When Bonuses Attack! A Halloween Blog


The year was 2019 and on this particular foggy October morning, Mr. Joestar, the head of a large software company walked into his office to get his day started. He put down his mug next to the little pumpkin his son carved for him and logged onto his computer.

The day went on as normal, calls being made and emails being sent. Recently, two very intelligent sales representatives, Austin and Sandra, have been closing deals left and right. Neither of them ever asked for bonuses or even a raise, they always pulled their weight and always finished tasks before the deadline. In a nutshell, they were the ideal sales employees. 

Mr. Joestar wanted to give them a little bonus. So he put it on his to-do list, in the meantime, there were major company updates past due that he had to send out to the staff. He wrote them back-to-back, both the bonuses and company updates.

Lunchtime was finally rolling around and all thoughts of work left his mind, all he thought of was the leftover barbeque he was about to have for lunch. He sent out the emails and left his office. 

Mr. Joestar sat down for lunch in the outside patio, opening up his lunch bag and taking out the Tupperware, when Patrick from accounting walked by and said.

“Extremely generous of you, Sir.”

“Anytime, I care for each and every one of my employees!”

Mr. Joestar thought …

There was nothing on that email about employees, just updating software and a big customer was coming to us… it’s probably nothing.”

He went on with his lunch, not knowing the grievous mistake he had made. Once lunch was over, he walked back into the lobby and told the receptionist.

“We should put fake cobwebs all around here, really get us in the Halloween mood.”

“Absolutely, sir. That’s a great idea.”

Once he got into the elevator and pushed his floor. Carl and Denise from the got on at the 3rd floor and rode up with him. Carl started up a conversation with the boss. 


“That email you sent us, I mean.. Wow, thank you, boss.”


“Yeah, I can’t wait for it to go through!” 

Mr: Joestar:

“It’s not really that big of a deal, I plan on sending more out like that, hopefully, every month.”

Carl and Denise looked at each other confused and started whispering to one another. Carl was about to tell the boss what he had done, but there was a sudden ding and the doors opened up, and the boss walked out. Everyone seemed to be in a fantastic mood, people were smiling and laughing. Nothing unusual for a Friday afternoon. Joestar walked around the desks of his employees like he always does. 

“Hey, Thanks again, boss”

“You’re the best, boss”

“No one can top you, sir”

But one comment made my Sandra stood out to him.

“We really appreciate the bonus, boss, but why were Austin and I the only ones informed about the new company updates”?

Mr. Joestar stopped in his tracks.

“Excuse me? Can you please repeat that”?

“Well, we all got the email about the bonuses, but it seems that Austin and I were the only ones who got the update email.”

Joestar, pale in the face ran back to his office and logged onto his computer, he opened his email, hoping it wasn’t true. 

He first clicked on the “Company Update” email and looked at the recipient’s, only Austin and Sandra were selected.

He knew what he had done, he clicked on his “You’ve earned this” while reading the recipient’s line he slumped in his chair. The only recipient tagged, was everyone. 

At this moment, Mr. Joestar hears his phone ring, but it’s not his normal ringtone, it’s his morning alarm ringtone.

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