Launch Partner for Consumer Goods Cloud TPM Pilot

We are excited to announce that we’ve been selected as the exclusive US launch partner supporting Customer 360 for Consumer Goods with Trade Promotion Management (TPM)! Over the past two months, we have been working with Salesforce and a top American Sports Drink Company on their extensive trade promotion program. We learned first-hand that Salesforce TPM can optimize trade planning, track effectiveness with real-time reporting, manage funds and budgets, and streamline claims management. Throughout the engagement, we have found key insights into Salesforce’s latest product:

Business Validation of Salesforce TPM

    • Current disconnected systems don’t allow for ROI monitoring of Trade Promotion Funding, i.e. to time and resource-intensive.
    • Large teams of resources are involved in the Promotion Funding reconciliation.
    • Few companies actually have accurate, if any, ROI reporting!
    • Having a centralized system that supports integrations with ERP, POS, and other data sources will be critical to accelerate monitoring key metrics and improving ROI and forecasting.

Salesforce TPM Pilot

    • The solution provides scalability to managing large TPM programs with reduced resources.
    • The ability to easy clone Trade Promotions for future years will be a game-changer in the reduction of resources.
    • UI supports the Promotion KPI performance while also allowing for granular details with a few clicks.
    • KPI setup process provides real-time visibility for planning and active promotion.
    • The Scenario Planning feature is a game-changer for analyzing Year-to-Date results with projected promotions. This feature is also available for updating the balance of the year to optimal ROI.

If you would like to learn more about Consumer Goods Cloud TPM or the TPM pilot, please visit our website or email us at

Consumer Goods Cloud Consultant Leader

Over the years, we have been using our experience to help digitally transform the consumer goods industry. As our main industry focus, we are proud to be on the Consumer Goods Cloud Partner Advisory Board.

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