New to Salesforce

Whether you’re thinking about adopting the Salesforce platform, have already done so but don’t use it as much as you’d like, or your Salesforce Administrator took on a new role, you’ve come to the right place. Unsuccessfully adopting a new system can cost teams a great deal of time, and ultimately money. It’s important to take in all the factors when using a new system such as user adoption, business process accountability, and more. Companies cannot afford to experiment their way through their initial deployment or take a wrong turn early in their Salesforce journey.

Plan Your Foundation

Utilize Corrao Group to establish a solid foundation with best practices, ensuring your business processes are properly implemented into Salesforce, all while ensuring your team is well trained along the way. Establishing a solid Salesforce foundation is mandatory for maximum user adoption of the platform in addition to a quicker ROI. With the flexibility of Salesforce comes the risk of an improper implementation that can leave your company lost in the weeds for months, if not longer. Lost time will lead to future costs that can be exponentially more expensive than an initial implementation cost.

There are a few requirements we recommend you have when starting out:

  1. Detailed business processes
    For a painless transfer into Salesforce.
  2. Company-wide implementation plan
    Multi-phased approach.
  3. User adoption plan
    Leveraging Executive Sponsorship.
  4. Implementation partner
    Identify a seasoned firm willing to invest time upfront.
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Our Services

Corrao Group provides Salesforce services to those who are New to Salesforce, would like to Optimize their Salesforce, and those who would like to expand Salesforce company-wide to maximize their ROI. Our services range from fully customized solutions utilizing multiple Salesforce products to support hours used at the client’s discretion.

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