4 Lead Nurturing Campaigns You Should Try Today

In our previous blog post we discussed the benefits of Lead Nurturing. In this article I will dive into 4 Lead Nurturing campaigns that you can try today. These 4 campaigns are allocated to specific stages in a customer’s lifecycle, from the welcome campaign to the customer retention campaign. 


connecting campaign

The Welcome Campaign

They say the first impression upon meeting someone is critical and this applies to marketing content as well. When someone fills out a form they usually are expecting something in return, more information on a product, email updates, or specific type of content. By converting these autoresponder emails into a lead nurturing campaign, the prospect will begin their journey through your sales cycle. Your initial autoresponder should inform the recipient of the conversion point, speak about the nurture campaign they are on, and confirm their subscription to your marketing material. After some time, start to supply them with high-level information regarding the information they signed up to receive. Keep your educational and interesting and always provide them with targeted content based upon the information they requested to receive.


educate campaign

The Differentiator Campaign 

When looking to purchase a product or a service, people don’t usually go with the first choice they find. Most of the time we look around, compare prices and features and then narrow it down to a few options. The point of this campaign is to explain how your product or service is different, and ultimately better, from your competitors. With each stage in this campaign, provide an advantage of using your product/service and a disadvantage of not using it. Be careful not to bash your competitors here, rather focus on why your product or service is the best in its industry. One of your emails that come from this nurture program can very well be the final push into positioning this potential customer into your sales cycle. 


promotional campaign

The Promotional Campaign

Towards the end of the sales cycle a customer may believe that your product or service doesn’t fit their current requirements at the moment. Whether the reason be a pricing issue or a features issue, this campaign can help persuade them into closing the deal. The key here is timing, if the timing of a promotion or additional features is right, the customer may be more obliged to closing the deal sooner than later. This campaign especially works for the larger accounts that your organization interacts with. 


up sell campaign

The Up-sell Campaign  

Why not sell to those who have already purchased something from you? They are familiar with your organization, your products, your services, so you should take that opportunity to try and sell them more. By offering your clients incentives and information on other products or services, you are leading them closer to another sell. With this all being automated, you can watch your clients show interest along specific stages of your campaign. You’ll want to focus on the new product but be sure to remind them of what they initially purchased. 

These are only 4 possible campaigns that you can start to implement today. With every new day there can be multiple new campaigns and the more you use them, the more use cases you will reveal. Here is a list of 10 Campaigns you can use.