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According to Salesforce, “U.S. consumer goods companies spend about $200 billion every year for in-store merchandising and marketing, but consumer goods leaders say that 52% of their merchandising and marketing plans aren’t executed as intended within stores, leading to more than $100 billion in annual trade spend not being optimized”. This means that companies are losing more than $100 billion annually in the money they spend to increase demand for their products.

Whether it’s sales reps visiting important accounts or field reps selling in the field, the conventional distribution model for consumer goods has always been centered on face-to-face meetings. Brands need a way for sales teams to understand how well their products are selling, what’s needed in the store, and which locations need attention from field representatives. Brands also must support field teams by providing task management tools that enable field reps to execute and audit accurately and quickly while in the field.

Consumer Goods (CG) Cloud can help consumer goods companies transform their business by providing field reps with a strong and intelligent solution that helps elevate the in-store experiences for the end consumers.

The Consumer Goods Cloud Solution

CG Cloud gives companies a single view of their customer, allowing them to accelerate growth from planning to execution. As a result, brands can provide agility on a flexible and scalable platform and achieve faster time to value. CG Cloud helps businesses modernize their route to market by offering a digital solution to better coordinate with channel partners on one single platform. Additionally, CG Cloud provides sales managers with insides and analytics to better understand their accounts, as well as empowering reps to execute in the field. Key capabilities of CG Cloud include:

    • Managing Key Accounts – Integrate all your sales planning on one platform for a full 360-degree view of your accounts, sales agreements, and more.
    • Deliver Intelligent Growth – Utilize Tableau CRM for Consumer Goods to improve field sales performance, and use Einstein Visit Recommendations to prioritize visits based on smart recommendations.
    • Optimize Field Execution – Optimize your field sales team’s routes with Salesforce maps to drive efficiency, minimize downtime, and empower your reps to sell more.
    • Accelerate Time to Value – With industry apps, data models, and integrations, you can scale your digital transformation across your entire organization.

If you are interested in learning more about Consumer Goods Cloud, please visit our website for a FREE consultation.

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