Consumer Goods Cloud Trade Promotion Management: Key Features

Managing and optimizing trade spending is vital to driving profitable growth as the consumer goods industry faces a host of challenges. Salesforce’s latest solution, Trade Promotion Management (TPM) is now generally available on Salesforce to help brands manage and optimize trade programs on one unified platform.

Key capabilities of Salesforce TPM include strategic planning, funds management, account planning, promotion planning, promotion execution, joint business plans, and post-event analytics. Learn other key features below.

Salesforce Trade Promotion Management: Top Features

Scenario Planning

    • Analyze Year-to-Date results with projected promotions to strengthen your business cases for trade promotions.

Real-Time Calculation

    • Calculate promotion measures as well as their impact on account plans on the fly without requiring a save action.

BOM Support in Promotions

    • Plan Bill of Materials in Promotions and send conditions on header or component level.

Customer Business Planning

    • Enable customer business planning for a single account and one or multiple categories.

Simple Promotion Creation

    • Provides a configurable simple promotion creation wizard for better user experience and ease of use.

Flexible Condition Search & Generation

    • Search pricing conditions across product and customer hierarchies traversing specific to generic as well as generate conditions on flexible levels.

KPI Configurability

    • Easy to configure key performance indicators for all TPM business processes.

Rate-Based Funding

    • User-friendly way to support live rate funding for key accounts.

Funds & Claims Management

    • Provides account managers with clear visibility to trade budgets and accrued liabilities. This allows them to verify available funding to support their trade plans and match claims with payment once the promotion has finished.

Real-Time Reporting

    • Flexible views on all TPM relevant data (e.g. account plans, promotions) based on the various user persona needs.

Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud Consultant Leader

Over the years, we have been using our experience to help digitally transform the consumer goods industry. As our main industry focus, we are proud to be on the Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud Partner Advisory Board, in addition to being the exclusive US launch partner of the Salesforce TPM Pilot.

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