Pardot Support and Implementation

Find new qualified leads and convert them faster with a personalized and automated marketing approach.

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Pardot Setup and Implementation Features:

Personalized Experiences

Craft an automated and completely customized experience that accelerates leads down the pipeline with multiple features within Pardot.

Training and Support

Whether it’s building Pardot templates for your team, or teaching them everything about the system; our team makes sure you’re using every best feature possible.

Automatic Email Nurturing

Utilizing powerful marketing automation, build responsive, intelligent, and highly personalized lead nurturing journeys to help close deals using Pardot’s Engagement Studio.

Pardot Migrations

Transfer your processes, programs, content, forms, and other assets from another marketing automation system to Pardot.

Campaign Management

Ensure your marketing efforts are correctly reporting ROI through effective campaign reporting and Einstein B2BMA.

Design and create email templates, content, landing pages, and everything else inside Salesforce Pardot.
Deliver cross-channel personalized experiences at every step of your customer’s lifecycle via B2C journey management.
Migrate your process, programs, content, and targets from another marketing automation system to Pardot.
Target and market to the account, not the individual. Create sales and marketing alignment with unified strategies and account-centric visibility of activity and results.
Build responsive, highly personalized customer journeys using Engagement Studio in Pardot.

Maximize your Pardot investment with Corrao Group:

Build Your Pardot Setup

Based upon your unique audience and marketing approach, we scope, deploy, train, and hand off a Pardot implementation and any integrated products that are part of the project. Since 2008, our team has been able to optimize failing Pardot systems to improve business performance and get companies on the right track. Our Pardot consultant team is comprised of certified experts with hundreds of implementations under our belt.

Ongoing Pardot Setup Support

Our six or twelve-month service agreements are consistently requested by clients to stay connected and provide guidance and support after completing projects. Our seasoned team of Pardot experts is with you every step of the way through any challenges your company may be facing. Deliverables can range from ABM and marketing strategy development, or just ongoing Pardot training and support requests.

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