Dreamforce 2019 – The Throwback Playlist

In 2016, Corrao Group created a music playlist for the upcoming Dreamforce event in San Francisco. It quickly became our most popular blog because of its wide variety of genres and artists. It contains music from the early 2000’s to the hits of 2016. It was such a hit we thought we would try and recreate it but with my own twist, only the classics this time for Dreamforce 2019. 

We designed this playlist to get you, the listener, to get pumped up for this event. Whether you’re packing for your trip or picking up your badge at Dreamforce, pop in your headphones and get ready for some nostalgia. If you’re on your way to listen to former President, Barack Obama speak or getting ready for the silent disco conga line, this playlist will give you the energy boost you’ll need after long days.

Have a great time at Dreamforce 2019! 

Dreamforce 2019 Playlist

Extra links that’ll help you plan ahead:

 Speaker List


 Trail Maps


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