Slack Component of SurfaceTrends™ is Helping Companies Stay Informed Through Delta Variant

As more companies return to work, SurfaceTrends™ has been helping businesses utilize its Slack component to communicate results of reducing bacteria, viruses, and Covid-19 in their workplace. Slack is the collaboration/messaging app that brings the right people, information, and tools together to get work done faster. The new solution lives within the Salesforce platform, leveraging real-time analytics and trends over time to help companies know how effective their cleaning and disinfecting have been. Since 2019, SurfaceTrends has been utilized by numerous Coastal Health USA customers in Southern California to help keep their employees and guests safe.

Coastal Health USA has been providing ongoing SurfaceHealth™ Environmental Testing for companies apart of their infection control plan. Using SurfaceTrends™, companies are alerted of hygienic surfaces that are failing cleanliness tests in real-time. Utilizing the Slack component of SurfaceTrends™, automated notifications are sent to the building’s maintenance team, janitorial group, and company executives to take immediate action. SurfaceTrends™ continues to provide companies with real-time reporting on the cleanliness of their facilities’ surfaces through the ongoing pandemic.

Slack notifications for SurfaceTrends

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About Corrao Group

As everyday Salesforce power users, Corrao Group understands how flexible the Salesforce platform is to support every department of your business. They’ve worked with nearly 1,000 customers, implementing, customizing, and optimizing over 2,100 Salesforce projects. Since 2002, Corrao Group has helped B2B organizations of all sizes successfully optimize their business processes with Salesforce.

About Coastal Health USA

Coastal Health USA was established in 2018 with the mission of bringing Healthcare Infection Control solutions to the masses. Coastal Health USA audits the cleanliness of their customer’s facilities, implements solutions to reduce bacteria, viruses, and COVID-19, and maintains the quality of these solutions over time. With over 15 years of Infection Control experience, their team has successfully implemented washable, antimicrobial, and UVC technology in facilities worldwide.

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