10 Reasons to Use Marketing Automation

marketing automation

1. Enhanced Accountability of Marketing and Sales: Accountability is a word that carries heavy meaning and without concrete proof, it can be easy to point the finger at someone else when you are the one that should be held accountable. With marketing automation, you know exactly what processes are being executed and all reports are easy to access. If certain marketing campaigns aren’t working because leads aren’t being nurtured, the marketing team will receive feedback, without the blame being put on sales (and vice-versa). This reduces stress in the office and allows sales and marketing to open up wider forms of communication.

2. Increased Revenue: Hearing increased revenue brings music to most peoples ears. After automating your marketing and sales efforts, an increase in customer lifetime value is likely to follow. Also, once your leads are prioritized via marketing automation, your sales ROI are bound to get better.

3. Less Repetition Means More Creativity: Mundane marketing tasks are taken over by automation. You will spend less time sending (what feels like 10,000) emails, and more time working on creative material! Not only is it more fun but also ups staff effectiveness and productivity.

4. Reach Prospects Across All Channels: Marketing automation allows you to reach potential customers in a more personalized way through different channels. This allows you to send messages through different mediums (email, postcard, text, phone call, etc.) based on the customer. Our partners at PrintSF are the go to if you send printed collateral and use either Salesforce or Pardot.

5. Extremely Customized Content: Every potential customer is different; therefore they all want different things and are on different tracks to purchasing your product. Marketing automation allows you to reach thousands of leads, with different messages targeted towards them. This ultimately gets the potential customer what they want and closer to purchasing.

6. Schedule Next Month’s Social Content In 1 Day: Social media is the reason teenagers stare at their phones all day, don’t let it be yours. Marketing automation allows you send a message out to all forms of social media at one time while tracking leads. You can also schedule these posts a head of time and be able to view them on a calendar once they have been sent (so you know what you’ve already sent without logging onto all your external accounts).

7. Reveal What’s Really Working: Marketing automation gives you data that tells you what campaigns are working and what leads they are working on. Now, you don’t have to spend your time trying to figure out where to focus your efforts.

8. Know The Right Time To Reach Out: You will never have to make a cold call again because marketing automation can read your customers mind (just kidding). You will be able to track when the customer has visited your site so you will know exactly when they are thinking about you, which makes it a perfect time to pick up the phone.

9. No More Cold Calls: No one likes making or answering cold calls. End of story.

10. Speed Up Prospect Conversion: Make the time between potential customer and customer shorter by making your sales process more effective and efficient with marketing automation!

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