Optimize Trade Promotions with Salesforce TPM

Salesforce TPM Unlocks Data-Driven Insights

Trade promotions that are well executed may significantly boost consumer demand for a company’s goods in retail stores. These trade campaigns, however, frequently fail due to outdated processes and technology.

These planning inefficiencies have a variety of causes. Account managers don’t have enough time to plan and execute effective trade promotions. Even then, planning can be siloed between different spreadsheets, accounts, homegrown systems, and brands.

Additionally, account managers often replicate the same promotion from the year without assessing and optimizing new promotions. Add on the tedious and sometimes disconnected process of reconciling payments from previous campaigns; it’s no wonder why brands’ TPM campaigns continually fail.

So what are the solutions to making trade promotions more effective? Salesforce Trade Promotion Management (TPM) and Data.

Here’s how Salesforce TPM allows brands to use data-driven insights to optimize and maximize their trade promotions.

Trade Promotions Today

According to Salesforce, 72% of promotions won’t break even. On top of that, 60% of businesses rely on spreadsheet-driven processes that don’t use real-time data, don’t connect with AI-driven analysis, and are difficult to manipulate at the account level.

Managing your accounts and revenue on one unified and connected platform benefits your trade promotions by:

    • Providing a library of promotions that enable dynamic funding
    • Accurate reporting with real-time data
      • Monitor and act on trade promotions across your entire platform
      • Improved visibility into spending and ROI
    • Faster promotion creation
    • Time-Saving Account Plans

Brands can realize these benefits by implementing the Salesforce Trade Promotion strategies below.

Salesforce Trade Promotion Calendar

Salesforce’s Trade Promotion Calendar allows you to plan the customer account with a simplified interface that minimizes data entry. You can view essential aspects of your account plan with adaptable views by user persona. Salesforce trade calendars can include all types of promotion events like discounts, coupons and rebates, demonstrations, trade promotion events, and trade shows.

With a live spreadsheet P&L, brands can view the performance of KPIs with enterprise visibility to identify holes in their trade plan for maximum ROI and book your calendar with the most effective trade promotions.

Post Event Analysis

Only 9.5% of companies are able to monitor promotions in-flight and reallocate ineffective investments. Salesforce Post-event analysis allows brands to conduct an analysis to determine the ROI achieved for individual activities, contracts, programs, and account plans. Gain powerful insights into your promotions to see how they performed vs. expectations.

Post event analysis from Salesforce TPM allows brands to have:

    • KPI P&L Analysis
    • Promotion & Tactic Reports
    • Account Reports
    • Flexible KPI Exports

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