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Salesforce Trade Promotion Management

Grow Revenue With Salesforce TPM

Consumer Goods companies have been starting to transform a critical aspect of their business, Trade Promotion Management (TPM). According to Salesforce, 60% of companies rely on spreadsheet-driven processes that don’t use real-time data, don’t connect with AI-driven analysis, and are difficult to manipulate at the account level.

In today’s competitive market, brands need a modern way to manage their trade spending related to planning and ultimately ROI. Account managers need the tools to thoroughly plan their trade spending, assess their performance in real-time, and collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify the best ongoing approach and strategy.

Salesforce TPM allows you to take complete control over your trade promotions, allowing you to analyze promotion performance across customers, within customers, SKU, on-brand, and more to fully understand your performance and make crucial changes for maximum ROI.

Why Companies are Moving to a Unified Platform

With cross-departmental planning, consumer goods companies and retailers can target investments at the store and channel level. Omni-channel selling has made the route to market more complex as companies are now engaging with multiple partners across in-person and virtual teams.

Traditional CG models utilize spreadsheets or homegrown systems to track, report, and analyze all promotions across multiple partners. Using a spreadsheet to track promotions does not support real-time collaboration and accurate ROI. Manual processes take away from selling and analyzing, making it impossible to identify what’s working and what isn’t in real-time. Here are four reasons why CG companies are shifting to a consolidated TPM platform.

Route to Market is Getting Complicated

    • Companies today need to be able to target and create different promotions with multiple omnichannel retailers based on channel, region, and store buy-level. It becomes impossible to track and manage various promotions in spreadsheets or homegrown systems without real-time TPM data.

Manual Tracking

    • Utilizing Spreadsheets and homegrown systems to track promotions is hurting your company. Working on spreadsheets is cumbersome, inhibits collaboration with file permissions, and is prone to be inaccurate.

Accruals and delays in reporting can result in P&L issues

    • According to Salesforce, 60% of trade promotions go unevaluated due to a lack of analytical rigor and staffing. CG companies utilizing spreadsheets deal with P&L issues as they fail to learn which promotions bring in the best revenue vs which don’t. Analyzing trade spend efficiency becomes difficult to manage without real-time data, as reconciliation occurs in the following quarters. You need the ability to pivot or quickly scale based on promotion performance.

No Ability to Clone/Replicate Successful Promotions

    • After completing a successful promotion, wouldn’t it be nice to clone or replicate the same promotion in less than 2 minutes? Account Managers are spending way too many hours reinventing the wheel of successful promotions when they could be focused more on developing strategies and relationships for more profit growth.

Salesforce Trade Promotion Management (TPM)

58% of business users do not have the real-time data and analytical tools to thoroughly evaluate the effectiveness of their trade fund programs (Salesforce). Salesforce TPM can help you improve revenue growth by optimizing trade activity on a consolidated and integrated platform. Investigate promotion performance across customers, within customers, on-brand, SKU, the event level, and overall performance.

With one single source of truth, Salesforce TPM gives your team the resources they need to plan, manage, and execute relationships with distributors, customers, and end-consumer marketing. Here are the ways Salesforce is helping businesses create a digitized, unified, and integrated TPM platform.

Maximize Trade Spend Effectiveness

    • Plan the customer account with a simplified interface that minimizes data entry.
    • View essential aspects of your account plan with adaptable views by user persona.
    • Identify holes in your trade plan with a comprehensive trade calendar.
    • View performance of KPIs with enterprise visibility and live spreadsheet-like P&L.

Deepen Trade Promotion Analytics

    • Increase trade spend efficiency with post-event analytics and visualization of performance metrics.
    • Identify and effortlessly clone successful promotions.
    • Compare planned uplift vs actuals with sell-in and consumption data.

Manage Funds and Claims

    • Deposit, transfer, or adjust funds and monitor budgets to evade overspends.
    • Review budgets within a single or consolidated checkbook view.
    • Manage reconciliation of claims and deductions against promotions and funds while streamlining settlements.

Strengthen Cross-Functional Alignment

    • Collaborate with marketing, field sales, and finance on a single platform to better manage 360-degree support plans.
    • Find optimal account or promotional plans with scenario planning and real-time performance comparison.
    • Share promotion details to gain alignment from internal stakeholders and retail partners.

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Salesforce Trade Promotion Management

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