8 Salesforce Data Cleanup Best Practices

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According to Salesforce, “Poor quality data costs businesses around $700 billion a year, or 30 percent of the average company’s revenue”. Poor data quality can include missing data, inaccurate data, duplicate data, and more. Bad data management can lead to costly business decisions because of misleading/incorrect data. Inaccurate reports and dashboards, wasted time and money, and a decline in user adoption are all ways bad data can affect your business. We recommend using any downtime to clean your Salesforce data during the holiday season.

8 Salesforce data cleanup ideas Include:

Deleting Data Duplicates

    • Look for and pinpoint duplicate data in your system. Duplicates in your system could include contacts, campaigns, accounts, reports and dashboards, and more. Run a report to identify how many duplicates are in the system. Salesforce Data Loader can help the records be queried and deleted from Salesforce.

Validate Your Data

    • Use this time to ensure all the data in your org is accurate, consistent, and effective. Your company can expect improved business results when employees start inserting high-quality data into Salesforce. Data validation should be a recurring project that can be done yearly or even multiple times per year.

Data Updates

    • Fill in important missing information on your Accounts and Contacts. Fields that could be missing include job title, location, phone number, and more. These pieces of information are critical for your team, and having incorrect or missing data slows the team down.

Data Rules

    • If you do not have rules on data entry into the system, this would be an excellent time to set up best practices for your employees on entering quality data into Salesforce. Data validation rules/requirements can help verify the data your employees are entering are meeting your business standards before the user can save the record.

Campaigns (Outdated and New)

    • Look through your Salesforce campaigns and clean up any duplicates, members who don’t belong in the campaign anymore, close outdated campaigns, and create new campaigns for 2022.

Reports and Dashboards

    • Reports and Dashboards in Salesforce can quickly become obsolete. Any reports or dashboards that are outdated or not in use should be removed from your org.

Pardot Landing Pages

    • Go through your Landing Pages in Pardot to review if there is any outdated content that needs to be updated. If you are not utilizing the landing page anymore, the best practice would be to archive the page to remove it from list views.

Outdated Content

    • Utilize this time to go through all the current content across your social channels. Find out if you need to update any of the data before 2022 arrives. Some of the most popular updates occur on blog posts.

The 2nd largest issue among Salesforce customers is bad data. If you are struggling with Salesforce data issues, schedule a free assessment with us today! We can walk through your system and provide best practices to clean up your Salesforce data.

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