mobile devices.

Sales Cloud 

Revenue Intelligence

    • Sales teams can achieve sales targets, grow sales pipelines, and ensure forecast accuracy like never before. Revenue Intelligence is a data-driven sales solution that combines Tableau CRM dashboards and analytics with pipeline Inspections.

Pipeline Inspection

    • Get AI-powered insights into every opportunity’s progress, engagement status, and activity details.

Einstein Conversation Insights

    • Einstein Conversation insights now include transcripts for video and voice calls. Users can now receive custom coaching recommendations related to their customer’s conversations.

Integration with Google

    • Engagement data includes soft and hard bounces, replies, and out-of-office replies for each recipient of an email sent from the Gmail integration with inbox.

Integration with Microsoft

    • Sales reps who meet with customers using Microsoft teams can pin and access Salesforce records and Salesforce Meetings during the video meeting.


Marketing Assets

    • Customize your enhanced landing pages with custom redirects for retired pages, form styles, and more. Easily build email templates in Lightning for sales reps to use in Salesforce Engage emails. In addition, try out the Slack connector for Pardot (beta feature) to monitor where the Slack completion action is being used on Pardot assets.


    • Push enhanced emails-now with tracker domain selection-to your automation rules and completion actions. Use Einstein Key Account intelligence to improve your automation.

Pardot Lightning Email Builder

    • Create email templates and emails in a modern, drag and drop builder. Send and resend emails from the Pardot Lightning app, and view individual email performance and aggregated metrics across multiple sends.

Service Cloud 

Channels (Voice)

    • New enhancements to the Voice channel improve the experience for supervisors, agents, and contact center admins. “Enhance the supervisor experience by enabling supervisors to listen in on calls, filtering which queues and skills they see in Omni Supervisor, and giving them access to real-time metrics in Amazon Connect. Get an improved agent experience with org-wide access to voice call recordings and voice call records, and call routing that respects Omni-Channel agent capacity” (Salesforce).


    • With new Omni Supervisor enhancements, you can manage routing more effectively and efficiently. Manage offline agents in the agents tab, and focus your supervisors on the right queues and skills in the Queues backlog, assigned work, and skills backlog tab.

Einstein for Service

    • You can now include up to 10 fields in your Article Recommendations model. A newly redesigned Bot builder is now more user-friendly.

Incident Management

    • When urgent issues need resolving, Incident Management can help eliminate potential complications before they get worse. Salesforce has out-of-the-box Incident Management page layouts complete with SLA management tools to help right away.


    • Salesforce has made it easier to share knowledge article links that point to the latest updated version. Images can now open to full size to zoom in on crucial details.

If you would like to learn more about the Salesforce Spring ’22 release notes, please visit our Salesforce page and contact us!

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