Make Sure Your New Business Culture Supports Work From Anywhere

Meeting mapping out your business culture

In part one of our latest blog series, we mentioned the need for businesses to move to a cloud-based system. Once your company has decided to move in that direction, it’s now time to develop a new culture for your staff. It’s essential to have an internal team committed to evolving their processes as a business with your new CRM technology.

Defining Goals/KPI’s

In every business, there are certain goals or KPI’s that are established to track your success. A public company’s goal may be more focused on shareholders, while a private company could solely focus on revenue. Regardless, you should have 3-5 KPIs that you are tracking year in and year out to measure performance.

If your company has a revenue goal, sales and marketing should be focused on achieving that mutual goal. If it’s a customer satisfaction goal, sales and your customer service team should be focused on getting perfect customer CSAT scores. It’s vital to have your KPIs established because if not, it becomes hard to measure whether or not your company has succeeded or failed in reaching those metrics. Especially in the work-from-anywhere world, it becomes crucial that you have analytical data that can easily define your success or lack of success.

Mapping Out your Business Processes

Once you have agreed as an executive team to move to an all cloud-based system, it’s essential to have all your business units map out plans of how they will support the company’s KPIs. A CRM system alone will not magically streamline your business processes from the start. Being able to define your entire Business Process Optimization (BPOs) on paper is critical. You have to clearly articulate the journey you would want a prospect, customer, or support customer to go through. A CRM will allow you to achieve your goals, but you first have to become your own business’s subject matter expert. Once you feel like you have your hands around your perfect business processes, it’s time to start looking at budgets, guidelines, and what CRM is right for you.

Picking your CRM

If your company hit a speed bump during the pandemic, you could get back on track to become even more efficient with a CRM system like Salesforce. Choosing a CRM system is as essential as picking your financial package. Your business will have to be prepared to put the time in up front to ensure everyone is bought into this new culture. Moving to a CRM will result in a much more collaborative and connected culture, especially in the work from anywhere world.

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