6 Marketing Tips for New Entrepreneurs!

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Are you a new entrepreneur with no clue where to start with your marketing strategy? Here are 6 tips to get you started!

Recognize what you want to accomplish with your Marketing Plan

Is your organization B2B? B2C? Recognizing this and your goals before moving forward gives you maximum clarity in the quest for what marketing methods you know will work best.

Bring out the value proposition!

Find it. Write it. Use it. This is what your product or service is all about and how it separates you from everyone else out there! Focus on how your product is different and evidently better than others out there. (Keep in mind this is different from your slogan)

Keep working on your email lists

When it comes to online marketing, email lists are a must. Build it, keep building it, and then build it some more. You won’t regret this in the end especially since email marketing has the highest ROI compared to any other channel,


Create better content (duh)

This is harder than it seems. Know your audience, do your research, and use A/B testing! Your leads and customers will tell you, by their interaction, where your effective content is. Although, it’s the content that you don’t hear much feedback on that needs the revising.

Outsource to a partner or affiliate

Get your feet off the ground by outsourcing your marketing to a partner or affiliate. Your business will grow with the increase of connections, and the results can be extraordinary.

Ask for customer feedback

It’s the customer’s world, and we’re all just living in it. How will your product/service get better if you don’t know how your customers feel about it?

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  1. I really like your advice to recognize what you want to accomplish. All too often, people don’t consider their goals. As a result, they never become the entrepreneur they have the potential to be. I also think it is important to consider what you can do to market your product. Do you have any other tips about marketing for new entrepreneurs?

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