Promote Creative Abrasion and Scale your Company with Salesforce Collaboration Tools

Whether your company is planning to deploy Salesforce or already has, there are a few collaborative tools you should consider: Chatter, Communities, and Quip. These tools connect with Salesforce Sales Cloud to help drive productivity, collaborate on all content and communication, all while having the ability to build your own account portal for your customers. We’ll take a look at what these products offer and how they can help your company today.

Share files and data across your company so everyone stays together with Chatter

Chatter allows your employees to do more anytime and anywhere as all files and information are shared real-time on projects, opportunities, leads and other objects. It is a collaboration tool that allows for posting and commenting by users and customers on Salesforce objects, topics, polls, and more.

corrao group chatter

  • Take action anywhere – Provide updates on projects that are accessible from both mobile and desktop interfaces. Give your team the ability to update opportunity statuses while they’re out on the road traveling from meeting to meeting.
  • Exchange knowledge – Upload the latest presentations and other documents to quickly pull up while heading into a meeting. Collaborate and provide feedback on data and files that relate to a specific customer, region, or even department.
  • Structure and Strengthen Departments – Create private Chatter groups for teams, departments, events and more where you can share files and create discussions. You can create polls, host files and even build an FAQ section where your team can quickly navigate to.

Engage your audiences with captivating portals, forums, and websites through Salesforce Communities

Communities allow your company to connect with your customers better than ever before. Tracking everything back to the account and contact, it gives your team the ability to answer any questions that come up, and answer them sooner than later.

  • Portals – Provide your customers with a collaborative portal where they can create and manage cases and claims, access company articles, integrate data and more. Have an FAQ section? Upload your answers into the portal for customers to access them easily.
  • Forums – Host a forum for your customers and employees to share important updates, answer new questions, and really hear what your customers are saying while tracking it back to their account.
  • Websites – Launch your communities website in 4 easy steps. Select a template, customize it to your brand, add content and connect data to get it up and running quickly.

Make progress with fewer emails and meetings with Quip

Quip provides your team with the tools to instantly chat and collaborate on spreadsheets, docs, and presentations at the same time. Connect it with Salesforce to update Salesforce records from within Quip, and vice versa.


  • Live Document Collaboration – Presentation slides, spreadsheets, and documents with the ability to connect and sync values from collateral to actual fields in Salesforce. No more updating meeting notes and then copying that info into the system manually.
  • Accessible From Anywhere – Access and update quip documents via itself or from the linked quip doc found on the Salesforce record. Give your field reps the ability to update information instantly, while allowing access for others to view it at the same time.
  • Up To Date Tracker – Viewing updates as members are typing them in real-time gives everyone the opportunity to be on the same page, without having to send an email update. In quip docs, you are able to add images, checklists, chatboxes, and even project management tools.

Let’s Collaborate

If you feel that your company isn’t as aligned as it can be, we suggest looking into these products and reaching out if you have any questions. As customers of these tools mentioned, we’ve taken them and expanded them company-wide, maximizing our Salesforce investment. If you’d like to learn more about how one of these tools can help your company, please contact us below.

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