Working at Corrao Group

Our Passion

Our vision is to utilize the unique expertise of the individuals at our company to come together in order to form the best team of business strategists, Salesforce consultants, and creative design experts in the ecosystem.

Career Opportunities

Please visit our Job Postings page to check for any current positions. Please check back soon if we currently do not have any openings.

From our Employees

“Working at Corrao Group has exceeded all expectations of what I thought the workforce was like - I want to wake up and go to work! I know there is room for growth and achievement around every corner here and the culture supports it.”

“Corrao Group is a company driven by providing the best solution for our clients. I'm constantly challenged to excel and my suggestions for improvement are always received enthusiastically. My team is diligent, creative, and extremely well organized. I always have the support I need to succeed.”

"Working for Corrao Group was an incredible experience. The Corrao Group team spends time mentoring and challenging their new employees and interns, teaching them the value of Salesforce, management, and real-world applications. I credit the company for putting me in a position to achieve success in the ever-evolving business world."

-Rex, Summer Intern