3 Must-Haves Before Implementing Pardot

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pardot implementation

Are you struggling with your Pardot implementation? I’ve completed hundreds of Pardot projects and I can say the biggest concern customers shared was preparation.

Here are the three things you actually need to be concerned with when it comes to your pardot implementation. 90% of the time, these are all you need to begin using the platform successfully:

  • Document Top Current Clients – Identify the criteria that your top clients meet to easily reveal future prospects with matching criteria, using Pardot’s Grading feature. Criteria can be Title, # of Employees, Annual Revenue, and more.
  • Organize Your Assets – Pardot’s Folders allows you to score prospects based upon a product, department, or even something else. This gives users insight into what content their prospects are interacting with.
  • Prepare Your Content – Why buy a Ferrari if you’re not going to fuel it with the best gas? Getting your content ready to bring into Pardot also allows you to review it and make any necessary updates.

With these three must-haves prepared and ready, you will be off to a strong start with your Ferrari,  Pardot system. Successful Pardot implementation is a lot easier than it looks. If you would like to learn more about Pardot, please visit our Salesforce page.