Salesforce Summer ’23 Release: Sales Cloud

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The Salesforce Summer ’23 Release notes have arrived! The latest update for Sales Cloud introduces a plethora of new features and improvements that aim to streamline sales processes and enhance team collaboration. Among the highlights of this release, users can now split revenue by product mix with Opportunity Product Splits, create quotes without an opportunity, and quickly find specific items in the To-Do List with the new search field. Furthermore, the Revenue Intelligence Command Center and Sales Stage Analysis Dashboard offer deeper insights into sales performance and pipeline management. Let’s dive into the details and explore Salesforce’s new features for sales teams.

Split Revenue by Product Mix with Opportunity Product Splits (Generally Available)

Use opportunity product splits to allocate revenue at a more granular level to team members who collaborate on complex opportunities. Without leaving the opportunity record, teams can see how multiple products and each team member fit into a sales motion. And with opportunity product splits reports, team members can track all of the opportunities they contribute to.

Create Reports for Opportunities with Opportunity Product Splits

Sales teams can track product splits and rollups to opportunity split revenue with standard reports, giving them visibility to the contribution team members make to the deals they support. The reports also show how product splits’ data reflect on compensation for reps and on individual and team forecasts.

Create Quotes Without an Opportunity

Sales reps no longer have to follow the opportunity-to-quote flow. They can fast-track deals by creating quotes without first creating an opportunity, speeding up delivering quotes to their customers for review. Quotes must be related to an account when they’re converted to orders.

See Prospect Engagements for the Month at a Glance

Easily identify your most engaged prospects with the new Engagement History field. The field contains a chart showing all outbound activities and inbound engagement for the past 30 days. Reps can instantly see when and how often each lead, contact, or person account has been engaged so they can reach out at the right moment. Previously, users could see the number of recent engagements on prospect records, but not the timing.

Find Items Quickly in the To Do List with Search

Users can use the new search field to quickly find the specific items they’re looking for in the To-Do List. Users can act on the tasks that matter most, wherever those items are in the list. Previously, users could tag items and create lists, but not search.

Empower Sales Reps with the Revenue Intelligence Command Center

Get all the details you need for sales success from the Sales Rep Command Center. You can see whether you’re aligned to meet your quotas, which opportunities are stuck, and overdue activities. You can also see step progression and amount changes.

Understand Your Sales Pipeline with the Sales Stage Analysis Dashboard

Get a high-level view of the stages of your sales, identify bottlenecks and at-risk opportunities, and understand if deals are progressing smoothly. The new Sales Stage Analysis tab in Revenue Insights shows how long deals remain in each stage. You can see which deals are stalled, and which opportunities had amount changes or had deadlines pushed back.

Find Your Untapped Opportunities Using Product Whitespace

Identify potential sales in Einstein Account Management. In the Product Whitespace view, see which products your accounts purchased and identify gaps for upsell opportunities.

View Einstein Predictions in a Full-Length Panel

See more Einstein Prediction details at one time in a full, slide-out panel on the forecasts page. Previously, Einstein predictions were shown in a shortened panel with the introduction of forecast pages in the Lightning App Builder.

Simplify Reps’ Schedules by Eliminating Repeat Visits During Shifts

Help reps adhere to visit spacing requirements by ensuring they visit customers one time during their shift in Salesforce Maps Advanced. Preventing same-shift visits is especially helpful for large volumes of accounts that require frequent visits. For example, a customer requires daily visits, but the rep travels 2 days a week. This option schedules the rep to visit one time on each of those 2 days instead of scheduling multiple visits to that same customer on each of those 2 days.

Nail Your Meetings with Salesforce Meeting Digest

Meeting Digest is now available for all users automatically. And, it’s the default tab in Event record details for users with Einstein Activity Capture. Enable an activity sync solution, such as Einstein Activity Capture, to get the most out of Meeting Digest, including RSVPs, insights, and recommended actions.

Send a Meeting Request Quickly from the Dynamic Activity Composer

Are your reps in a hurry to set up meetings? Now they can start the process with one click. Previously, reps had to open an email and click twice to insert proposed meeting times.

Propose Three Future Meeting Times in Lightning Experience

Sales reps often have to email back and forth with customers to set up a meeting. Now reps can quickly add three upcoming meeting times as a suggestion and avoid negotiating. Previously, this feature was available only with Outlook and Gmail integrations.

Learn More about the Salesforce Summer ’23 Release Notes

If you want to learn more about the exciting new features of the Salesforce Summer ’23 Release for Sales Cloud, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with all the information you need.

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Salesforce Summer ’23 Release: Sales Cloud 

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