Pardot Engagement Studio

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pardot engagement studio

We did not buy Pardot, we hired it 

Being a Salesforce Pardot Select Partner ,in addition to a Salesforce Silver partner, causes Corrao Group to be different from your average consultant. Our vast knowledge of the two systems and expertise in most verticals has allowed us to completely customize the connection between the two, opening up doors never seen before. We have extended our nurturing campaigns into the accounting department, project management, and customer on boarding. Our services include, but are not limited to, business lifecycle management, Pardot and Salesforce implementation and training, and content consultation/creation.

Pardot does an extraordinary job in aligning sales and marketing teams and it has just released a new nurturing feature that will align the two teams even more, Engagement Studio. The usage of different technology solutions is the most common issue that sales and marketing teams have. This becomes a problem as it leads to inaccurate information and poor user adoption, sometimes even technology abandonment. Pardot’s new Engagement Studio is a mind-blowing technology delivering a more unified experience between sales and marketing teams.

Salesforce does a lot for their customers. Pardot Engagement Studio is the latest step in their journey to align their customers’ sales and marketing teams. This new feature is the pit stop of Pardot, where sales and marketing come together to tune-up and refuel their content. Without gas, a race car cannot run; without content, nurturing programs cannot run. Prior to Pardot’s Engagement Studio release, users had to visit separate pages to view lead generation, lead nurturing, reporting, and ROI. Now, all that information has been brought together in one place.

Giving more power to you, the user, Pardot Engagement Studio provides innovative ways to build complex campaigns easily, test the prospect’s experience, and really understand the campaign performance to share with others. Engagement Studio provides additional actions as well as introduces triggers and rules connected to the specific prospect; this allows for an even more custom journey than before! You set up the nurturing campaign, or racetrack, and the prospect drives in their own lane, at their own pace. Pardot Engagement Studio also allows for the user to test the path that a prospect will take if added to the campaign. This will help catch any gaps or mistakes that can be made during initial campaigns. Before, users had to navigate through different pages to view campaign metrics. Now all that information is easily identified in one area and gives insight into which parts of the journey, or racetrack, needs updating or refueling.

Making the transition from Drip Programs to Engagement Studio can benefit you as you might be able to combine multiple Drip Programs into one Engagement Studio. This process requires learning the new features and deciding if you can use them to further your current journey. Be on the lookout for Corrao Group’s offerings as well as tips and tricks on making the transition!