Why You Need a Salesforce Implementation Partner

In part three of our blog series, we discussed selecting and implementing the right CRM. Currently, there are many excellent CRM’s that can manage your business effectively and efficiently. Throughout our 19 years of industry experience, we have found Salesforce to be the clear leader among the current CRM platforms. The Salesforce platform offers limitless flexibility to allow companies to work from anywhere, and an experienced implementation partner can guide your company to optimize your system for your business needs while ensuring user adoption is achieved.

Implementing Salesforce – The Right Way

Companies typically face three big obstacles when implementing Salesforce: implementation, adoption, and platform capabilities. The sheer scope of a Salesforce implementation is tremendous. Implementation starts with mapping out your business processes, determining what needs to be built, configured, or coded, who will need access to data, accounts, record pages, identifying opportunities for automation, and much more. Rather than taking your staff away from their usual tasks to set up, learn, and configure a new system, your implementation partner can have you up and running much faster and provides the training your employees need to succeed.

Experienced Partners Save Salesforce Customers Thousands Yearly

What your business can do with Salesforce is truly limitless. Rushing through an implementation or using templates as a baseline foundation will come back to cause mid to long-term scalability and poor user adoption issues. As Salesforce pushes three major releases a year, it quickly becomes a complex CRM system with hundreds of new features. Great Salesforce Implementation partners have thousands of successful implementations completed that can be leveraged for best practices throughout your implementation and training. These best practices and knowledge can’t be found in online Salesforce training classes. Through our 12 years of experience helping companies implement their Salesforce systems, we’ve found that the best way to maximize your Salesforce investment is with an experienced Salesforce partner.

Implementing Salesforce Since 2008

Since 2002, we have been helping B2B organizations of all sizes optimize their business processes with Salesforce and their third-party applications. As everyday Salesforce power users, Corrao Group understands how flexible the Salesforce platform is to support every business department. We’ve worked with nearly 1,000 customers, implementing, customizing, and optimizing over 2,100 Salesforce projects. If you are interested in learning more about how Corrao Group can help your company, read our reviews on G2 or contact us today!

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