Pardot’s New Feature Roundup – July 2016

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Check out what’s new in Pardot this month.

No Automatic Line Breaks in Text Emails

Before, words in the text editor would get cut off after a certain number of characters in one line. Now, Pardot allows for more characters and the line breaks are no longer automatic, allowing you to choose where your lines break.

New Table Action: Pause Automation Rules and Drip Programs

From your Automation Rule and Drip Program overview pages, you are now able to pause multiple automations from the table at one time. Before, you were only able to pause the automations one at a time.

New Engagement Studio Trigger Timing Option: Wait

In Engagement Studio’s Trigger functionality, the program will hold prospects in this Trigger for a specific period of time. One the time has elapsed, the prospect will move down the nurturing program.

Engage for Gmail Activity History Label Update

In Salesforce’s Activity History on a Lead/Contact’s page, any emails sent through Salesforce Engage were listed as “Pardot Gmail Email.” Now, they read “Engage Gmail Email.” If you have any reports that are using this as a filter, an update is required.

Allow Longer Posts to Facebook and LinkedIn

Now, Facebook allows for 4000 characters while LinkedIn allows for a maximum of 700 characters.

Official Support for Engage and Person Accounts

Support team dedicated to Salesforce Engage and Person Accounts

Variable Tag Modifiers

These are sometimes required to prevent cross-site scripting. Without updates to specific variable tags, any potentially malicious code submitted via forms could cause a security risk. Learn more about modifiers and if you need them here.

If you would like to view more about each update, please view Pardot’s New Feature Roundup. If you would like to learn more about Pardot, please visit our Salesforce page

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