Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud Offline Penny Perfect Pricing

As the consumer goods industry continues to face complicated challenges, it’s becoming essential for brands to shift to a digital and consolidated platform to maximize revenue growth. Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud has released new features specifically on retail execution to help the consumer goods industry digitally transform. Exciting releases of the Consumer Goods Cloud Summer ’22 Offline App include Penny Perfect Pricing, Conditional Surveys, Asset Management, Payment Collection, Inventory & Quotas, Live Reporting, Substitution Management, Gamification, Supervisor Management, and Customer Segmentation.

Offline Penny Perfect Pricing

Consumer Goods sales reps need access to critical selling information when they are in the field or without wifi connectivity. With the new offline penny perfect pricing app, reps can execute their visit objectives and take orders anywhere with a solution that calculates the exact price based on customer-specific discounts, available promotions, and other pricing conditions. Additionally, sales reps can take orders while having a 360-degree view into potential promotion-driven orders to help them up-sell additional products. They can also execute inventory tasks for their list of products and review options to reschedule visits to retail locations and then sync their mobile device with Salesforce when back online. Salesforce penny perfect pricing allows sales reps to achieve retail execution excellence from anywhere in the world.

How Does Offline Penny Perfect Pricing Work?

Penny perfect pricing uses a pricing engine for comprehensive price calculation. The pricing engine considers customer and product pricing conditions, such as prices, discounts, and surcharges, to determine prices in various scenarios such as when recalculating delivery documents, creating an invoice for an on-demand sales order, and calculating pre-sales order or a return. Penny perfect pricing is integrated with the ERP system to provide the same pricing behavior, to reuse condition data, and to handle complete calculated documents.

Consumer Goods Cloud Consultant Leader

Over the years, we have been using our experience to help digitally transform the consumer goods industry. As our main industry focus, we are proud to be on the Consumer Goods Cloud Partner Advisory Board, in addition to being the exclusive US launch partner of the Salesforce TPM Pilot.

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