Overnight ROI and Sales Alignment with SalesHood

Imagine an environment where sales managers don’t have insight into how each individual on their sales team makes the company pitch. Managers don’t have the time to attend every sales call, leaving them to only hope that the company’s onboarding program paid off. This causes problems such as disconnected sales, overall company value not being communicated effectively, and many others.

Enter SalesHood, a sales enablement tool that reinforces your sales team’s knowledge by allowing them to share and collaborate on content, including their sales pitches. SalesHood allows you to train, test, and certify your team to ensure everyone is on the same page. It even has a large library of videos to view ranging from Sales 101 to advanced selling techniques. In addition to the video library, SalesHood allows your team to create their own videos to enable feedback from your entire team.

Take a look below to see what our team has to say about SalesHood!


“One of the biggest challenges most high-growth firms encounter is managing onboarding new Sales and Support staff. Ensuring your branding and value proposition is consistently delivered can be challenging and costly when staff is deployed in remote locations. SalesHood has delivered a mobile solution that delivered ROI overnight! Their templates for Sales best practices allowed my complete sales staff to either learn or refresh their knowledge immediately. Our Sales and Sales Operations staff has been adding collaborative content hourly as collaboration and feedback have been in real-time. I would highly recommend this solution for companies who struggle with consistent solution selling while decreasing your cost to train new staff“. Jack Corrao – Managing Partner

Sales Department

“This is an awesome tool because after 30 years of sales experience, you can always learn new techniques and SalesHood provides those. You can also mentor others on your team that may need help or guidance. Every sales team should be using this tool“. Tom Bersch – North East Sales Manager

“The collaboration and team building are huge for me. Being able to increase our unified story across our sales team has lead to better pitches, and a better closure rate. The mobile app lets me listen to my peers’ sales pitches and general training while on the road from client to client”. Adam Grandle – Eastern Reginal Sales Manager

“Being able to record myself, gain feedback from my peers, and be able to watch myself give my pitch is eye-opening. It’s one of those tools where you ask yourself, “Why didn’t I have this before?” Nick Samouris – Marketing Cloud Sales Manager

Nick SalesHood
Rating Nick’s sales pitch and providing feedback

“As a sales manager, finding time to onboard new sales reps was extremely time-consuming. With SalesHood, we have a training, testing, and certification program that each new member of my sales team goes through, saving me time every week”. Ellis Murrow – Sales Operations

“Having a collaborative platform to practice our pitches and stories have helped make them more natural and holds the team accountable. The team building aspect SalesHood provides is second to none, not only across the sales team but including other departments as well”. Vincent Velasquez – Western Sales Manager

“It’s those tiny cracks in the sales pitch that I’ve seen people struggle with and it can ruin the overall pitch. SalesHood’s training videos focus on each stage in the sales cycle patches those cracks right up. Visiting a prospect on the verge of signing? There’s a training video for that. Visiting a lost prospect? There’s a training video for that too!” Tyler Keil – Sales Operations

But it doesn’t stop at Sales…


“SalesHood allows me to ensure that our company shares the same mindset as I did when creating product sales sheets. I love being able to record my in-depth sales pitch for each sales sheet only once and hear our sales team build on it with their expertise. SalesHood not only helps align sales and marketing but it also helps reps become more knowledgeable on our services“. Jack Corrao III – VP of Marketing

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