SurfaceTrends™ provides a real-time analysis of your facilities’ cleanliness and health scores through Salesforce.

Instantly Analyze and Visualize the Health of the Surfaces Around Your Facility

SurfaceTrends™ integrates within Salesforce’s Command Center to provide real-time environmental surface results for organizations returning to work. Leveraging data via 3M™ and Coastal Health USA, SurfaceTrends™ offers you a proactive approach to managing your facilities’ low, moderate, and high touch points or surfaces. Instantly visualize cleanliness data sorted by the location, general area, room, and even the specific door handle all within Salesforce. Infection Control Plans (ICPs) are increasingly becoming required by certain states, and providing real-time analytic data validating janitorial cleaning and disinfecting protocols can help verify that what your facility is doing is correct.

SurfaceTrends™ provides its customers with:

  • Peace of mind for employees and guests that the workplace environment around them is clean.
  • Automated alerts via Command Center and email for surfaces requiring immediate cleaning.
  • Real-time analysis and visualization of the cleanliness of your high touch surfaces.
  • Automated Slack notification based on non-conformant test results.

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