Selecting and Implementing your CRM

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In part two of our latest blog series, we mentioned the importance of ensuring your new business culture supports work from anywhere. The 2020 pandemic accelerated the future of work as the work-from-anywhere mentality has to be considered when deploying a new CRM. Once your new business culture is established, it’s time to select the right CRM based on your business needs and research.

Choosing the Right CRM

When selecting a CRM, it’s critical to choose a platform that can adapt and modify as your business’s needs, products, services, and partnerships evolve. The business processes you currently have in place will change within a year. Having a CRM that is flexible to digital workflow changes will be critical for your business’s success. Secondly, choose a platform that is a leader in CRM with years of experience. It’s essential to make sure your platform has the financial capacity to continue to evolve the products every year. For example, Salesforce has three major releases every year that delivers new innovations across their Customer 360 Platform. Finally, it’s essential to make sure you select a CRM with a secured platform. In today’s world, cyber threats are becoming more and more prominent. You must partner with a company that has a robust, secure, and backed-up platform in case of any cyber-attacks. Through our 13 years of experience, we have found that Salesforce is the clear leader among CRM platforms.

Implementing Salesforce: Leverage a Partner’s Expertise!

Whether you have decided to pick Salesforce as your CRM or are strongly considering doing so, questions that regularly follow are, “Can I self-implement? Why do I need to hire a consultant?” You can self-implement, but it’s not recommended unless you have had years of hands-on experience with that specific solution. Even with experience, implementations are a full-time job that takes months. Having a Salesforce consultant team implementing your platform will provide years of knowledge to ensure that your Org is optimized and performing to its full potential, rather than spending more money to fix potential bugs and issues as they come up.

The next question that comes up is, “How do I choose the right partner?” The right Salesforce implementation partner should have a list of different criteria that must be met before partnering with them. For example, review the record of successful implementations and online reviews from customers. Do they use the Salesforce platform for their own business? Do they implement the Salesforce products I’m using? At the end of the day, it’s important to partner with a company invested in your vision. A Salesforce implementation will be the foundation of how your business will run.

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