Top 8 Reasons Why Your Company Needs an Internal Newsletter

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When it comes to creating newsletters, you probably only think about the ones that go out to your clients. From product sales to social marketing updates, newsletters are a great way to keep customers engaged and coming back to your company for more. But, did you know that internal newsletters are just as important? We have compiled a list of the top 8 reasons why your company needs an internal newsletter so you can keep your employees as engaged as your clients!

Top 8 Reasons Your Company Needs an Internal Newsletter

1. Transparency across all departments

Employees don’t usually keep up with their coworker’s roles unless they happen to be working in the same department or team, which can lead to a lack of company knowledge. Having an internal newsletter is a great way to highlight important projects each department is working on and may encourage employees to reach out to one another for questions and collaborations based on personal experience.

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2. Company & Industry News

It’s important that everyone in your company is up-to-date on the latest company endeavors, as well as the latest news about your industry. An internal newsletter is a perfect place to provide links to new company products/marketing services, as well as updates on competitors or changes within the industry so all employees can be informed.

3. Introducing New Employees

Whether you have a small company or are as big as Google, it’s important that new employees and clients are recognized company-wide. When there is a new addition to the company, many employees get caught up with work and don’t take the time to get to know the person or their role, so welcoming them through the newsletter is a great way to keep everyone in the loop and encourage a conversation!

4. Highlighting employee successes

Every employee wants to feel like their work is appreciated, so why not shine the spotlight on them and let the whole company know! Having a section to highlight employee successes is a great way to not only give thanks for all their hard work, but it will also encourage other employees to do their best in order to be featured in the next newsletter!

5. Reinforcement of company brand and messaging

With a wide range of employee status and roles, it may be hard to introduce updates to company branding and messaging throughout all departments. Reinforcing branding guidelines through your newsletter is a great way to make sure everyone is aware of company reputation and messaging so that they can represent the company correctly when speaking to clients or industry experts.

6. Providing a singular place where employees can see all the fun stuff

When an employee gets hired, they usually get a handbook or contract informing them of work holidays, vacation time, and other policies. Those files may end up at the bottom of their email inbox, so why not make it easier and highlight relevant dates and policies in your newsletter? Acknowledging birthdays or other fun announcements such as a company-wide Fantasy Football League is also a great way to encourage bonding between coworkers!

7. Department-wide Marketing Engagement

Not everyone at your company is going to be a marketer, so it’s important you keep everyone else in the loop with social media profiles, blog posts, or website updates! Adding the company’s social media links and newest updates helps employees across all departments stay involved, and you can also ask for suggestions from all teams in order to have a wide range of relevant topics for consumers.

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8. Inspiring Contribution and Collaboration

Asking for suggestions or contributions from employees may be off-putting for the hard workers who may not have much free time, so getting creative in your newsletter is a great way to gather information from employees about what they think is going well, or what may need improvements. A great way to do this is through a survey at the bottom of the email with pre-populated fields as well as an option to add comments!

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