Salesforce Summer ’23 Release: Consumer Goods Cloud

Exciting news for Consumer Goods Cloud users! The Salesforce Summer ’23 Release has arrived, bringing some great features specifically designed for Consumer Goods Cloud TPM and Retail Execution. With improved customer service, enhanced analytics, and new tools to boost productivity, this release will surely improve the overall user experience for Consumer Goods Cloud users. Let’s dive into some of the key highlights of this release!

Improve Customer Satisfaction with Consumer Goods Cloud for Service

Give your service agents easy access to accounts, visits, orders, and engagement history records so that they have all the information necessary to plan and provide personalized customer service. Service agents can also drive revenue growth by placing orders over calls using Order Management and Penny Perfect Pricing.

Trade Promotion Management

Get Started with Trade Promotion Effectiveness

Use the new Trade Promotion Effectiveness (TPE) Analytics app to measure and monitor the effectiveness of your trade promotions. TPE dashboards help you make better business decisions, which leads to increased sales and revenue and improved customer satisfaction. Use standard CRMA dashboards to analyze data for volumes, assortments, spending, and tactics. Embed customized dashboards or widgets in specific Lightning Experience pages in TPM to provide in-context insights.

View Interactive Dashboards in Promotions

Use the TPM Promotion Analytics Dashboard component to embed dashboards and dashboard components in promotion pages. In edit mode, see interactive visualizations of your data and apply filters to the promotion’s displayed values and related records. Use JSON strings to specify types of filters or dashboard selections that you can’t create using the Filter Builder.

Make Quicker Decisions While Planning

When you modify promotions and manually adjust editable KPIs in a customer business plan (CBP), you can now quickly save and calculate your CBP. The CBP calculates data for the account and related promotions and displays the latest KPI metrics with the impact of your changes.

Plan Better By Evaluating Customer Business Plan Scenarios (Pilot)

Evaluate different customer business plan (CBP) scenarios to maximize revenue and sales while planning for current and future financial years. Use the active CBP to create multiple scenarios for evaluation. Exclude promotions from a scenario in the CBP to simulate different strategies.

Export More KPI Reports Simultaneously

Now you can export up to 10 KPI reports simultaneously instead of 5. The reports can be exported with KPIs in either columns or rows.

Get Started with Consumer Goods Cloud Faster with MuleSoft Direct

Integrate data seamlessly and connect accounts, products, and their hierarchies from third-party systems to the Consumer Goods Cloud without leaving the Salesforce platform. Use the pre-built APIs to quickly connect to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and get started with Consumer Goods Cloud with just a few clicks.

Retail Execution

Get Accurate Order Prices Online with Penny Perfect Pricing

Penny Perfect Pricing helps sales reps calculate order prices online based on the same pricing conditions and configuration that they use in the Offline Mobile app. Reps can calculate prices for orders with different scales, units of measure, and conditions such as discounts, amount per unit, and flat rates.

Maintain Store Operating Hours Efficiently in Consumer Goods Cloud Offline Mobile App

Your reps can now update a store’s open hours and plan store visits efficiently using the Consumer Goods Cloud Offline Mobile App. Reps can edit and maintain Operating Hour records only if operating hours aren’t reused across multiple accounts. To avoid overriding operating hours across linked accounts, enable editing only for operating hours that aren’t used across multiple accounts.

Improved User Experience with the Enhanced Product Filter

By using the enhanced product filters in Consumer Goods Cloud Desktop app, users now see only the products associated with their sales org, which saves time and effort. Previously, product searches returned results from other sales orgs too.

Boost Productivity with the New Order Lightning Web Component

Give your sales reps an advanced order creation and management experience by using the new Order Lightning Web Component (Order LWC). Reps can quickly navigate through the editable order fields, such as quantity, discount, and special price. The Order LWC experience is the default setting and supports both Simple Pricing and Penny Perfect Pricing.

Analyze and Track Product Performance Easily

Use the new Analytics for Consumer Goods—Advanced Data Model app to analyze your account performance and make informed decisions to increase revenue and compliance. Sales managers can gain insights into revenue by territory, assess sales executive performance, identify product whitespace opportunities in high-potential stores, and analyze the correlation between store visits, compliance, and revenue. Sales representatives get a quick view of their performance based on sales revenue, team average, most sold product categories, store visits, and compliance to identify areas that need attention.

Learn More about the Salesforce Summer ’23 Release Notes

If you want to learn more about the exciting new features of the Salesforce Summer ’23 Release for Consumer Goods Cloud, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with all the information you need.

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Salesforce Summer ’23 Release: Consumer Goods Cloud

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