Salesforce Summer ’23 Release: Service Cloud

The Salesforce Summer ’23 Release notes have arrived! The latest update for Service Cloud introduces many new features and improvements. From delivering products and services with Service Catalog to sending voice messages in enhanced messaging channels, this release is packed with updates designed to improve your customer service experience. Read on to learn more about the newest additions to Service Cloud and how they can help you better serve your customers.

Deliver Products and Services with Service Catalog (Generally Available)

Use Service Catalog, now generally available, to turn your customers’ requests for products and services into approved and documented orders. For example, automate frequent requests like resetting a password through Service Catalog. Previously, Service Catalog was available only as part of

Open Your Service Catalog to Customers and Partners

Create a Service Catalog site that provides your customer and partners a self-service portal for the seamless browsing and requesting of items from your Service Catalog. Build, style, and launch your site effortlessly with point-and-click Aura components built for Service Catalog and with prebuilt Aura site templates from Experience Cloud.

Send Voice Messages in Enhanced Messaging Channels

Voice is the new text, so make sure your agents don’t miss out. Agents can now easily record and send voice messages up to one minute long to customers in enhanced WhatsApp and enhanced Facebook Messenger channels. Previously, agents had to use a separate app to record messages and then send the audio files as attachments.

Create Real-Time Keyword Alerts for Supervisors in Messaging Channels

If a customer or agent sends a high-stakes keyword or phrase, automatically raise the agent’s flag so their supervisor can help if needed.

Message Customers More Intuitively with the Redesigned Agent Conversation Window

You asked, and Salesforce listened. The Send-and-End Chat buttons are now separated in the agent conversation window. Additionally, the toolbar now lives above the message field. These subtle changes help agents click the correct button and find the tools they need during messaging sessions.

Resolve Setup Issues More Quickly with Self-Service Checks (Beta)

Get your contact center users up and running more quickly with on-demand diagnostics. No need to troubleshoot or contact Salesforce Customer Support. Run the Single Sign-On service checks to verify that Service Cloud Voice can authenticate all agents and supervisors in your contact center. Run the Contact Center User service checks to verify that every contact center agent and supervisor is assigned the right permission set license and permission set. Without them, the user can’t use Service Cloud Voice.

Check Voice Channel Performance with More Metrics (Pilot)

Evaluate the performance of your voice channel by adding two new Voice objects to your custom report types. Spot trends on disconnected calls, missed calls by agents, call error rates, and other call actions. Some metrics are only available for Service Cloud Voice with Amazon Connect. All data for the new Voice objects are deleted after 30 days.

Get the Enhanced Slack Conversations Experience

Collaborate on a Slack swarm from Lightning Experience with the enhanced Slack Conversations component that looks and feels more like Slack. To keep the experience consistent between Slack and Salesforce, Slack profile pictures now appear alongside the message, messages are left-aligned and timestamped, and users can see and send custom Slack emojis. Slack Conversations users can also view advanced Slack formats such as code and code blocks, easily identify attachments by a file emoji, send messages through Slack Connect, and even use the component on the go from a tablet.

Extend Swarming to Field Service Workers

Bring the power of Swarming and Expert Finder to Field Service with Service Appointments, now supported for Swarming. Field service workers can bring together cross-functional experts to quickly resolve tricky customer issues, even when onsite with a customer, helping reduce your cost to serve.

Monitor Contact Center Health in the Omni Supervisor Wallboard (Pilot)

Show supervisors real-time metrics to help them identify and resolve issues quickly. In this continuing pilot, the wallboard includes more charts. On the Omni Supervisor tab, supervisors can select a queue of interest to filter the metrics shown.

Get Supervisors Involved Fast with Conversation Intelligence

When conversation intelligence detects a key phrase in calls or messages, it raises a flag on the Agents tab in Omni Supervisor. Supervisors can then jump in and help agents resolve the issue quickly.

Surface Knowledge Articles Quickly

Help users self-serve and find solutions quickly with the new Knowledge Article page for LWR sites. Now you can add knowledge articles to your Self-Service portal’s Knowledge Article Details page.

Get a Quick Timeline View of Survey Responses

Use Timeline to monitor survey responses. View information related to responses and understand respondents’ interaction. You can enable a Timeline for both standard objects and custom objects.

Customize Knowledge Articles with the Knowledge Article Component

Site visitors can now view knowledge articles in LWR. Administrators can toggle between field labels and field sections and adjust the style of the knowledge article title. Mandatory field labels, such as URL Name, that your site visitors don’t need are also hidden. And employees can customize knowledge articles in an unauthenticated help center and via an authenticated portal. Previously, the Knowledge Article component was available only in Aura, making it inaccessible to LWR users.

Learn More about the Salesforce Summer ’23 Release Notes

If you want to learn more about the exciting new features of the Salesforce Summer ’23 Release for Service Cloud, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with all the information you need.

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Salesforce Summer ’23 Release: Service Cloud

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