Salesforce Winter ’23 Release: Quick Highlights

The Salesforce Winter ’23 Release Notes are here! We’ve gone through every page and highlighted new features and enhancements that affect your Salesforce experience overall.

General Enhancements

Be ready for Multi-Factor Authentication Auto-Enablement

    • The requirement to use multi-factor authentication (MFA) when accessing Salesforce products went into effect on February 1, 2022. All users must now use MFA when they log in to Salesforce, whether they’re logging in directly or using single sign-on (SSO). To help customers satisfy this requirement, in the first half of 2023, Salesforce is automatically enabling MFA for direct logins. In fall 2023, Salesforce is enforcing MFA by making it a permanent part of the Salesforce login process.

Keep Working with Tab-Focused Dialogs (Release Update)

    • This release update has been postponed indefinitely and not enforced in its present form. Don’t enable it.

Create Custom Address Fields (Generally Available)

    • To improve address data accuracy and your users’ experience, create custom fields that mimic the behavior of standard address fields.

Einstein Search

Boost Agent Productivity with Einstein Search for Knowledge

    • Now your service agents can find relevant articles faster and respond to customers more accurately for expedited case resolution. Einstein Search for Knowledge is now generally available.

Resolve Cases Quickly with Interactive Einstein Search Answers (Pilot)

    • Your agents can take immediate action by using Einstein Search Answers to extract the most relevant information from a knowledge article. The returned answers are just three lines so that agents can copy the answer and its internal link to their clipboard and then share it without leaving the page. Previously, agents opened the record page and then copied the URL and section of an article.

Salesforce Winter '23 Release Einstein Search helping resolve case issues quickly

Salesforce Scheduler

Scheduling Recurring Shifts

    • Territory managers and service resources can now create shifts in recurring patterns, such as daily, weekly, or monthly. The recurrence period must be less than or equal to 120 days from the date that the recurrence period begins.

Connect with Customers from Anywhere

    • Provide service resources the flexibility to take appointments from anywhere by creating shifts with different engagement channels. An admin can create engagement channels, such as in-person, video, and phone, that service resources can add to their shifts and work types. Territory managers and service resources can define the availability of resources for these engagement channels by adding one or more engagement channels to a shift. Salesforce Scheduler shows service resources and available time slots based on the engagement channel that a user selects while creating an appointment.

Let Service Resources Add Multiple Topics to a Shift

    • Territory managers and service resources can define the availability of resources for multiple topics by adding one or more topics to a shift. Use Work Type Group to define topics. If the Salesforce Scheduler for Health Cloud option is enabled, then define topics by using Work Type. Salesforce Scheduler shows service resources and available time slots based on the topic that a user selects when creating an appointment.

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Salesforce Winter ’23 Release Notes


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