Digitally Transform Your Company With Consumer Goods Cloud

To remain competitive in today’s market, consumer goods (CG) companies are rapidly adjusting to meet the B2B route to market. A recent Salesforce report found that during COVID-19, 99% of CG companies accelerated digital transformation in 2020. To stay ahead of the competition, consumer goods companies need to drastically transform their business to keep up with the ever-growing digital changes. With Salesforce’s Consumer Goods Cloud, your company can improve field execution, account planning, and channel partner relationships.

The Desired Shift to Transform Digitally

While there was already a steady rise in digital purchases online, the global health crisis sparked a digital boom. A Salesforce report found that there has been a 40% increase in new online shoppers, accelerating the need for transformation. However, the need for field reps to work with retailers hasn’t been reduced. The vast majority of CG sales are still driven by the B2B relationship between CG companies and traditional retailers. According to Salesforce, “Fast-moving consumer goods annually earn $1.01 trillion in the U.S. – and 95% of those sales come from traditional retail.” Still, CG leaders are facing issues with visibility to customer and retailers data, field representatives efficiency and productivity, shelf-management, or managing their supply chain. In the same Salesforce report, Salesforce found that $104 billion is spent annually on poor in-store execution. The right digital tools can enable Consumer Goods companies to maximize their trade planning and execution strategies. Salesforce’s Consumer Goods Cloud gives companies a 360-degree view of their customers’ and partners’ valuable data, allowing them to accelerate account and retail growth from planning to execution.

Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud Solution

Salesforce’s Consumer Goods Cloud is a single platform that seamlessly integrates customer data from legacy systems and third-party sources. A 360-degree view of your customers’ and partners’ data helps your team improve account/retail planning, management, and execution. Deliver intelligent growth utilizing Tableau CRM for Consumer Goods to enhance your field sales performance by prioritizing visits based on intelligent recommendations. Consumer Goods Cloud also optimizes your field sales team’s route with Salesforce Maps to drive performance, reduce downtime, and enable your reps to sell more. Consumer Goods Cloud also offers you the ability to manage trade promotions with performance analytics/insights and full fund management visibility. With Consumer Goods Cloud, your company can build relationships and grow your business with the #1 retail CRM.

Consumer Goods Cloud B2B Advantages

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