Same Day Construction Estimates With Salesforce

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Putting together a construction estimate can take days, sometimes weeks, depending on the project’s size. With a great deal of information to collect, the industry needs a solution that could quickly generate accurate estimates and immediately send them out with tracking included. Utilizing the power of Salesforce, we built an automated Estimator to generate, send, and track same-day estimates for WarrenCo Construction and Paving. Our latest case study involves:

      • The ability to create and send out same-day construction estimates
      • How we digitally enabled the construction industry with Salesforce
      • How we accelerated pipeline progression with an automated estimator
      • Our continued business process optimization with Salesforce

Early responsiveness plays an essential role in the construction industry, so being first and accurate can make or break the deal. Fill out the form below to see how we were able to digitally enable the construction industry with Salesforce.

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