Piecing Together a Conversion-Driven Case Study

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Getting Started

Determine objective of the case study

The extent of your offerings cannot be summarized in a single case study, so you’ll need to select a targeted focus for each one. While one case study could serve to highlight how your services had a direct impact on rebuilding your client’s strategy from the ground up, another may emphasize an instance when your team introduced a client to an additional process that contributed to their further success on an already effective system. However, all of your case studies should be curated to convert and engage, helping you to fill up your lead funnels and retain accounts.

Obtain permission from your candidate

You don’t want your clients to browse your website only to find an unfamiliar case study with their name attached to it. Obtaining consent from you candidate is necessary in order to build a case study that is verified by both parties and will open up the opportunity for direct quotes to add further validation to your case study.

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Improving your Case Studies

Target the Right Industry

When your prospects can relate to your case study candidate, they are far more likely to see how your products or services could, in turn, benefit them as well. This familiarity can be easily fostered by conducting your case study on a client within a particular target industry.

Choose an excited client

You can facilitate the promotion of your case study by selecting a candidate who is excited about your offerings and your business as a whole. This also opens up the opportunity to engage leads with references.

Show real statistics

Real objective numbers will do a better job of demonstrating the actual effect your involvement has had on the success of your candidate. Simplify the delivery of information with real statistics from the project you choose to build your case study around.

Start at the beginning, finish at the end

With each case study you develop, you should be telling a story. No two stories will be quite the same, but, just like any other type of story, they should all start at the beginning and finish at the end. By capturing the project from start to finish, your readers should be able to establish a more cohesive understanding of how your business boosted the business of your candidate.

Make them easy to read

All of the information in your case study will be useless if your prospects never read it. Present your case study in an easy-to-read format with straightforward subheadings and bullet points.

Promote your Case Study

On the topic of writing your case studies for the sake of being read, you’ll need to promote your case study for it to be effective. This goes beyond adding it to your case study sub-tab on your company website. Take advantage of your newsletters and your blog to convert and engage prospects via case studies.

Tailor to different learning types

Even if your case study candidate cannot be in all of your target industries all at once, your method for presenting information within the case study can be re-purposed into different formats such as an infographic, blog, or video.

Include a CTA

Why waste the opportunity for a conversion? Add a call-to-action to your case study to convert engaged prospects.


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